ACS Guide APRIL 2012


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ACS Guide APRIL 2012

  2. 2. “THINK ACS FIRST” Our mission is to facilitate a commander’s ability to provide comprehensive, coordinated, and responsive services that supports readiness of Soldiers, civilian employees and their Families. Locations: Army Community Service P4330 Conway Road Phone: 315-772-6557/6556 DSN: 772-6557 1-800-826-0886 FAX: 315-772-6965 HOURS of OPERATION: M-F, 0730 – 1630 Clark Hall Soldier Family Assistance Center (SFAC) Clark Hall, P-10720 Phone: (315) 772-7781 FAX: (315) 772-7720 HOURS of OPERATION: M-F, 0730 – 1630(315) 772-6557 1 updated 16 April 2012 Think ACS First!
  3. 3. Index of ServicesMandatory ACS Class Listing 3PROGRAM DESCRIPTIONS Army Emergency Relief (AER) 4-5 Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) 6 Army Family Team Building (AFTB) 7-8 Army Volunteer Corps (AVC) 9 Employment Readiness (ERP) 10 Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) 11-12 Family Advocacy Program (FAP) 13-15 Financial Readiness Program (FRP) 16-17 Information, Referral (I&R) 18 Military Family Life Consultants (MFLC) 19 Mobilization and Deployment (MOB/DEP) 20-21 Outreach Program Coordinator 22 Relocation Readiness (RELO) 23-24 Soldier Family Assistance Center (SFAC) 25 Survivor Outreach Service (SOS) 26 Unit Service Coordinator Program (USC) 27 Community Resources 28-32 All ACS Programs & Services are FREE (315) 772-6557 2 updated 16 April 2012 Think ACS First!
  4. 4. Mandatory ACS Class Listing:Family Advocacy Program (FAP) Family Advocacy Program Overview (AR 608-18 1-8 b, Minimum 1 hour) Regulation requires that all new commanders have a FAP overview brief within 45 days prior to or following of assumption of command as well as annually. Domestic Violence Awareness Training (AR 608-18 3-2 c, Minimum 1 hour) This consists of annual troop education by FAP personnel for all Soldiers on the Family dynamics of Spouse and child abuse, the availability of prevention and treatment services, and the Army’s policies regarding Family violence.Financial Readiness Program (FRP) Financial Readiness for 1st Termers (AR 608-1 4-39, 8 hours) Eight hour training for all first/initial term Soldiers per AR 608-1. Topics covered include: budgeting, your checking account, LES, understanding credit, savings, and investment in TSP and consumer awareness. Checkbook/Money Management (Command-referred AR 608-1 4-39, 1.5 hours) Refresher classes will be conducted for personnel who have abused and misused check- cashing privileges. PCS Financial Planning (AR 608-1 4-39, 1.5 hours) Financial planning classes and counseling will be conducted for all junior enlisted Soldiers (E–4 and below) who are scheduled for their initial PCS move.Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) Mandatory Enrollment (AR 608-75 1-7) All active duty Soldiers with Exceptional Family members must enroll in the program. Program is designed to assist active duty personnel during assignments/reassignments sponsoring Exceptional Family Members (EFM) with special physical, emotional, developmental, or intellectual needs. In a dual military Family, both Soldiers must be enrolled. Enrollment is based upon the medical and educational requirements of Family members. Enrollment updates are required every 3 years or if the condition changes.Mobilization & Deployment (Mob/Dep) Pre-deployment and Reunion Briefings (AR 600-20 5-10, 1-2 hours) Soldier and Family member pre-deployment/reunion briefings designed to help prepare for successful adjustments for deployment and reintegrationRelocation Readiness Program (RELO) Overseas Orientation Brief (AR 608-1 4-22, 1.5 hour) This is a country specific, mandatory briefing, for Soldiers PCSing to an overseas assignment. Family members are strongly encouraged to attend. (315) 772-6557 3 updated 16 April 2012 Think ACS First!
  5. 5. ARMY EMERGENCY RELIEF (AER)315-772-6560Army Emergency Relief (AER) provides financial assistance to active duty Soldiers, Retirees andFamily members during times of valid emergency need. AER provides interest-free loans or grantsto those who qualify for financial assistance. After normal duty hours, contact the AmericanRed Cross for AER assistance at 1-877-272-7337 for emergency travel.AER CAN assist with the following:  Non-receipt of pay or allowance (when pay is due and not received)  Lack of basic necessities, such as food  Payments for initial rent; to prevent eviction; mortgage payments; foreclosures; or utilities  Travel expenses for emergency leave  Loss or theft of pay (with police report)  Funeral expenses  Essential POV repairs or payments/replacements  Medically authorized convalescent leave  Down payment for required medical services, equipment, and supplies, when payment arrangements cannot are agreed upon with provider.  Repair of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning)  Purchasing and Repairs of Stove or Refrigerator  Child Car Seats  Cranial HelmetsAER CANNOT assist with the following:  Help pay for nonessentials  Finance ordinary leave or vacation  Pay fines or legal expenses  Help liquidate or consolidate debt  Assist with house purchase or home improvement  Cover bad checks or pay credit card billsCOMMANDERS REFERRAL PROGRAM:AER desires to give commanders another tool to affect an immediate, positive impact on theirSoldiers by giving the commander approval authority for an immediate financial loan for validneeds.Commanders may authorize loans up to $1500 for active duty Soldiers who cannot meet theirmonthly obligations. The Soldier fills in all applicable data on Form 600 and presents it to thecommander for signature. If the commander approves of the loan, he/she will sign the form 600 asthe loan approving authority. The Soldier will then present the completed and signed form 600 tothe AER officer for action. Commanders and 1SGs must follow AR 930-4 and AER Officers UserGuide when approving assistance.Commanders are required to make decisions on AER assistance within existing guidelines, whileensuring they distinguish between Soldiers’ WANTS and NEEDS, and provide AER assistance toall Soldiers in a fair and equitable manner. (315) 772-6557 4 updated 16 April 2012 Think ACS First!
