Creating an Engaging Library: Marketing from the Ground Up


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Libraries can't afford for marketing to be an afterthought. It's a way to connect with your community, campus and school. Join UW-Green Bay librarians as they discuss how their library built a comprehensive marketing plan, utilized the talent of students, experts, partnered with stakeholders and designed popular events for its patrons. The end goal? Creating a vibrant and engaging environment. The session will wrap up with a lightning round, where you will be invited to share your ideas and experiences with marketing.

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Creating an Engaging Library: Marketing from the Ground Up

  1. 1. + Creating an Engaging Library: Marketing from the Ground Up Renee Ettinger & Joe Hardenbrook Cofrin Library, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
  2. 2. + Programming
  3. 3. + Bash in the Stacks Freshmen Food Games Welcome Partnerships Nerf tag
  4. 4. Bash in the Stacks video
  5. 5. + Library Pumpkins Spur of the Moment Little Planning Start Small Take a Risk
  6. 6. + Authors & Artists Runs Every Other Year Faculty & Staff Celebration of Scholarship National Library Week
  7. 7. + Library’s 40th anniversary National Library Week Perception “changer” Successful 1st run Edible Books
  8. 8. Edible Books video
  9. 9. Relax, Unwind + Stress Relievers Therapy Dogs Low Maintenance Activities Final Exams Week
  10. 10. Final Exams video
  11. 11. + What leads to success?
  12. 12. + Before Little admin support No budget Little Time Inattentive Social Media Always on the backburner
  13. 13. +After New Leadership Emphasis on Priorities Raise the Library’s Profile Make Campus Connections
  14. 14. + Tapping Your Users
  15. 15. + Student Talent
  16. 16. Student Talent video
  17. 17. +Partnerships FOCUS (Freshmen) Student Life You need to ask! $$$$ Chancellor’s Office Provost’s Office
  18. 18. + Students Meet regularly Enlarged group Focus on Events Dedicated Responsibilities Library Marketing Evolves
  19. 19. Social + Media More photos & video Phoenix Phanatics Guidelines Facebook Twitter “Ready to Go” Posts Doesn’t always have to be about the library
  20. 20. + Lightning Round
  21. 21. + Questions
  22. 22. + Contact Info  Renee Ettinger, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay   Joe Hardenbrook, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay 
  23. 23. + Lightning Round Presenters  Colleen Rortvedt, Appleton Public Library    Contact: Tina Babler, Branding Research at APL Teri Talpe, UW-La Crosse    Contact: Stefan Smith, Murphy Library Hall Librarian Program Jennifer Nelson, Viterbo University   Introducing VitCat to the Viterbo community
  24. 24. + Photo Credits  This presentation features images from Flickr that are available for use with a Creative Commons license:  “Questions” by Tim O’Brien:  “Instagram and other social media apps” by Jason Howie:  “Lightning” by Bruce Guenter:  “The Adventurers” by Michael Ocampo:  “The Talent in Neon!!!” by Maryalena Salman:  “Swimming Lanes” by agaumont:  “No Lifeguard on Duty” by Ken Fager:  “Top of the World” by Izzard: