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Innovation Forum "Kyiv City Open Doors"

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Dialing for dollars_Annis Uzzaman

  1. 1. Pitching to Angels and VCs
  2. 2. Approaching Investor Best way to get in is throughentrepreneurs’ reference Investors trust people they’vebacked in the past Usually know within 10 minutes Prefer founding CEO and with ateam of founders Don’t approach VCs that arefunding competitors Angels are ok – often invest inseveral companies within the sameindustry
  3. 3. Approaching InvestorDon’t expect a “Yes” after thefirst meetingBuild a relationship with the investor Don’t send a long email / business plan If you have no reference, it will take amonth of interactions (in-person andemail) The more time you spend with aninvestor, the more likely he is to invest inyou The goal of each meeting is to get thenext meeting Be patient
  4. 4. Before the Pitch Skip the associates and go straight to partner level Don’t ask investors to sign NDA Learn the VC language – KPI, business models, termsheet language Create your pitch deck Practice your pitch in front of peers and otherentrepreneurs Be confident not arrogant
  5. 5. Creating the Pitch Deck Use simple bullet lists 45 min presentation, 15 min Q&A Show a demo Iterate after every pitch
  6. 6. Standard Pitch Structure 1. Problem 5. Team2. Solution/Demo 6. Competition 3. Market Size 7. Business Model4. Traction 8. Funding
  7. 7. Logistics Don’t be late; arrive early to setup Bring equipment and backups (cables, adapters, USB drive, etc.) Don’t show up alone; bring 1-2 team members Give each person a role; investors want to see good teamwork
  8. 8. During the PitchThese are the factors investors look for: Traction Team Social Proof (who else is investing?) Product Market Many entrepreneurs fail to highlight the team Investors prefer an A team with a C idea, over a Cteam with an A idea
  9. 9. During the Pitch Entrepreneurs often forget to fully discuss the problem and skip straight to the solution If you have a clear problem, it is possible to pivot if your solution fails If you only have a solution, the entire company falls apart
  10. 10. During the Pitch Don’t go overboard on numbers and projections Don’t hide or downplay the competition Emphasize what makes you better or unique Don’t be too attached to your business plan; showthat you are open to new opportunities
  11. 11. Demo Don’t show up without a demo ormockup Don’t be afraid of runningovertime on the demo especially ifthe investor shows interest Don’t point out problems/bugs inyour demo, just move on Most importantly, be passionateabout your product
  12. 12. ValuationValuation is not a science, based on supply-and-demand in current market Your company is worth as much as you can convince investors its worth, be ready to justify your price
  13. 13. Q&A Take notes during the meeting Don’t mention which investors have rejected you Don’t dodge questions, answer directly and honestly Investors will only invest in people they can trust
  14. 14. After the Meeting Send “Thank You” email on the same day Prepare for rejection