  6. 6. The Commanders Referral program is not designed to replace existing categories or proceduresfor Soldiers seeking AER assistance. It is intended as a tool for commanders to have a mechanismto assist their Soldiers with short-term problems or needs for basic living expenses.Commanders who do not desire to approve assistance under the Commanders Referral programbut believe the Soldier still has a valid need for AER assistance may recommend approval andforward the Soldier’s request to Army Emergency Relief Officer (AERO).The following conditions apply:  AERO will confirm eligibility for assistance under this category prior to issuing a check, if Soldier does not meet eligibility for assistance under the Commander’s Referral a check will not be issued.  There may not be more than two such assists per year.  No more than one Commander Referral loan can be active at one time per Soldier.  Repayment must be by allotment.  Repayment must be prior to ETS, but no more than 12 months in duration.  Soldier cannot be on the AER’s restricted list.  Assistance under this category will always be as a loan. No grants are authorized.  AERO will inform the commander of final dispositionAER ScholarshipAERs MG James Ursano Scholarship applications can be completed online at www.aerhq.orgstarting 1 December with a deadline of 1 April of each year. The program is for dependent childrenof Active and Retired Army Soldiers and is based on financial need, academics, andleadership/achievement. Scholarships are also available for Spouses, both stateside andoverseas. (315) 772-6557 5 updated 16 April 2012 Think ACS First!
  7. 7. ARMY FAMILY ACTION PLAN (AFAP)315-772-6710(Conference held annually, issues can be submitted year-round)AFAP is a program for Soldiers, Families, civilian employees, and retirees to identify quality of lifeissues and propose recommendations for improvement of policies and programs which affect thewell-being of the military community.Annual ConferenceRepresentatives of active and reserve Soldiers, Families, civilian employees, and retirees formworkgroups to discuss submitted issues guided by skilled facilitators and recorders in an effort toidentify and prioritize quality of life issues and formulate recommendations.In the history of AFAP, over 123 changes have been made to legislation, more than 172 policiesand regulations have been revised, and many programs and services have been improved at theDepartment of the Army level.Some of these issues include: Pay increases, Military Savings Plan, Youth Initiatives, TRICARE forLife, Chiropractic Care for Active Duty, Household Goods Weight Allowance Increase for JuniorEnlisted and the Family Readiness Support Assistant program, to name just a few.Goals:  Identify and prioritize Soldier and Family issues  Assist Army leadership in reshaping the Army  Improve our local communityYou can submit issues at the AFAP website: Family Action PlanArmy Community ServiceBldg P4330, Conway RoadFort Drum, NY 13602(315)772-6710 (315) 772-6557 6 updated 16 April 2012 Think ACS First!
  8. 8. ARMY FAMILY TEAM BUILDING (AFTB)315-772-6710AFTB is an educational program designed to provide Family members and Soldiers the tools tosurvive and thrive in the military life-style.AFTB offers three levels of training:AFTB Level 1 (10 hours)Consists of modules designed for those who are new to the military or anyone interested inupdating personal skills or basic knowledge. Classes offered include Military Acronyms and Terms,Chain of Command, Military Benefits and many more.AFTB Level 2 (13 hours)Composed of 14 modules and is designed to aid our emerging leaders. Classes provide personaldevelopment and encourage emerging leadership from within the Army community, as well aslearning how to cope with challenging situations. Classes include Team Dynamics, CreativeProblem Solving and Personal Conflict Management.AFTB Level 3 (12 hours)Composed of 10 modules and offers training to enhance the professional growth and leadershipdevelopment opportunities of Soldiers and Family members, especially those who might assumeadvisory or mentoring leadership roles with the community and unit. Classes include FamilyReadiness Group Leadership, Leader-Assisted Problem Solving and Understanding Needs.AFTB is available on-line in several languages: Korean, German and Spanish. These classes canbe found at briefings and unit classes are available upon requestAFTB Concept BlocksFormal Functions Made Easy (2 hours)The military has a pomp and circumstance all its own. Attending a formal function is more than justknowing which uniform to wear or finding the right dress! This concept block will help youunderstand the events which occur at a formal function.He Said, She Said (2 hours)Are misunderstandings causing added stress? There are so many different ways to communicate,and sometimes it’s difficult to find the right one. This concept block will offer you new techniquesfor better communication and help you understand why these misunderstandings occur.Time Keeps on Slipping, Slipping, Slipping (2 hours)No one has enough time, but everyone has all there is. This concept block will explore ways to useyour time more efficiently and avoid those time wasters! (315) 772-6557 7 updated 16 April 2012 Think ACS First!
  9. 9. Got lemons? Make lemonade! (2 hours)Life handing you lemons? Make lemonade! Basic and intermediate problem solving will increaseyour ability to find solutions to everyday challenges.To Be or Not to Be… a Leader (2 hours)Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants todo it (Dwight Eisenhower). Considering a leadership position? Join us and be set for success!Ignorance Isn’t Bliss (2.5 hours)Work smarter, not harder! A solid knowledge of the Army basics will help you better navigate themilitary lifestyle.Surviving Deployment (3 hours)Preparing for the Deployment Rollercoaster? Already on it? This concept block will provide youthe tools needed to succeed while your Soldier is deployed.My Fair Ladies & Gents (5.5 hours)Attending a Hail and Farewell? Unsure about military expectations? Have questions? We can help!Increase your comfort level as well as others and learn about military traditions, courtesies andprotocol.Taking Care of Me (5.5 hours)Stressed out? Too busy taking care of others? Come and be pampered with a massage or facial.Best of all, take with you the knowledge of how to better care for yourself.Additional Classes OfferedArmy Community Service Instructor Training Course (ITC), Briefer Training Course (BTC),and Facilitator Training Course (FTC) – These trainings are available to prepare ACS Staff andVolunteers to teach standardized classes, brief ACS programs, and facilitate groups as needed.Students will understand the needs of learners and develop skills to ensure their success on theplatform.Soldiers (E-5 and below) may apply their AFTB certificates, after 40 hours of training iscompleted, toward promotion points for military career advancement. Valid for classroomtraining provided through Army Community Service only. (315) 772-6557 8 updated 16 April 2012 Think ACS First!
