Brand libraries presentation for LIANZA 2013 Conference, Hamilton, New Zealand


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An update from LIANZA's BrandLibraries Working Party - presented at the LIANZA conference, Hamilton, New Zealand, 22 October 2013

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  • It has always been recognised that this is a huge project with a relatively small budget. However, the size of the budget is less of a concern that the scope of the project itself, so one of the provisos we have thankfully had from Council is that we can reshape the project and split into smaller projects if necessary – identifying things could be handed back to Council to new project groups or to pass to the Office to pick up. This recognises that four volunteer librarians with full time day jobs may not - on their own- be able to give this complex project its full due. Consequently as we work on this we have been identifying areas that can be separated out, or put aside for now. Mostly what we aim is to give lianza a clear, documented strategy that can provide direction long past the life of this group.
  • We spent a lot of time thinking and gathering informationabout the unique purpose of libraries, thinking about the “market environment” we are in, challenges/opportunities we faceAlso gathered information about marketing, what it means for libraries, and examples of marketing campaigns we liked. Developed shared bibliography, blogs, articles etc on marketing, branding, libraries, their future, direction, anything that helped to clarify our thinking on this.
  • Compiled a first list of stakeholders – groups, organisations that fund or influence funding for NZ libraries.
  • In doing this work we discovered just how complex our stakeholder profile is. The following is extracted from our brief.Who is the target audience? Users of the end product:• Organisations, or ad hoc groups that form at times of threat to services they love (e.g. Friends of the Libraries, parent groups with school libraries; employees of a library’s organisation, such as academic staff in tertiary libraries), who represent library users and can thus influence decision-makers. We aim to give them better arguments to lobby their decision makers.• Users of libraries. Some will be using their libraries as part of their work, some their formal education, and all new Zealanders have access somewhere to a public library.• Librarians – need succinct messages for them to use in advocacy, reporting and justification of their services. Librarians are usually employees of their funding body and thus are bound by the decisions made by their superiors. The influencing bodies here are thus external to the library, but of course they can be influenced indirectly from within the library. The type of investors we want to target:We want of target those who fund, or influence the funding of libraries. These fall into three major groups:• The parent bodies of the libraries• Government departments, ministries or other agencies responsible for policy that affects the ongoing funding of libraries within their sectors• Possibly (this might be a different activity) - related professions/organisations: Galleries, museums, publishers, library suppliers
  • BRR utilise the Stanford Design School methodology BrandLibraries working group have met with them, provided key stakeholder detailers, background info about the library industryLIANZA Council have been kept informed and involvedLaurinda Thomas (as the then incoming President) attending the first meeting with BRRJoanna Matthews attending the meeting after we signed the contract (LIANZA office have administrative oversight of the contract )
  • Brand libraries presentation for LIANZA 2013 Conference, Hamilton, New Zealand

    1. 1. BrandLibraries Update October 2013 LIANZA 2013 Vye Perrone Alison Wallbutton
    2. 2. What it is One of the Strengthening the Profession Working Groups established by LIANZA in 2012 Project aim – to create a strong, unified “brand” aimed at decision makers, which spells out the economic and social value to libraries in New Zealand
    3. 3. What it is Primary outcome – Libraries are recognised as core to a healthy and prosperous New Zealand Secondary outcome – LIANZA is a respected, consulted and recognised stakeholder in the information environment
    4. 4. Who we are Vye Perrone, Associate University Librarian, Collection Services, University of Waikato Library (chair) Sandy Green, Library Manager, Masterton District Library Amanda McFadden, Children’s and Teenagers’ Librarian, Tauranga City Libraries Alison Wallbutton, Subject Librarian, Massey University Library Co-sponors from LIANZA – Laurinda Thomas and Wendy Macaskill
    5. 5. Deliverables A report to LIANZA council including identification of key stakeholders (e.g. Ministers, local govt Ministers, CEs, Principals etc) and a stakeholder engagement plan Formulation of a strong, clear, libraries brand, that can be applicable to all sectors Recommendations for Council on the creation of an appropriate media prescence including a plan to maintain the media presence
    6. 6. Possible spin off projects ... Collecting stories from library users to use in further marketing initiatives Developing a detailed stakeholder engagement plan Developing the detail for a media plan Implementation of agreed strategy
    7. 7. What we have done Dec 2012 – prepared a marketing brief in preparation for discussions about brand development with PR and marketing professionals Included information on: Market environment Market context Purpose and objectives of our brand Target audience (both users of the brand i.e. Library folks and those we want to target) Communication elements – mood and tone Insights Barriers
    8. 8. What we have done The marketing brief formed the basis of our Dec 2012 to LIANZA council You can also see a version of it here
    9. 9. What we have done First part of 2013 – we approached marketing agencies to guage interest Their brief was an aim to develop a brand for an entire industry in New Zealand – ambitious and board in scope! Hugely important the agency would “get” libraries – and not revert to cliches about books, suggest we “go digital” (what we are already doing!!) etc
    10. 10. What we have done Groundwork for the Stakeholder Engagement Plan Identifying key stakeholders Those that fund libraries Those that are responsible for policies that affect the funding of libraries Professional groups across the library sector Library users
    11. 11. And now ... BRR has been contracted by LIANZA Brand Pyramid
    12. 12. And now ... BRR’s project plan is now in the Discovery phase BRR have met with some key individuals and visited several libraries They will be setting up focus groups as part of this phase
    13. 13. And then ... BRR will move to Open Strategy Phase (brand pyramid, tone of voice, high levely marketing plan) Open Design (logo if required but there may be other outputs) Implementation (TBC but could include profile document, website etc) BRR’s completion date – mid December 2013
    14. 14. Our perspectives on being part of this project … It enforces the importance of our professional body (LIANZA) and how being part of it can make a difference ~ Amanda Great to feel like you are doing something for the Library industry in New Zealand LIANZA ~ Alison An amazing and exciting opportunity to be able to work on a project to brand the libraries of an entire nation ~Vye After sitting through several workshops and meetings that have had library branding on the agenda it is rewarding to be involved with this project and progress it to the stage where conceivably there will be deliverables/outcomes ~ Sandy
    15. 15. Our perspectives on being part of this project … Great opportunity to put marketing understanding into practice ~ Alison Valuable it is for our stakeholders to realise that we are more than just books ~ Amanda Been interesting and something of a challenge getting people to engage with what libraries are about - much easier to describe what we do. Maybe in the end that is what is important ~ Vye
    16. 16. BrandLibraries - What do you think? What do you think is the mission, or purpose of libraries (why do libraries exist, rather than what they do) Do you think we should be seeking to develop a brand for “librarians” rather than for libraries?
    17. 17. Thank You! From the BrandLibraries Working Group