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Where to Find Library Marketing Info

This PowerPoint contains lists of selected titles and sites that I’m familiar with. (Books, Websites, Reports, Tools, & Blogs) They appear in no particular order, and are not ranked in any way, although I have listed only things that I feel are worth referring to others. All are written in English.

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Where to Find Library Marketing Info

  1. 1. Where to Find Library Marketing Info (There’s plenty!) Useful tools and sites filled with information on marketing & promotion Brought to you by Kathy Dempsey of Libraries Are Essential (You’re welcome!)
  2. 2. Don’t be silent about your library’s offerings—Shout about them! Here’s help. From theparadigmshifter on Flickr
  3. 3. There’s lots of library marketing info out there, if you know where to look. This slideshow lists: • Books • Websites • Reports • Tools • Blogs NOTE: This PowerPoint contains lists of selected titles and sites that I’m familiar with. They appear in no particular order, and are not ranked in any way, although I have listed only things that I feel are worth referring to others. All are written in English.
  4. 4. Books: General Topics Building a Buzz: Libraries & Word-ofMouth Marketing, by Peggy Barber & Linda Wallace Bite-Sized Marketing, by Nancy Dowd, Mary Evangeliste, and Jonathan Silberman The Accidental Library Marketer, by Kathy Dempsey Grassroots Library Advocacy, by Lauren Comito, Aliqae Geraci, and Christian Zabriskie Marketing Your Library’s Electronic Resources: A How-To-Do-It Manual for Librarians, by Marie R. Kennedy and Cheryl LaGuardia Creating Your Library Brand: Communicating Your Relevance and Value to Your Patrons, by Elisabeth Doucett The Visible Librarian: Asserting Your Value with Marketing and Advocacy, by Judith A. Siess Inside, Outside, and Online: Building Your Library Community, by Chrystie Hill Listening to the Customer, by Peter Hernon and Joseph R. Matthews Website Visibility: The Theory and Practice of Improving Rankings, by Melius Weideman
  5. 5. Books: Social & Mobile The Librarian's Nitty-Gritty Guide to Social Media, by Laura Solomon Doing Social Media So It Matters: A Librarian's Guide, by Laura Solomon Successful Social Networking in Public Libraries, by Walt Crawford Face2Face: Using Facebook, Twitter, and Other Social Media Tools to Create Great Customer Connections, by David Lee King The Mobile Marketing Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Dynamic Mobile Marketing Campaigns, by Kim Dushinski Mobile Library Services: Best Practices, edited by Charles Harmon & Michael Messina Mobile Marketing: How Mobile Technology Is Revolutionizing Marketing, Communications and Advertising, by Daniel Rowles Strategic Planning for Social Media in Libraries, by Sarah K. Steiner
  6. 6. Books: Academic Marketing Today’s Academic Library: A Bold New Approach, by Brian Mathews College Libraries and Student Culture: What We Now Know, by Lynda M. Duke and Andrew D. Asher Marketing Library Services— a SCONUL Working Paper, edited by Antony Brewerton (SCONUL is the UK’s Society of College, National and University Libraries, Real-Life Marketing and Promotion Strategies in College Libraries: Connecting With Campus and Community, edited by Barbara Whitney Petruzzelli The Measure of Library Excellence: Linking the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria and Balanced Scorecard Methods to Assess Service Quality, by Despina Dapias Wilson, Theresa del Tufo, and Anne E.C. Norman Using Benchmarking, Needs Assessment, Quality Improvement, Outcome Measurement, and Library Standards: Creating the Customer-Driven A How-To-Do-It Manual, by Rosalind Academic Library, by Jeannette Farnam Dudden Woodward
  7. 7. Websites CILIP: Chartered Institute of Library & Information Professionals: School Library Campaign Geek the Library campaign, from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and OCLC
  8. 8. Websites The Library Marketing Toolkit is both a website and a book, from Ned Potter, an academic in the UK. www.librarymark
  9. 9. Websites My own site, www.LibrariesAre Ess, has a cornucopia of info: • Statements on why libraries still matter • Lists of articles • A list of sites with free stock photos • Selected full text from my book, The Accidental Library Marketer • My CV and links to my writing and speaking work • …and the basis of my work: the Cycle of True Marketing
  10. 10. Go back to improve steps Do market research Segment into target markets Study feedback Set goals The Cycle of True Marketing Get feedback Ask targets what they want Deliver products / services www.librariesarees -marketingresources/cycle-oftrue-marketing ID or create products / services Promote products / services Plan evaluation ID competition