  10. 10. ARMY VOLUNTEER CORPS (AVCC)315-772-2899The AVC is a new way of thinking about volunteers and volunteering within the Army. It is anumbrella that encompasses all volunteers and organizations using volunteers. No matter whereindividuals volunteer in the Army community, they have the same goal; to improve the quality of lifefor Soldiers and Family members.The Fort Drum volunteer office serves as the single point of contact for volunteerism on theinstallation. This office maintains the volunteer job bank, with current volunteer opportunities on theinstallation and in the surrounding communities. It is the premiere office for training volunteermanagers and volunteers. The volunteer office is also the headquarters for installation volunteerrecognition events such as the Volunteer of the Month and National Volunteer Week activities.Volunteer Management Information System (VMIS), Mandatory Enrollment for Volunteers(AR 608-1)Each volunteer must register with the VMIS. Each volunteer will maintain a record of hours workedin VMIS. A written position description will be completed in VMIS for each volunteer and willinclude the position and title, first-line supervisor, description of duties, time required, qualificationsof the job, training required and provided by the program accepting the voluntary services andevaluation and feedback by the supervisor.The Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal (MOVSM) is a military award which wascreated under Executive Order 12830 by George H. W. Bush on January 9, 1993. There is no timelimit required for the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, however most awardingauthorities require that the volunteer service must exceed three years in length, and/or 100 hoursof service. Since the award is classified as a service medal, there is no citation whichaccompanies the award. Multiple awards of the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal aredenoted by service stars. The governing regulation for this award is DoD 1348.33-M, Manual ofMilitary Decorations and Awards, September 1996.Volunteer Management Information System (VMIS) 101This class guides you through the different sections necessary to help you to properly register as aFort Drum Volunteer and maintain your volunteer record. Whether it’s registering online or in-putting hours and updating your profile, this orientation will navigate you through the system withease.Recognition EventsVolunteer of the Month - A monthly recognition of volunteers from the Fort Drum Community. Anomination form can be retrieved from AVCC office. Volunteers are recognized by the Fort DrumGarrison Commander.National Volunteer Week - National Volunteer Week was created in 1974 when President RichardNixon signed an executive order to establish the week as an annual celebration of volunteering.Fort Drum takes this time to recognize the volunteers within our community with different specialactivities throughout the week.Annual Volunteer Recognition -Recognizes outstanding volunteers of the Fort Drum Community. (315) 772-6557 9 updated 16 April 2012 Think ACS First!
  11. 11. EMPLOYMENT READINESS PROGRAM (ERP)315-772-9611The military lifestyle presents unique challenges to military Family members who are looking foremployment due to frequent relocations. The Employment Readiness Program (ERP) specificallyaddresses the employment needs of todays military Family members by providing them with thetools they need to successfully search for and obtain employment.Services Provided  Job postings  Computers, Copy & Fax machine  Resource Library  Career Coaching (One-on-One Services)  Military Army Spouse Employment Partnership Program  Free Job Search Skills Workshops & Hiring/Job Fairs  Small & Home-Based Business Counseling  Attire for HireClassesRésumé Writing Computer Lab (2 hours) - Use the ERP computer lab and resume software toprepare and write your resume.Federal Employment Workshop (2 hours) – The Federal Employment processes can befrustrating and confusing. In this workshop you will learn everything from benefits, to searchingand applying, as well as, tips on how to prepare an effective federal resume.Computer basics (2 hours) – Computer skills classes in basic and intermediate Excel, Word,Power Point and Internet use are taught through a partnership with Jefferson County CommunityCollege (JCC).Build Your Own Business (2 hours) – The Small Business Development Center at JCC partnerswith ERP to bring you the information on starting a new business. In this workshop you will learnthe fundamentals to start, finance and run your own company.Employment 101 (2 hours) – Through this workshop you will be given the information and skills toconduct a well-planned and successful job search in the Fort Drum/Watertown area.Career Development Seminars (2 hours) – ERP holds monthly seminars to discuss current jobtrends, job leads, employer information and provides information to learn skills to enhance careergoals. (315) 772-6557 10 updated 16 April 2012 Think ACS First!
  12. 12. EXCEPTIONAL FAMILY MEMBER PROGRAM (EFMP)315-772-5476The Exceptional Family Member Program is designed to provide assignment coordination andsupport for military Families. EFMP provides community support, housing, personnel, educationaland medical services to Families with special needs.Who is an Exceptional Family Member?A Family member (child or adult) with any physical, emotional, developmental or intellectual specialneed that requires special treatment, therapy, education, training or counseling. The Soldier mustbe the sponsor of the exceptional Family member to be enrolled in the EFMP.Examples of Special Needs: (List Not Inclusive)  Asthma, Autism, ADD/ADHD, Bipolar Disorder/Depression, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Diabetes, Learning DisabilitiesServicesAdvocacy: Services include medical and educational advocacy for those needing services, toinclude, facilitating exceptions to policy for housing and assistance in the schools for children onIndividual Education Plans and/or 504 plans.Respite Care: Program is a service that provides a temporary rest period for Family membersresponsible for regular care of persons with disabilities.Medical Services: Located at the Guthrie Medical Center. Services include: EFMP enrollment,updates, disenrollment, and Overseas Deployment Screening.Special Needs Accommodations Process (SNAP): A team that assists in determining thesafest, least restrictive and most appropriate placement of children with special needs who wish touse Child, Youth and School Services (CYSS). The SNAP team meets weekly and works with theparents to develop a care plan to ensure the child’s experiences in CYSS services are safe,memorable and successful.Systems Navigation: EFMP has case managers, called Systems Navigators, who, upon referralfrom the EFMP Manager, can provide ongoing care management to the Family member for theduration of their stay at Fort Drum. This care management may include: home visitation,assessment of needs, coordination of services, evaluation, planning, implementing and monitoring,goal-setting, and follow-up appointments to track needs and outcomes of the Family member. Notevery EFMP enrollee needs systems navigation, but if you have multiple Exceptional FamilyMember needs, be sure to ask for a Systems Navigator. (315) 772-6557 11 updated 16 April 2012 Think ACS First!
