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Attensity Fpi Growing Company Final


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How to grow your company in a downturn: Capitalize on the hidden opportunities your customers provide

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Attensity Fpi Growing Company Final

  1. 1. GROW YOUR COMPANY IN A DOWNTURN Capitalize on Hidden Opportunities Your Customers Provide More than ever, companies are focused on their existing customers to drive business value. During challenging economic times these customers and their continued loyalty is the lifeline for survival. The necessity of effectively and proactively serving your existing customers is a tremendous opportunity for both savings and growth. The old metric that talks about taking less money to keep a current customer than to get a new one is not only true — but a key part in allowing companies to maintain a customer base without spending excessively. Not only do your current top customers tend to represent the largest chunk of your revenue, but their loyalty and positive word of mouth represent your future growth. The place to make your modest investments with the strongest ROI this year is in your current customers. In a tight economy there are two critical things that these investments can enable: • Revenue preservation — find out if customers are going to leave, understand why and save them; and • Revenue growth — understand if customers are having issues ("cries for help") and delight them by acting on those issues. This generates amazing word of mouth, builds a network of customer advocates and creates growth. THE ATTENSITY SOLUTION “The purpose of business is not to Attensity Voice of the Customer (VOC) offers the power of Attensity' text analytics software in an make a sale, but to make and “on-demand” hosted offering or for your use in-house. It enables you to rapidly and accurately analyze keep a customer.” customer feedback - given directly to you in emails, services notes or survey responses and publishing - Peter Drucker, legendary online in Blogs, reviews, forums, etc. management consultant Through reports, dashboards and alerts, users are kept up-to-date on customer sentiment, issues, “Just a 10% improvement in requests and requirements. Potential for attrition is tracked, as well as opinions and comparisons to customer retention results in a the competition. Attensity VOC includes access via a web-browser so that business analysts, quality 30% increase in the value of the and service personnel and executives can easily gain access to powerful customer insights. company.” - Bain & Company Attensity VOC offers the power of Attensity’s patented Extraction Engines™ that automatically pull out and transform facts found various forms of unstructured customer feedback into data that can be “A 5% increase in customer queried, reported on and analyzed. The newly structured feedback is then fused with existing structured retention can increase business data like customer segment, product identifiers or specific survey scores so that it can be analyzed by profits by 25% to 125%.” users in the context of their business. Dashboards, reports and an ad hoc query tool enable the customer - From “Leading on the Edge experience analyst to uncover issues, identify trends and analyze customer sentiment. of Chaos: The 10 Critical Elements for Success in Volatile Attensity VOC On Demand requires no installation and provides customer analysts with immediate access Times,” by Emmett C. Murphy to valuable customer feedback that can drive critical business decisions around products, services and and Mark A. Murphy, Prentice customers. Hall Press, March 2002 CUSTOMER FEEDBACK ANALYSIS WITH ATTENSITY “Acquiring a new customer can cost six to seven times more than retaining an existing customer.” A N A LY Z E O N - L I N E - From “Customer Acquisition Versus Customer Retention,” Surveys Service Notes CRM Data by Frederick Reichheld, Bain & Company, November 2006 Emails Blogs CREATE 1 Review Auto 2 Interact, Re ne 3 Identify 4 Try It Web Forum BUSINESS Generated Query, Alert... Potential Again! etc. CATEGORIES Reports Actions MANAGE Voice of the Customer Analytics CATEGORIES • Sentiment Analysis A ensity • Churn Process • Product Issues • Market Buzz (competitive, issues, sentiment) SOLUTIONS FOR GROWING YOUR COMPANY
