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  1. 1. “Real-life solutions for successful Army living”Army CommunityService (ACS)Located in Fort Wainwright’s Welcome Center, building 3401, the ArmyCommunity Service offices are ready and available to Soldiers and theirFamilies with a multitude of programs whose mission is to benefit, informand offer a helping hand when needed.These component offices cover a wide variety of topics and specialties.Feeling a bit stressed? Call to make an appointment with a one-on-onestress management consultant, no notes, no records, just talk and get someadvice.Need to dust off that resume? Take a resume-writing class and get helpbrushing up your interview skills at the same time. Get help with yourfinancial planning, check out a microwave from the Lending Closet whilewaiting for household goods. New to the Army, take an online class to findout what all those Army acronyms mean. Find a job, become a volunteereven find out how to become a Family Readiness Group leader. There aremany opportunities available at ACS, call them at 353-4227 or visit themonline at http://ftwainwrightfmwr.com/acs.html to find out more.Your ArmyCommunity ServiceArmy FamilyAction Plan(AFAP)The Fort Wainwright Army Family Action Plan is part of a grassroots,Army-wide initiative to identify and prioritize issues, propose solutions andultimately enhance the standards of living for Soldiers and their Families.See a need or problem? Put your ideas into action and become part of theimprovement process.Just a few of the major accomplishments brought about by participatingspouses, dependents and civilians through the AFAP program have been: In2005, lodging and subsistence for Family members of hospitalized servicemembers; 2006, the extended educational benefits for surviving spouses;2007, the funded Family Readiness Support Assistants or FRSAs to battalionlevel; 2008 the expansion of Exceptional Family Member Program’s respitecare; 2009, a mandate that states charge no more than in-state tuition ratesfor military personnel and their dependents and with that, the distributionof the Montgomery GI Bill benefits to military dependents; 2010, theexpansion of Homeowners Assistance Program and in 2011 provided medicalentitlements to college-age dependent children and the elimination of activeduty Family members prescriptioncost-share for generic medications atmail-order pharmacies.All of these programs werebrought about by the coordinationof military Family members andDoD civilians working together toidentify concerns, providing ideasand solutions to problems andcommunicating them to the highestlevels of their local garrison. Whenlocal issues are not resolved, AFAPissues move up the chain of Armycommand to the Department of theArmy and onto the United StatesCongress.To find out more about AFAPcall 353-2382 or visit them on theirFacebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fort-Wainwright-Army-Family-Action-Plan-AFAP/182802775096485?fref. Moreinformation on the AFAP programcan be found at Army OneSource’sAFAP page, https://www.myarmyonesource.com/skins/aos2/display.aspx?ModuleID=a10586da-73a1-4402-9107-58b7bf046a21 .
  2. 2. 2ACS Special insert ALASKA POSTMay 24, 2012EmploymentReadinessProgramThe EmploymentReadiness Programprovides employmentassistance to activeduty, Reserve andGuard, transitioningand retired military,Family membersand DoD civilianemployees. ERP helpsin acquiring the jobskills, job networkingabilities and the resources needed to attain anddevelop a career. ERP will also help with resumewriting, interview techniques, job hunting andcareer planning. For more information call 353-4327 and visit them online with Facebook athttps://www.facebook.com/FortWainwrightEmploymentReadinessProgram?fref .Exceptional FamilyMemberProgram(EFMP)The Exceptional Family Member Programis a mandatory enrollment program thatworks with other military and civilianagencies to provide comprehensive andcoordinated community support, housing,educational, medical, personnel and respite-care services to Families with special needs.It is paramount that Soldiers enroll in casenew assignments may direct them andtheir Families to remote or overseas locations. According to the U.S. Army Medical Department,10 percent of Army Families have spouses, children or other dependents who need special medicaland educational services. Another important service is the Respite Care Program. This programprovides a temporary rest for Family members who are responsible for the regular care of a personwith disabilities and help in the user’s home or in the form of camps and enrichment programs. Findout more at https://www.myarmyonesource.com/FamilyProgramsandServices/FamilyPrograms/ExceptionalFamilyMemberProgram/RespiteCareProgram/default.aspxMore information can be found on enrollment procedures and requirements at http://efmp.amedd.army.mil/index.html The Fort Wainwright EFMP office can be reached at 353-4243and see what’s available for special events on their Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/EFMPFortWainwright?fref.FamilyAdvocacyProgram (FAP)The Family Advocacy Program is committed to preventing domestic violence, child abuse andneglect by providing a variety of educational services and skill sets to military Families dealing withstress, conflict management and anger issues. Through education and strengthening the Army Familyand creating enhanced resiliency for the Soldier and their dependants. The FAP includes prevention,identification, reporting, investigation, and treatment in support of Soldiers and their Families and hasan extensive library of books, activities and games for checkout. FAP also facilitates the New ParentSupport Program (NPSP) which provides professional social workers and nurses offering support andcare services to new and young military Families. Those who are expecting and those