  13. 13. EFMP EVENTS:Autism Spectrum and Special Needs Support GroupThis group meets monthly and is military Family led and military Family supported. EFMP andother programs may be invited to provide information and referral, and can answer any questionsyou may have. This group’s theme is “A Safe Place To Land.” When you attend this group, youhave a “safe place” to vent and discuss issues, gain validation and network with other Familiesgoing through similar experiences.EFMP Mountain CampWeek long session of recreational events offered through EFMP. The events are a good time forchildren enrolled in EFMP to enjoy being with others while engaged in age and situationalappropriate activities. Recreational events can include bowling, movies, roller skating, crafts, horserides, rafting, swimming and more.WorkshopsA variety of workshops and activities are held throughout the year. These include requested topicsor information that may assist EFMP Families. Topics include parenting, transition, specialeducation, advocacy and many others. (315) 772-6557 12 updated 16 April 2012 Think ACS First!
  14. 14. FAMILY ADVOCACY PROGRAM (FAP)315-772-6929This program is dedicated to fostering healthy Families and communities through education andoutreach. It aims to prevent abuse or neglect of Family members. Family Advocacy providessupport services for Soldiers and spouses, training and education and crisis intervention.Remember, all Families need support!Direct Services  Victim Advocacy Support Services  Awareness Prevention Classes  Child Safety and Education  Stress Management  Anger Management  Support Groups  New Parent Support - home visitor  Parenting Education  Life Skills  Couples Communication  Mandatory Annual Domestic Violence, Child Abuse Awareness Training  Respite Care - FAP can fund short-term child care on a case-by-case basisNew Parent ServicesProvides parents and caregivers of infants and toddlers with positive parent-child interaction andage appropriate activities while building on the child’s development and the caregiver’s parentingskills. Call 315-772-0748 for location and calendar of events.Home VisitsProvides voluntary in-home visitation, pregnancy and parenting education, support and resourceassistance to military Families with children ages pre-natal to 3 years old.Hospital VisitsUpon request, visit with new parents, provide information and referral, and aid in detectingpotentially high risk Families.Expectant Parent Information and Referral ServicesDistribute materials and resources on child safety, stress management and parenting issues.Infant Massage (6 hours)Classes for parents of children 8 weeks – 8 months. Covers massage lessons to relax, bond andstimulate the development of your newborn.Child Health and Safety IssuesBaby BundlesFamilies of Soldiers in the ranks of PVT - SGT are entitled to a Baby Bundle upon the birth of achild (any rank in case of multiple births). The baby bundle is a layette set which contains ablanket, baby outfit, sweater, diapers, etc., as well as a wealth of information pertaining toparenting and child development. Many of the items are handmade by ACS volunteers. (315) 772-6557 13 updated 16 April 2012 Think ACS First!
  15. 15. Parenting ClassesScreamFree ParentingScreamFree Parenting offers a revolutionary new option by inviting parents to focus onthemselves, grow themselves up, and calm themselves down. The ScreamFree Parentingprinciples will lead parents of all ages (with kids of all ages) to create and enjoy the Familyrelationships theyve always craved starting now.For Father’s OnlyIn this 8 hour workshop fathers learn how to provide their children with healthy self-esteem andsecurity through positive discipline in a stimulating, nurturing environment.Terrific Toddlers (Birth to 4 years old)This 2 hour workshop is designed to assist parents with helping their children establish healthyroutines, discipline, communication skills and nutrition for healthy growth and development.Middle Years (5 – 12 years old)This 2 hour workshop is designed to give parents strategies on positive discipline, sibling rivalry,communication skills, establishing Family rules and nutrition for healthy growth and development.Baby Boot CampThis 7 hour workshop is designed to assist new parents, that have children ages 0-3 years old andexpecting parents with information regarding basic of infant care. Topics include: shaken babysyndrome, financial concerns, infant massage, and baby proofing the home, breast feeding andmuch, much more.Training for Professionals/Paraprofessionals on Domestic Violence, Child Abuse Detectionand ReportingFor law enforcement, child care providers, youth services, health care, schools, commanders andcivilian agencies.Life Skills ClassesStress Management (minimum 2 hours)Classes discuss stress, personality types and relaxation techniques. Soldiers, spouses, and unitswelcome. Abbreviated classes can be given to units/groups as requested. Pre-registration isrequired. Call 772-6929 for class times and dates.Anger Management (minimum 2 hours)Classes discuss anger issues, personality types and relaxation techniques. Soldiers, spouses, andunits welcome. Abbreviated classes can be given to units/groups as requested. Pre-registration isrequired. Call 772-6929 for class times and dates.Mandatory Annual TrainingChild Abuse Detection and Awareness Training (AR 608-18) (Minimum 1 hour)This training is conducted by FAP personnel and offered to Soldiers and various agencies involvedwith the care, support and safety, or treatment of children. The training covers the detection and (315) 772-6557 14 updated 16 April 2012 Think ACS First!
  16. 16. reporting methods related to child abuse. Participants will be provided with information andresources, and the Army’s policy and state laws regarding child abuse.Domestic Violence Awareness Training (AR 608-18) (Minimum 1 hour)This consists of annual troop education conducted by FAP personnel for all Soldiers on the familydynamics of spouse and child abuse, the availability of prevention and treatment services, and theArmy’s policies regarding Family violence.Sexual Assault Awareness TrainingIn her Shoes (2 hours)This class simulation is used to help participants understand, in a compressed period of time, theups and downs a battered woman faces over the course of many years. The scenarios are basedon real-life experiences of women with abusive partners. This simulation activity is used toincrease awareness of the struggles that women with abusive partners face. The activity illustrateshow domestic violence is a community tragedy, not a private problem, and shows how we all havea role in the movement to end domestic violence. The simulation activity is intended for everyprofession, club, committee and general community. Space is limited to 20-30 participants.Stalking Awareness (2 hours)The Stalking Awareness class is a class that focuses on the serious nature of stalking bringingawareness to the issues surrounding this issue. During the class an array of topics are coveredsuch as Defining Stalking, Statistics on Stalking, Stalking and Intimate Partner Violence, The useof technology in stalking, Prevalence of stalking, Lethality and stalking, Impacts of stalking,Analyzing your local stalking laws, Threat Assessments, and Safety Planning/Keeping a StalkingLog.Support Groups  Parents Alone Group  Victim to Survivor (315) 772-6557 15 updated 16 April 2012 Think ACS First!