  11. 11. Websites andadvocacy/takeactionlibraries An interactive map from ALA. “These links will take you where you can take action for the libraries in your state, as well as to take action on federal legislation affecting libraries.”
  12. 12. Websites The Library Research Service is always gathering and sharing new data.
  13. 13. Websites How libraries help developing areas worldwide:
  14. 14. Websites My favorite site for teaching which words are “library lingo” so you can eliminate them from your external communications: http://escholarsh qq499w7
  15. 15. Websites This consultancy has a page of marketing resources at http://www. librarycomm. com/news.html.
  16. 16. Reports To get the results of this major 2013 survey, “Public Library Marketing: Methods and Best Practices,” go to this article in Library Journal ( m/lyvjluh) and click on “an exclusive survey” to reach the request page. Fill in your name & email to request. It’s eye-opening!
  17. 17. Reports International City / County Management Association Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  18. 18. Reports ACRL Value of Academic Libraries /binaries/pdf/LibValReport-2013.pdf
  19. 19. Reports 10perceptions.en.html
  20. 20. Reports The Pew Internet & American Life Project has a whole section of studies on libraries. Each report is packed with useful stats and charts. See also: A whole section of data on the Hispanic Trends Project: http://www. The latest report, from December 2013: libraries-in-communities
  21. 21. Reports ntent/collateral_resources/pdf /s/slw3_2008.pdf
  22. 22. Reports Reports that measure Return on Investment are especially valuable. In Australia, the y’ve been created for both Victoria (left) and Queensland.
  23. 23. Reports ROI studies from Canada: Nov. ‘12 and Dec. ‘13 Toronto Public Library Canadian Library Assoc.
  24. 24. Reports Return on Investment Reports in the US include: • Florida: • Texas: • Charlotte Mecklenburg (NC) Libraries: • New York: • Connecticut:
  25. 25. Tools: Continuously Updated Marketing Library Services newsletter, published 6x/year My professional Facebook page: Each day I post links to articles, reports, news, webinars, and fun stuff at
  26. 26. Tools: Value Calculators Many libraries now offer “value calculators” that members of the public can use to see how much they’d spend on items if they didn’t get them from the library. You can get one free from www.ilovelibraries.o rg/getinformed/geti nvolved/calculator to put on your own website. It’s a great tool to prove the value of your library.
  27. 27. Tools: Value Calculators A version for special / corporate libraries: See also: “ROI in Special Libraries,” a slideshow presentation, at
  28. 28. Tools for Discussions Discussion Lists • PR Talk and Academic PR (from ALA & ACRL, respectively, but you need not be a member to join: • Marketing Public Libraries Think Tank (a networking group on LinkedIn: oups/Marketing-PublicLibraries-Think-Tank3959297/about) /quotablefacts/quotablefacts/
  29. 29. Blogs: U.S. • The ‘M’ Word – Marketing Libraries (Nancy Dowd & Kathy Dempsey) • Illinois Libraries Matter (various guest posts) • 658.8 – Practical Marketing for Public Libraries (Susan Brown) • Bubble Room (Alison Circle / Library Journal) • The Ubiquitous Librarian (Brian Mathews)
  30. 30. Blogs: Outside the U.S. • Marketing Matters for Librarians (Alison Wallbutton, New Zealand) • The Library Marketing Toolkit (Ned Potter, U.K.) • Marketing-Mantra-for-Librarians (Dinesh Gupta, India)
  31. 31. Need More Help? Could you use some assistance sorting through all this marketing info? Do you have specific questions? Maybe I can help! Through Libraries Are Essential, I offer these services:  Staff training      Marketing plans  Writing & Editing  Consultations Conference workshops Webinars I’m happy to talk about your needs LIS guest lectures and give you a free estimate. You may need 1 hour or 100 hours of Audits help; no job is too small. (spaces, websites, comm unications)
  32. 32. Kathy Dempsey Libraries Are Essential Facebook: Author: The Accidental Library Marketer Editor: Marketing Library Services newsletter Blogger: The M Word: Marketing Libraries Also an ebook!

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This PowerPoint contains lists of selected titles and sites that I’m familiar with. (Books, Websites, Reports, Tools, & Blogs) They appear in no particular order, and are not ranked in any way, although I have listed only things that I feel are worth referring to others. All are written in English.


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