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Personnel Support Detachment (PSD)
Guantanamo (GTMO) Bay
Monthly Newsletter April 2015
Welcome to our April 2015 monthly e...
 Joint Travel Regulations (JTR)
Eligible Personnel
Unaccompanied perso...
CPC training will be held at the Fleet and Family Service
Center on 9 April 2015 at 1300. During our last meeting
we discu...
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PSD Guantanamo Bay April 2015 Newsletter


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PSD Guantanamo Bay April 2015 Newsletter

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PSD Guantanamo Bay April 2015 Newsletter

  1. 1. Personnel Support Detachment (PSD) Guantanamo (GTMO) Bay Monthly Newsletter April 2015 Welcome to our April 2015 monthly electronic- newsletter. PSD GTMO is focused on customer service satisfaction and providing the latest information concerning pay, personnel, and transportation. We have included in this electronic issue, links to vital websites that will enable our customers to fully utilize the Navy and intra agencies' support services. The focal points illustrated in this issue are the latest Naval Administrative Messages (NAVADMINs), Pay and Personnel Information Bulletins (PPIBs) as well as real time information required by the customers served by the different PSD sections. We hope that you find PSD GTMO Newsletter useful and informative. The regular release of the e-newsletter is just another step closer in improving the way we serve our customers. As always, PSD GTMO encourages your feedback so that we may provide you with the most relevant pay, personnel, and transportation information in future issues. PSD GTMO Staff Photo NAVY RELATED WEBSITES MyPay Link Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) NAVY PERSONNEL COMMAND BUPERS Online (BOL) Navy Advancement Center Navy Reserve Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) Veteran’s DD 214 online access TRICARE Dental Program Total Workforce Management System (TWMS) Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) PSD CONTACT LIST Officer in Charge LT Anthony Jenkins 4650 Asst Officer in Charge/LCPO PSC(SW/AW) Zaila Taylor 4460 DET LPO/ESO PS1(SW) Augustine Kanu 5099 ALPO/MILPAYLPO PS1(SW/AW) Natalie Camden 4465 Deputy Disbursing Officer PS2(SW/AW) Keyonna Ferdinand 4301 ID Cards/DEERS PS3 Ayrton Monot 4879 Duty Section Cell 55309 DSN: 660-XXXX COMM: (011) 5399-XXXX
  2. 2. NAVADMINs 059/15: SPECIAL PAY FOR RETENTION OF SELECTED HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS IN CRITICALLY SHORT WARTIME SPECIALTIES MPA MPA 20-15: STOPPING TRADITIONAL THRIFT SAVINGS PLAN (TSP) THROUGH NAVY STANDARD INTEGRATED PERSONNEL SYSTEM (NSIPS) MPA 19-15: CHANGE TO IMMINENT DANGER PAY (IDP) EMAIL ADDRESS MPA 17-15: CHANGES TO DFAS-CL EMAIL ADDRESSES PPIB PPIB 15-06: ISSUE 150601: DP, YH, AND YO AVAIL ISSUE 150602: DS AVAIL ISSUE 150603: AVAIL SUBMISSION BASED ON EIGHT (8) WEEK TRAINING PATH ISSUE 150604: DG AND DN AVAIL ISSUE 150605: AVAILS WEBPAGE (CPC) RESOURCES The CPC serves as the critical link between an individual Sailor, his or her command, and the supporting Personnel Support organization. It is the CPC's responsibility to ensure all documents and information required to provide command Pay/Personnel and Transportation support are relayed to the appropriate supporting organization via the current authorized electronic transaction system and in accordance with applicable policies governing accuracy and timeliness standards. NAVADMIN 043/15, Guidance for Using Pay and Personnel Standard Operating Procedures - Effective immediately, all Navy commands [includes Sailor, CPC, CCC, PSD, CSD, etc.], are directed to use the SOPs when performing pay and personnel transactions. CPC Duties and Responsibilities Obtain and maintain access to systems/software (i.e., OMPF, ESR, TOPS, etc.) necessary to complete CPC duties. The CPC Toolbox information sheet (updated 3 MAR 2014) provides steps required to request and obtain systems access. Use the CPC Guide (updated MAR 2014) to perform required tasks. Use SOPs and applications identified in the CPC Toolbox to provide Sailor Pay and Personnel Support. Maintain familiarization with PASS policy references. Use resources provided on the NPC “CPC Resources” web pages. Carefully review personnel documents and information routed between the PSD and supported Sailors to ensure all forms are properly completed, all required documentation and attachments are provided, and all information appears to be sufficient to resolve the transaction in a timely manner. Attend all scheduled CPC Training provided by the PSD/CSD or NOSC. If unable to attend, arrange to receive information provided via alternate means. In every action, always protect the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of