  17. 17. FINANCIAL READINESS PROGRAM (FRP)315-772-0050The Financial Readiness Program offers education, counseling and support services to assistSoldiers and their Families with their financial affairs.ServicesConfidential Budget Counseling: Budget counseling focuses on improving the client’s personalfinancial skills, such as budget development and financial planning. Also provides informationalservices on developing a spending plan, managing personal finances and building wealth.Consumer Affairs: This office provides consumer complaint resolution, mediation, and referralassistance for both local and national complaints. If you have a complaint, stop by the ACS officeand file a complaint. Complain effectively, promptly and make it matter.Clearpoint Credit Counseling Solutions: Clearpoint Credit Counseling Solutions (CCCS) assistsindividuals who are in a financial crisis by working with their creditors to develop a plan to pay offdebt and live in a cash-based life-style. ACS, in partnership with CCCS, offers confidential debtmanagement services with certified counselors. You can lower your monthly payments, becomedebt-free and learn about credit management. CCCS is the only authorized Bankruptcy Pre-filingcounseling agency in Northern New York.Debt Management Services: Stop harassing phone calls, avoid Bankruptcy, and reestablish yourcredit. Establish a workable plan to repay creditors. Avoid the discrediting and long-term effects ofbankruptcy. Develop a budget to avoid future problems.Emergency Food: Food assistance is available to active duty Soldiers and their Family membersin a financial crisis. When Army Emergency Relief is unable to assist, the client will be given adocument to provide to the unit Chaplain for use of the Operation Helping Hand funds to provide afood voucher.Family Supplemental Subsistence Allowance (FSSA): The FSSA is designed to offer anadditional cash subsistence allowance of up to $1,100 for military Families or households. It is aninitiative to increase Basic Allowance for Subsistence and remove military Families from the foodstamp program.Applications for On-Post Solicitation License: A solicitation permit is required for any personswho wish to sell products directly to the Soldiers and/or their Families. These permits would beused for such sales as Avon, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, Insurance sales, etc. This regulationdoes not apply to service providers such as taxi drivers, paper delivery, laundry services and othersuch related services to personal residences on the installation requested by the resident. Toobtain a solicitation permit an application needs to be completed which is then followed by abackground check. An application can be picked up at the ACS building. (315) 772-6557 16 updated 16 April 2012 Think ACS First!
  18. 18. ClassesBudget Management (1.5 hours) - This class is for Soldiers and Family members that need toorganize their finances. We show how planning and budgeting will allow you to achieve all yourfinancial goals.Banking and Credit Union Account Management (1 hour) – This class covers the similaritiesand differences between account types and financial institutions.Car Buying (1.5 hours) - Research, research, and research. Car and insurance buying requirestime and research. You will leave with tips, resources, and facts that will make you a smartershopper when it comes to vehicles and insurance.Credit Repair Workshop (2 hours) - Why pay someone else for something you can do yourself?This workshop will help you correct imperfections or blemishes on your credit report in order toimprove your score.Debt Management (1.5 hours) - Are you up to your eyeballs in debt? Do you find yourself payingmore in fees than the original balance? Come to our class and learn how to minimize your debt.You will leave with a strategy on how to turn your financial situation around.Home Buying (2 hours) - Buying a house can be overwhelming, especially if it is your first. Thisclass will address how much money you need to have to close on a house, explain the differenttypes of loans, the expenses related to becoming a homeowner and more.Insurance (1.5 hours) – Everybody knows we need insurance, but how much? This class coversNYS laws regarding auto insurance, as well as insurance for home, life and even umbrella policiesfor those that own a home-based business or “attractive nuisance” items like a swimming pool ortrampoline.Investing 101 (2 hours) - Learn all about the various types of investments, the questions youshould be asking your financial planner, how to evaluate funds and much more.Investing 201 (2 hours) – Following up on Investing 101, this class goes into more detail on how toresearch for stocks, bonds and mutual funds. The class covers the financial planning aspect ofinvesting, no matter what the purpose of the investment is. Also covered is how to make purchasesof stocks, bonds or funds.Savings, Investments and TSP (1.5 hours) - This class will cover the different savings andinvestment plans that exist in our market so you can decide on the one that is best for you.Additional classes are available online at www.myarmyonesource.comSpecial EventsMilitary Saves Week: One week of specialty classes focused on financial stability and economicindependence through literacy, resources and action. This event is a community-wide effort thattypically occurs during the last week of February each year, but can be moved at the discretion ofthe Division or Garrison Commanders. (315) 772-6557 17 updated 16 April 2012 Think ACS First!
  19. 19. INFORMATION, REFERRAL & FOLLOW-UP (I&R)315-772-6556The Information, Referral and Follow-Up Program serves as a centralized point for information &referral to a comprehensive network of internal & external agencies, services & programs; crisisintervention & in-processing. Our trained staff will provide Soldiers and their Families with anyinformation or assistance they may need or will refer them to the appropriate agency forassistance. They maintain a file of installation and community resources. A program assistant willassess the problem and make a referral to the appropriate military or civilian agency.Services  Fax/Copy Service  Area and installation maps  Coupon exchange  Kitchen and lounge area usage (315) 772-6557 18 updated 16 April 2012 Think ACS First!
  20. 20. MILITARY FAMILY LIFE CONSULTANTS (MFLC)The Military and Family Life Consultant program was designed to deliver short term, situational,problem-solving, non-medical counseling services. MFLC support addresses issues that occurspecifically within the military lifestyle and helps service members and their Families cope withnormal reactions to the stressful/adverse situations created by deployments and reintegration. Theservices of MFLCs are intended to augment existing military counseling services.MFLCs are licensed experienced Doctoral or Master practitioners who are social workers,professional counselors, psychologists and marriage and Family therapists. They provide support,coaching, education and problem solving consultation. The consultation sessions are short termedand solution focused.Examples of some issues would include:  Stress (Job/Combat Related)  Deployment/Reintegration  Anger/Aggression  Marital/Relationship Issues  Anxiety/Sadness  Parenting  Communication  Adjustment/Transitional  Grief/Loss  Divorce/SeparationServices are CONFIDENTIAL, with NO RECORDS KEPT and FREE. Duty to warn does apply incase of threat to self, others and any reportable abuse issues. Flexible appointment times andlocations are available and walk-ins are welcome.How to ContactOn call MFLC support in the ACS Building from 7:30 am – 4:30 pm, 315-212-6919.MFLC SURGE REQUESTSPlease note that all requests for MFLC surges must go through the ACS Director, Catherine Ferran315-772-4979 – Surge Guidelines: MFLCs and Personal Financial Counselors may provide confidential, non- medical and financial counseling for up to 30 days to members of a unit returning from combat. Commanders may request a 15 day extension. No more than 45 days of surge support will be authorized. Units are presumed to include approximately 3,500 members. Surge support is flexible and may be tailored for smaller units. (315) 772-6557 19 updated 16 April 2012 Think ACS First!
