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Marketing your Library: P.R., Advertising and Promotion


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How to market your library's resources and services. Strategies and tips for better Public Relations , Advertising and Promotion.

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Marketing your Library: P.R., Advertising and Promotion

  1. 1. MARKETING YOUR LIBRARY: P R , ADVERTISING AND PROMOTION Increase Visibility and affirm Indispensability
  2. 2. Marketing ? “Marketing is so basic that it cannot be considered a separate function. It is the whole business seen from the point of view of its final result, that is, from the customer's point of view.” – Peter Drucker, Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices 2 S.L.Faisal
  3. 3. Why Libraries ? Elevating your library’s profile in the community often depends on successful media relations – a concept rarely taught in library schools. Marketing of library and information services includes customer (users) priorities, expectations, individuality, responsiveness, relationship, quality of services, professional skills and competencies, value-added services, etc. 3 S.L.Faisal
  4. 4. Why we need it ? Public relations involves building relationships with the learning community inside and outside the school. Advertising makes people aware of your program's goals, while a marketing plan focuses on convincing these people to take action. Promotion involves a ongoing commitment to the advancement of ideas and programmes. 4 S.L.Faisal
  5. 5. Plan a Library Promotion Analyze the needs Seek out specific interests, needs, and problems in the learning community Build partnerships Get others involved with your promotion Develop activities and resources Develop the materials needed to implement your project. What's the timeline? Who will do what, when? What advertising materials are needed? Advertise the promotion Be sure that everyone is aware of the event or activity (newsletters, brochures, etc) Implement the promotion As you implement the program be sure to collect data. Count people, conduct a survey, ask for comments, take photographs, collect sample products. Share your success Be sure that people know about the success of your project. (newspapers, newletters, website, and bulletin boards to share your success. Evaluate Consider the effectiveness of the program. Immediately revise materials for the next time you use this promotion. Plan for the future. 5 S.L.Faisal
  6. 6. Promotional materials for Libraries Logos and Slogans Themes Start with a title Ask students to come up with logos and slogans 6 S.L.Faisal “Read to Lead”, “ Think@Your Library”
  7. 7. Promotional materials for Libraries Brochures/user guides Flyers, brochures, and handouts Library user information leaflets 7 S.L.Faisal
  8. 8. Promotional materials for Libraries Newsletters To communicate with students, teachers and parents Can create collaboratively 8 S.L.Faisal
  9. 9. Promotional materials for Libraries Booklets Materials developed for students and teachers can be published as booklets (e.g: guidelines, career information resources, primary resources, etc). 9 S.L.Faisal
  10. 10. Promotional materials for Libraries Posters Advocating reading, writing and libraries Getting students engaged in creating Inexpensive way to decorate the library 10 S.L.Faisal
  11. 11. Promotional materials for Libraries Bookmarks, cards, sticker books, and post-it notes (Give Aways) Customized bookmarks for the library 11 S.L.Faisal
  12. 12. Displays and Bulletin Boards 12 S.L.Faisal
  13. 13. Displays and Bulletin Boards 13 S.L.Faisal
  14. 14. Displays and Bulletin Boards 14 S.L.Faisal
  15. 15. Promotional materials for Libraries Video/Audio programmes, Slide shows Library instructional or promotional videos on YouTube and websites PPT s on library resources and services 15 S.L.Faisal
  16. 16. Web Tools Library websites Library Blogs Wikis RSS Feeds Social Networking Social Bookmarking 16 S.L.Faisal
  17. 17. Increasing media coverage of your library Step1 Select the right media 17 S.L.Faisal Who do you want to walk through the doors of the library as a result of your publicity efforts? Once you define your target, find out which media specialize in reaching that person/group.
  18. 18. Increasing media coverage of your library Step 2 Know your media Once you identified the targeted media, get to know more about them. If it is a newspaper, read it regularly. Find out who covers your kind of stories and what will kindle his interest. 18 S.L.Faisal
  19. 19. Increasing media coverage of your library Step 3 Package your news appropriately If you’ve studied your target media thoroughly, you’ll know which elements of your story to highlight. Create compelling stories which attract the reporters and consider by them as newsworthy. 19 S.L.Faisal
  20. 20. Increasing media coverage of your library Step 4 Follow up by phone Reporters get loads of mail, e-mail, phone calls and fax every day. If you’ve mailed/send a press release, be sure you get it out of the in-box and into his or her hands with a reminder phone call. 20 S.L.Faisal
  21. 21. Increasing media coverage of your library Step 5 Establish an ongoing relationship If you followed steps 1 - 4, you may have got a nice piece of publicity. Keep in touch with the reporter with a thank you call. Reporters are like anyone else – they appreciate knowing their work was noticed and appreciated. Be sure to keep in touch regularly, too. 21 S.L.Faisal
  22. 22. Library in the News 22 S.L.Faisal
  23. 23. Library in the News 23 S.L.Faisal
  24. 24. Library in the News 24 S. L. Faisal
  25. 25. Conclusion The library should give priority to provide excellent customer service and enhancing its image as an information provider in the information era. The library and information services should be user (customer) oriented in order to satisfy their information needs effectively. The ultimate aim of marketing here is to provide the right information to the right user at the right time. 25 S.L.Faisal
  26. 26. Thank You Questions ? 26 S. L. Faisal