command personnel. If at any time PII is compromised, report the spillage as soon as it is discovered. When necessary, request assistance from your command Personnel/Admin Officer and Command Career Counselor. Websites for PASS Information Navy Personnel Command (NPC) * NPC > Support & Services > Pay Pers Support > CPC Resources * NPC > (Career Links) > My Personnel Information * NPC > (Career Links > Career Toolbox * NPC > Reference Library > Messages * NPC > Reference Library > MILPERSMAN Navy Directives (Instructions) Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS)  DFAS > Military Members > Pay & Allowances  DFAS > Military Members > Pay Deductions DoD Military Pay Policy and Procedures Travel Policy and Procedures Defense Travel - Allowances (Per Diem, BAH, etc)
  3. 3. References:  OPNAVINST 7220.12 (BAH ENTITLEMENTS)  Joint Travel Regulations (JTR) Eligible Personnel Unaccompanied personnel with qualifying dependents per JTR Ch 10 Part B are authorized BAH while permanently assigned to GTMO. Per OPNAVINST 7220.12 eligible personnel are required to submit a request to receive BAH based on dependent location to their Commanding Officer (CO) for approval. Administrative Requirements for each Request  Special Request Chit from the member specifying the location requested (should match the address as listed on the members Record of Emergency Data/ Dependency Application (RED/DA)  Copy of their mortgage, lease, or other supporting documentations (CO's discretion)  Designated Place of Residency Letter (signed by the CO only per OPNAVINST 7220.12, page 10, par. 7c) Note: Although it is the CO’s discretion, experience has shown that one of the most effective means of making a validation is the requirement to submit a utility bill with the lease agreement, as lease agreements can easily be generated or altered. Additional Requirements Dependency Approval. Dependency must be determined before a housing allowance is authorized. After initial approval, the Services must maintain adequate levels of internal audit to assure the legality, propriety, and correctness of all housing allowance payments. See individual Service regulations for procedures. Dependents’ Status Certification. Upon arrival at a new PDS, each member who is authorized a housing allowance for dependents must recertify to the Secretary Concerned indicating the status of each dependent to support a housing allowance on the dependents’ behalf. If a member fails to provide the certification in a timely manner, the housing allowance on dependents’ behalf is stopped at the end of the month in which the certification is due. A housing allowance at the appropriate partial or without dependent rate is paid unless the member is not authorized to that allowance for some other reason. A housing allowance at the with-dependent rate is authorized effective the date the member provides proper certification. The higher rate is not retroactive unless the member’s commander certifies that the failure to recertify timely was for reasons beyond the member’s control. Dependency Re-determinations. Annual re- determination of dependency is required for a member who claims a housing allowance for:  Parents, parents in law, stepparents, parents by adoption, or in loco parentis,  Students 21 and 22 years of age,  Incapacitated children over age 21, or  Ward of a court. References: DODFMR Volume 7A (Chapter 27) MILPERSMAN 7220-120 Required Documentation: DD Form 1561, Statement to Substantiate Payment of Family Separation Allowance Eligibility criteria:  Members with dependents who are not authorized travel in their PCS orders due to an EFM category or being married after the receipt or execution of orders to their permeant duty station.  Military to military members who were residing together prior to separation by military orders: generally only one member at a time is entitled to FSA. Dual FSA entitlements only exist when both members reside together with their dependent/s immediately before being simultaneously assigned to duty assignments away from each other and their dependents.  Members receiving BAH-D for child support purposes are not entitled to FSA, unless the member has joint physical or legal custody of the child/ren and the child/ren would otherwise reside with the member at least 14 days each month, if not deployed. NAVPERS 1070/602 must be documented and Court order must specify which member who has been awarded custody of the child/ren. Members Responsibilities:  Verify NAVPERS 1070/602  Complete DD Form 1561  Complete Travel Voucher (DD Form 1351-2), if applicable for FSA-T Once Complete PSD will:  Verify FSA entitlement  Complete appropriate pay system entry and submit to DFAS. FSA will become effective on the 31st day of separation; retroactive to first day Member was separated from family.