  21. 21. MOBILIZATION AND DEPLOYMENT (MOB/DEP)315-772-2848ACS Mobilization and Deployment (Mob/Dep) provides professional and timely support toSoldiers and Family members through workshops, briefings and services developed to enhancemission preparedness and self-reliance throughout the deployment cycle. The Mobilization andDeployment readiness mission is to develop an adaptable community in which Soldiers and theirFamilies are prepared for deployment, have access to the support they need throughout its course,and are prepared for the unique challenges they face when their Soldier returns.Family Readiness TrainingsFamily Readiness Group Leader (4 hours)This class identifies the purpose, goals and responsibilities of the FRG Leader. Participants willlearn how to establish, conduct and maintain an FRG, and be an effective leader. This trainingincludes modules on leadership skills, communication, volunteer management and appreciationand tasks during the deployment cycle.Family Readiness Group Informal Funds (1hour)The objectives of this class are to identify resources FRGs need and what resources are availableto them, to review the new Army regulation on funding for FRG operations, to discuss the use ofthe FRG informal fund and cover the treasurer’s responsibilities.Family Readiness Group Key Caller (1.5 hours)This class defines the roles, responsibilities and goals of the Key Caller. Participants learnadministrative tasks, about the chain of concern, types of calls they will deliver and tips for handlingcalls. Participants also will learn to develop trust and maintain confidentiality.Key Caller Advanced (1.5 hours)Scenario training for the Key Caller providing them with a background to support Families duringtimes of stress and uncertainty.OPSEC and Social Networking for Family members (1.5 hours)This training provides participants a detailed overview of security risks such as cell phones andsocial media. It also provides information on how to mitigate risks and protect our Soldiers andFamily members.Care Team Training (3 hours)The intent of this training is to teach volunteers how to assist Family members immediatelyfollowing notification of a serious incident. It provides volunteers the tools needed to assist inshort-term care and logistical support for the Families of fallen or wounded Soldiers.Master Resilience Training (MRT) – Teaching spouses, civilians and contractors how to handleadversity. Develop critical thinking, knowledge and skills to overcome challenges, mature andbounce back from adversity. Students will improve their readiness; develop confidence to lead;courage to stand up for one’s beliefs; compassion to help others; improve communication andlistening skills; build stronger relationships; and maximize their potential. This training is all aboutYOU! (315) 772-6557 20 updated 16 April 2012 Think ACS First!
  22. 22. Unit Briefings/ClassesPre-Deployment Briefing (1 hour)Soldier and Family member pre-deployment briefings are critical to assisting the Family inpreparation for successful adjustment for deployment. The deployment briefs contribute to missioneffectiveness, readiness and training by preparing Families to manage the deployment. Mob/Depalso coordinates representatives from Housing, TRICARE, Red Cross, Child Youth and SchoolServices and ACS Financial Readiness to attend the briefs.Reunion/Reintegration Briefing (2 hours)The briefing is designed to help Soldiers and their Families transition from deployment to reunionby maximizing the positive aspects of reunion. Preparation is the key to a smooth transition intoreintegration of Soldier and Family. Families who are preparing for their Soldier to return from adeployment are encouraged to attend. Spouses, parents and extended Family members arewelcome.In the briefing, some of the subjects covered are:  Communication  Managing Expectations  Re-establishing Roles and Responsibilities  Handling the Children  Spouses Resilience  Resource for Assistance  Role-playing scenariosCommander/ RDC- FRG Teambuilding (1-3 hours)Designed to provide best practices on developing a Family readiness team during all phases of thedeployment cycle, while adhering to Army Regulation and area policy.Family Readiness Support Assistant (FRSA) Training (3 hours)Covers the role and responsibility of the FRSA in terms of working with FRGs and command teamswhile adhering to the guidelines of their administrative and logistical duties. (315) 772-6557 21 updated 16 April 2012 Think ACS First!
  23. 23. OUTREACH PROGRAM COORDINATOR (OPC)315-772-5374ACS Outreach brings ACS services directly to the community. Outreach focuses on three mainareas: education and prevention, direct services and organizing support networks to encourageself help and cultivate a sense of ownership within the military community.Special Events  Monthly ACS Digital Newsletter  Bi-Annual Clothing Drive  Post/Community Yard Sale  Spouse Appreciation Day (315) 772-6557 22 updated 16 April 2012 Think ACS First!
  24. 24. RELOCATION READINESS (RELO)315-772-6566The Relocation assistance program’s mission is to make every move a smooth one. TheRelocation program provides a variety of services to help reduce the stress and problemsassociated with moves. From arrival to departure, and everything in between, ACS and theRelocation program are your one stop shop!ServicesPre-Move Counseling: The Relocation program can assist individuals and units in conducting pre-move briefings, training workshops and one-on-one counseling. Information about the destinationarea (such as housing, cost of living, community resources and schools), entitlements,reimbursements and household goods is covered.Overseas Orientation: This mandatory OCONUS briefing is for all Soldiers who are beingassigned outside the continental states. Briefings are held the third Thursday of the month at0930. Spouses are encouraged to attend!Post-Move Assistance: We offer individual relocation counseling to help smooth the transition toyour new duty station.DRUM Family Welcome Tour: Whether you’ve been here one week or one year, we welcome andencourage you to join us for our narrated tour of Fort Drum and Watertown. Gain valuableinformation that will help you feel at home in the North Country.Lending Closet: No cost lending service of basic household items for use while waiting forhousehold goods to arrive or after household goods have been packed for your new assignment.Items may be borrowed for 30 days and must be returned prior to clearing ACS.Newcomers Orientation: Offered the first Monday of the month to new Families stationed at FortDrum. Representatives from both on and off post agencies are excited to let you know what theyhave to offer. This is a great help to Families settling into their new duty station.Military Installations: The web page is a joint services databasewhere you’ll find everything you need. Installation specific overviews including local weather,maps, photos and informative topics such as check-in procedures, housing, household goods,education and much more are covered.Relocation Packet or Welcome Packet: Every Soldier is provided a relocation packet or welcomepacket upon arrival to Fort Drum. These packets are filled with information, maps, brochures andfliers to ease the transition to the new duty station.Waiting Families/Hearts Apart: This group is designed for Family members whose Soldiers aredeployed, serving an unaccompanied tour, or extended TDY. We meet each month and providesupport, friendship and laughter! We do a different activity each month, letting spouses and Familymembers know that they are not alone. (315) 772-6557 23 updated 16 April 2012 Think ACS First!