  2. 2. HOW DOES ATTENSITY DO THIS AND HOW CAN YOU DO THIS, TOO? Attensity delivers the power of sophisticated data and semantic analytics in the form of easy-to-use business applications, allowing business leaders, customer support personnel and customers to get relevant and actionable answers fast. This allows you to maximize customer relationships — creating customer advocates and a strong lifetime relationship. Attensity delivers A service portal dashboards that enables service summarize agents to solve customer sentiment customer and issues problems and customers to self-serve online A drill down query capability enables users to ask A service agent detailed questions application to drive better automatically business decision responds to making customer inquiries in a timely, customer focused manner WHAT IF? What if your product innovation and quality teams could know early whether a What if your customer-focused executives could have a window into all cus- product was in jeopardy or causing customer dissatisfaction and they knew why tomer comments and feedback, so they can prioritize, optimize and proactively and what to do about it? At this large telecommunications manufacturer they do: respond to real customer issues that impact brand, determine lifetime value of a customer, and create a network of customer advocates or detractors? At this At this international cell phone manufacturer new product introductions happen large financial investment firm they do: on a continuous basis. They are expensive and resource intensive. With Attensity, they are able to identify customer sentiment about new products and associated Through daily analysis of customer surveys, brokers notes and emails, customer issues within the first hours of the product being out on the market. Through issues are identified, new product ideas uncovered and customer sentiment is daily analytics reports, dashboards, queries and alerts, product owners, known. One of the world’s largest Investment Services Firm uses Attensity Voice marketers and the service team are up to date and aware of what the issues of the Customer each day to identify customers who are a possible churn risk are and where the service questions will come form. Doing this ensures new and find opportunities to better communicate with them resulting in higher product success and enables them to cost effectively mitigate customer issues rates of customer retention and growth. before they become product failing problems, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and the success of their new products brought to market. What if your customer focused employees could have a window into your customers’ needs and wants and could provide the service data needed to CUSTOMER FEEDBACK: YOUR MINED ASSET serve customers fast and efficiently – or even to allow them to service We work with executives to collect, organize and leverage customer feedback themselves? At this large services company they do: from all internal and external document sources (surveys, emails, customer reviews, blogs, forums, etc.). This mined asset of incredibly rich data provides At one of the world’s largest IT services firms, both customers and services the answer to knowing in an actionable way, whether your customers are agents can readily access an online an Attensity powered E-Service portal that committed or at risk? Satisfied or unhappy? Advocates or detractors? provides the answers to sought after service questions. Agents can easily search through a knowledge base that captures, stores and maintains the most critical This is a multi-patented solution used by Global 1000 leaders that provides business and product knowledge – providing agents with the right answer to strong ROI through a detailed, user-friendly business application suite that is customer questions, at the right time. Through the Attensity powered E-Service focused on increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty so you can keep and website, customers can login and ask their own questions getting answers with- grow your customers. out having to wait on the phone. This not only reduces costs, but creates happy, well served customers. To get a demonstration or to learn more contact us at or at 1-800-721-0560. Attensity™ provides the definitive Voice of the Customer platform built on its text analytics software technology for transforming unstructured customer feedback into actionable First Person Intelligence™. Attensity's First Person Intelligence is the backbone of the company's flagship offering to the enterprise as well as the law enforcement and intelligence communities for increasing customer satisfaction and improving homeland security. The company's multi-patented technology mines the freeform text in communication Corporate Headquarters channels such as emails, surveys, blogs, web forums, case files, and call center notes. Attensity's hosted and installed solutions 2435 West Bayshore Road, Palo Alto, CA 94303 provide insight into customer sentiment, product issues, and coded clues that enable customer relationship executives and law Phone: (650) 433-1700 | Fax: (650) 433-1799 enforcement analysts to speed detection and meaningful response to critical events and competitive challenges. Founded in 2000, the company is headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif., with a technology center in Salt Lake City, Utah. Attensity is a recipient of the Technology Center (801) 532-1125 Red Herring 100, an award reserved for top private technology companies. More information is at Government Systems (571) 730-1931 | © 2009. All rights reserved. Attensity, Exhaustive Extraction and the Attensity logo are trademarks of Attensity Corporation. All other company or product names may be trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective organizations. V1.03.09