  4. 4. CPC training will be held at the Fleet and Family Service Center on 9 April 2015 at 1300. During our last meeting we discussed the following: * Basic Housing Allowance Verification * Family Separation Allowance Entitlement * Navy Substitute Advancement Examination Requirements PSD would like to extend a thank you to all those who helped make the March 2015 Advancement Exam a success. Specifically we would like to thank the Chiefs' Mess for helping to proctor the exam and to the First Class Petty Officer Association for providing breakfast to all candidates. During this cycle we tested over 280 candidates. E6 Exam: Active 38 Reserve 34 E5 Exam: Active 59 Reserve 36 E4 Exam: Active 115 As we work to close out this cycle, please identify those Sailors that are eligible to take the substitute exam (AKA the late exam) and forward their approval Special Request Chit to PSD by 3 April 2015. All command are reminded to verify eligibility per BUPERSINST 1430.16F, chapter 4, paragraph 401e (Advancement Manual for Enlisted Personnel of the U.S. Navy and U.S. Navy Reserve) and MILPERSMAN 1050-130 (Emergency Leave). DFAS is currently testing a new way for Sailors to complete their travel claims and provide users the capability of producing a more legible, accurate and complete Travel Claim (DD 1351-2). The SmartVoucher is a web based tool that has the potential to significantly reduce the number of travel claim rejections and help achieve quicker processing turn-around time. The SmartVoucher makes it easier to complete travel vouchers by guiding you step-by-step through a series of questions prior to creating a completed DD Form 1351-2. The step-by-step question and answer process will ensure all the required fields are completed, thus producing a more accurate voucher. Armed with the awareness of SmartVoucher, Sailors can input information from their Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move anytime throughout their transfer using their DFAS myPay User ID and password. They may print their voucher at the completion of travel or upon checking-in to their permanent duty station. Note: The SmartVoucher is not intended to replace current Standard Operating Procedures or policies, but instead it is a travel claim process improvement tool that can significantly help our Sailors. The use of the SmartVoucher is highly encouraged and submission of completed voucher should only be provided to Command PASS Coordinators or your servicing Personnel Support Detachment if used. To take it for a test drive or use it for your upcoming PCS move. Go to: Select: Military Members Select: Travel Pay Select: SmartVoucher (use your User ID our CAC login) Due to the spring and summer Permanent Change of Station (PCS) churn, all personnel should contact their CPC as soon as possible to pin point an exact date of departure upon receipt of PSC orders. This will potentially help ensure your travel accommodations are secured as you transition to your next duty station. The sooner you identify any special needs or requirements such as passports, special program screenings, unique travel requirements, Consecutive Overseas Tour (COT) deferment/travel, etc the better your chances of executing a smooth PCS transfer to your new Permanent Duty Station. As we work to align our everyday operations to reflect the most current policies, procedures, and direction set forth by higher authority, your patients, cooperation, and support are highly appreciated. Moving forward we will rely on CPCs to take a more active role in the processing of all pay, personnel, and transportation transactions utilizing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) directed for immediate use in NAVADMIN 043/15. A list of all applicable SOPS may be found at the following links: PAY SOPs PERSONNEL SOPs Thank you for allowing me to serve you and please tell me how we're doing at the link provided: "Interactive Customer Evaluation"