  25. 25. International Spouses Support Group: Fort Drum’s International Spouse group connectsspouses stationed at Fort Drum with other international spouses providing them with an opportunityto network and make friends.Citizenship and Immigration Assistance: We offer limited assistance with obtaining lawfulpermanent residence and U.S. citizenship for spouses and children of DoD ID cardholders.Soldiers wishing to obtain citizenship for themselves must contact their Brigade S-1 for assistance.USCIS “Military Helpline” 1-877-CIS4MIL or reach them at as a Second Language (3 hours, twice per week)Do you want to improve your English skills and make new friends? Enroll today! Classes areFREE and taught by trained instructors provided by BOCES (Board of Cooperative EducationalServices).Sponsorship Training (1 hour)The Total Army Sponsorship training provides training to Soldiers and Civilians to enable them tobecome effective sponsors for newcomers upon their arrival at Fort Drum. The Relocationprogram provides training desk side and upon request. (315) 772-6557 24 updated 16 April 2012 Think ACS First!
  26. 26. SOLDIER AND FAMILY ASSISTANCE CENTER (SFAC)315-772-0805The Soldier and Family Assistance Center provides comprehensive services for Soldiers assignedor attached to the Warrior Transition Battalion. A “one-stop shop” environment is created to supporta variety of needs and situations that may arise during the transition back to a unit or civilian life.Services provided by the team include:  Financial support and counseling  Military personnel benefits assistance  DEERS and I.D. card assistance  Outreach to Soldiers and their Families  Social services assistance and coordination  Information and referral services  Child, Youth and School Services liaison services  Army Career Alumni Program (ACAP) services  Education and employment support  Assistance from the United States Department of Labor  Assistance from the New York State Veterans AffairsWhether services are needed in the hospital, home or in the SFAC facility, the SFAC team is hereto support Warriors in Transition and their Families. The SFAC is located in Clark Hall. (315) 772-6557 25 updated 16 April 2012 Think ACS First!
  27. 27. SURVIVOR OUTREACH SERVICES (SOS)315-772-6357MissionTo embrace and reassure survivors of fallen Soldiers that they are continually linked to the ArmyFamily through a unified support program that enables them to remain an important part of theArmy Family for as long as they desire.Overall Objectives  To provide enhanced services to Families of the fallen.  To help Survivors cope with the loss of their loved one.  To improve responsiveness and streamline the assistance process for Families.  To ensure Survivors have access to all entitled benefits.The SOS program usually engages surviving Family members AFTER the Casualty Assistanceprocess has concluded. However, we can become involved during the process to assist withbenefit selection, estate issues, financial questions pertaining to gratuities, etc. Our goal is tobecome available as soon as the surviving Family members need us and to provide continuousoutreach for as long as they request it.ServicesSupport Coordinators are the main points of contact for surviving Family members. They will workclosely with Casualty Assistance Coordinators to ensure a smooth transition for the Family after thecasualty assistance process is completed. Their main function is to initiate the first contact withSurvivors and to ensure that continuous outreach is provided to them as long as it is needed orwanted.Support Coordinators provide the following services:  Local long term case management (supportive counseling; life skills education; support groups).  Serves as an advocate for eligible beneficiaries and develops a plan of action based on client needs.  Assess survivor needs and coordinate assistance.  Provides information and referral services for survivors.  Links survivors to all available resources.  Develops partnerships with military, civilian and non-governmental agencies to leverage support to survivors.Financial Counselors provide the following services:  Aid in identifying financial needs and objectives.  Deliver comprehensive financial planning (cash flow/budgeting, risk management, college planning, investments, retirement, estate planning, etc) and education.  Assist in implementing financial recommendations.  Periodically review and reassess financial plan to ensure objectives are met.  Partners with Benefits Coordinator, Financial Readiness, legal, and RSO to enhance services. (315) 772-6557 26 updated 16 April 2012 Think ACS First!
  28. 28. UNIT SERVICE COORDINATOR (USC)The USC serves as the designated representative to units, thereby providing commanders with aneasily identifiable point of contact for responding to Soldier and Family needs. The USC is pro-active and reaches out to the unit with ready access to programs that are designed to preventcrises and increase self-sufficiency and self-reliance among Soldiers and Family members. As anoutreach service delivery method, the USC assists the commander by increasing unit awarenessand understanding of ACS programs and services. The essential elements of the USC Programare: service coordination, assessment and analysis of unit service needs, and marketing of ACSprograms and services.USC Assignments:USC TEAM 1BCT POC: Kent Thompson, 315-772-0500 - TEAM 2BCT POC: Jennifer Eichner, 315-772-2848 – TEAM 3BCT POC: Sharon Chaple, 315-772-5476 – TEAM CAB POC: Tom Clegg, 315-772-6357 – TEAM SBTB POC: Scarlett Sharkey, 315-772-6566 – MTN IN POC: John Dietrich, 315-772-0805 – MTN Div/HhBN POC: Sarah Lynch, 315-772-5374 – POC: Tom Clegg, 315-772-6357 – POC: Virginia Cooper, 315-772-6799 – CID POC: Sharon Chaple, 315-772-5476 – FW POC: Scarlett Sharkey, 315-772-6566 – ASOS POC: Mandy Thompson, 315-772-9611 – MI POC: Kent Thompson, 315-772-0500 - POC: Judee Kelly, 315-772-5196 – Legal Support POC: Tila Seals, 315-772-6929 – (315) 772-6557 27 updated 16 April 2012 Think ACS First!
  29. 29. COMMUNITY RESOURCESABUSE AND NEGLECTOn-Post Social Work Services Fort Drum 772-2778 Family Advocacy Program ACS 772-6929 Alcohol Substance Abuse Program 772-9017Off-Post NYS Child Abuse & Maltreatment Hotline 800-342-3270 Jefferson County Victims Assistance (Shelter) 782-1855 Lewis County Opportunities (Shelter) 376-8202 St. Lawrence Renewal (Shelter) 379-9845BASIC NEEDSOn-Post Lending Closet 772-6556 Fort Drum Thrift Shop 772-7189Off-Post Clothing/Household Supplies Agape Shop 788-7470 Community Action Planning Council (CAPC) 782-4900 Food Stamps/WIC (Information Only) 772-6556 Impossible Dream 782-0092 Resale America 782-4357 Salvation Army – Watertown 785-5582 Salvation Army - Ogdensburg 393-4919 Solitary Consignment 786-8868 Trendys Discount Fashion - Evans Mills 782-6707 Urban Mission 782-8440 Head To Toe Thrift Shop - Lowville 376-4146 Just Like New Thrift Store - Adams Center 583-5336 Food Pantries CAPC of Jefferson County 782-4900 Food Sense/Watertown Urban Mission 782-8440 (315) 772-6557 28 updated 16 April 2012 Think ACS First!
  30. 30. CRISIS INTERVENTIONOn-Post Fort Drum Victim Advocates 772-2715Off-Post Eating Disorder Hotline 800-931-2237 Gambling Hotline 800-437-1611 Mental Health Association 788-6733 Victims Assistance Center 866-782-1855CHILDCAREOn-Post Child, Youth & School Services (CYSS) 772-4062 Central Registration 772-8675 Family Child Care Program 772-6716 Youth Services 772-6719 School Liaison Officer (SLO) 772-3214Off-Post Jefferson-Lewis Child Care Project 782-4900 Community Action Planning Council 782-4900DISABILITY SERVICES FOR ADULTS AND CHILDRENOn-Post Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) 772-5476Off-Post Northern Regional Center for Independent Living 785-8703 Disabled Persons Action Organization (DPAO) 800-533-2859FINANCIAL SERVICESOn-Post Financial Readiness Program (FRP) 772-0050 Army Emergency Relief (AER) 772-6560 Finance Office 772-5529 Tax Assistance 772-3735HOSPITALSCarthage Area Hospital Carthage, NY 493-1000EJ Noble Hospital Gouverneur, NY 287-1000Lewis County Hospital Lowville, NY 376-5200River Hospital Alexandria Bay, NY 482-2511Samaritan Medical Center Watertown, NY 785-4000 (315) 772-6557 29 updated 16 April 2012 Think ACS First!
  31. 31. HOUSING ASSISTANCEOn-Post Army Community Housing 772-6380 Mountain Community Homes - Community Centers Adirondack Creek 955-6640 Crescent Woods 955-6641 Monument Ridge 955-6642 Rhicard Hills 955-6643 Welcome Center 955-6644Off-Post Catholic Charities 482-2511 Community Action Planning Council (CAPC) 782-4900 Department of Social Service (DSS) 782-9030LAW ENFORCEMENTOn-Post DES - Military Police and Fire Departments 772-4131Off-Post NY State Police 782-2112 Sheriff’s Department 788-1441LEGAL SERVICESOn-Post Legal Assistance Office - Legal Aid, POA, Will 772-5261 Judge Advocate General (JAG) 772-3067Off-Post District Attorney’s Office 785-3053 Family Court 785-3001 Legal Aid 877-203-1062 Probation Department 785-3065 Public Defender 785-0333 Resolution Center 785-3152MEDICALOn-Post Guthrie Clinic Information/Appointment Line 772-2778 Acute Care Center 772-5236 Behavioral Health - Active Duty and Guthrie Clinic 772-2778 Behavioral Health - Dependents 773-9640 Community Health Nurse 772-6404 Patient Representative 772-4655 Prescription Refills 772-3696 Preventative Medicine 772-6984 (315) 772-6557 30 updated 16 April 2012 Think ACS First!
  32. 32. INSURANCE Martins Point 785-5467 TRICARE Benefits Advisor 772-5111PREGNANCY Family Advocacy Program (FAP) 772-6929 New Parent Support Program 772-0748 Care-Net 782-5433 Catholic Charities 788-4330 MOMS Program 786-3710 North County Prenatal/Prenatal Council 788-8533RED CROSS Emergency Messages 877-272-7337 On-Post 772-6561 Watertown 782-4410SCHOOLS:Public Alexandria Bay Central Schools 482-9971 Belleville Henderson Central School 846-5411 Carthage Area School District 493-5030 General Brown Schools 639-6234 Gouverneur Area Schools 287-1900 Indian River Central Schools 642-3427 Lafargeville Central School 658-2241 Lowville Area Schools 376-9015 Lyme Central School 649-2417 South Jefferson Area Schools 232-4531 South Lewis Central Schools 348-2600 Thousand Island Central Schools 686-5594 Watertown City Schools 785-3800Private Augustinian Academy 493-1301 Christian Heritage School 493-2940 Holy Family School 788-7011 Immaculate Heart Central School 788-4670 Lowville Academy 376-3544 (315) 772-6557 31 updated 16 April 2012 Think ACS First!
  33. 33. Sacred Heart School 782-3060 St. Anthonys School 788-1461 St. Patricks School 788-3935SUPPORT GROUPSOn-Post Hearts Apart - Families of Deployed Soldiers 772-6566 International Spouses’ Group 772-6566 Family Wellness Support Group 772-2848Off-Post Arthritis Aquatics Program YMCA 788-6610 Alcoholics Anonymous 788-2280 Compassionate Friends - Parents who have lost a child 782-5946TRANSLATION SERVICES Military One Source - All Languages (Short Term) 800-342-9647 Spanish Action League - La Liga Hispana 475-6153 Sign Language Interpreter 786-9932VEHICLES DMV NYS, Watertown 785-3023 DMV NYS, Fort Drum - Clark Hall 772-0543 (315) 772-6557 32 updated 16 April 2012 Think ACS First!