with childrenfrom birth to three years of age are welcome to participate. Through a variety of programs includingeducational workshops, special events, home visits and parenting classes, the NPSP provides manyopportunities to learn how to cope with the stress, isolation, post-deployment, reunions and everydaydemands of parenthood. For more information on NPSP call 353-7515.Victim Advocacy Program, also a part of FAP, provides 24/7 services for victims of domesticviolence at (907) 799-9770. Soldiers, dependents and civilians have access to emergency assistance,information, referrals, and ongoing support in accessing medical, behavioral health, legal, and lawenforcement services on and off post. This service is available for both restricted and unrestrictedreports. During duty hours call 353-4202 for more information about the Victim Advocacy Program.The FAP Sexual Harassment and Assault Response Program (SHARP) is a comprehensive programfocusing on prevention, training, and support to victims of sexual assault. The Family and Morale,Welfare and Recreation Command (FMWRC) is the lead to provide personnel and training to implementthis commander’s program on the garrison and to ensure Soldiers are trained to implement SHARPand provide services to victims in deployed environments. This program is a confidential resource foractive duty victims. Sexual assault training for organizations or units can be provided upon request,call 353-7272 for more information.MilitaryFamily LifeConsultants(MFLC)The Military Family Life Consultants providea key outreach service to Soldiers and theirFamilies. This service offers private meetingswith licensed clinical social workers andpsychologists to address various issues thatSoldiers and Families face every day, as well asbefore and after deployments. There are twocomponents to MFLC; one is the Military andFamily Life Counseling Program which helpsmilitary Families deal with the specific issuesand concerns associated with military lifestyle.The Child and Youth Behavioral Program,focuses on the military child and youth and therelated issues of school adjustment, deployments,reunions and loss.To reach the MFLC for information or to makean appointment call 322-3534, 322-1542, 699-2828 or 699-6966.Information and ReferralInformation and Referral strives to provide Soldiers and their Families with timely, comprehensiveinformation on both military and community resources that will assist in meeting basic needs andimprove quality of life. For more information call 353-7298.Army FamilyTeam Building(AFTB)Army Family Team Building is a Family training and readiness program providing both new andold members of the Army military Family with the tools and understanding of how the Army works,how to navigate through the military language and even crack the code of acronyms. A great sourceof information can be found through online classes at https://www.myarmyonesource.com/skins/aos2/display_ajax.aspx?ModuleID=a53b8c22-018c-40c9-b51f-d6a1263c9889 where three levels ofAFTB lessons provide valuable information on many topics such as: Military acronyms and terms,introduction to Family Readiness Groups and Introduction to Military and Civilian CommunityResources. The online training system helps explain many of the Army’s programs and bridge thegap of understanding that sometimes exist between Army culture and the military Family. Havingthe knowledge and skills to tap into these resources, military Families can become self-reliant, self-sufficient and valuable members of their military community. For more information on the AFTB,classes and events call 353-2382 or visit them on their Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/WainwrightAFTB?fref=pb&hc_location=profile_browser#!/WainwrightAFTB/photos_stream .ArmyEmergencyRelief(AER)The ArmyEmergency Reliefis a financialassistanceorganization thathas been dedicatedto “Helpingthe Army TakeCare of its Own”since 1942. Itmakes availableemergencyfinancialassistance toSoldiers, activeand retiredand their dependents who have a valid andimmediate need. Unexpected financial stressesthat AER can help with may include: traveland housing expenses; car repairs; utilities;medical expenses; funeral costs and disasterrelief. There are also emergency food vouchersand no-interest loans available. AER is offeredas part of the continuum of services in FinancialReadiness. To contact Fort Wainwright’s AERoffice call 353-7453, office hours are 8 a.m. to5 p.m. and they are located in the WelcomeCenter, building 3401 in the ACS section. Foronline information or to make a donation toAER, go to http://www.aerhq.org/dnn563/Home.aspx. For civilian employees there isalso a similar organization called the FederalEmployee Education and Assistance at http://www.feea.org/.
  3. 3. May 24, 2013ACS Special insertALASKA POST3Mobilization and DeploymentReadiness Program (MOB/DEP)Includes program and support activities designed to assist leaders and FRGs atall levels and Soldiers and their Families to successfully manage the challenges ofmobilization and deployments before, during and after they occur. This program isreferred to as the MOB/DEP program. Call 353-4332 or 353-4458 for more information.Soldier FamilyAssistance Center(SFAC)Specialized services to support the needs of Warriors in Transition (WT) and theirFamilies. The SFAC provides a warm, relaxed environment where Soldiers and theirFamilies can gather to foster physical, spiritual and mental healing.SFAC takes care of Warriors in Transition and their Family members so they canfocus on their mission to heal. The SFAC is an information clearing house that ensuresthese Warriors and their Families receive the information and referrals in a timelymanner. For more information call 353-7322.Army Volunteer Corps (AVC)TheArmyVolunteerCorpsbringstogetherorganizationsinneedofvolunteerswithpeopleinthemilitaryandciviliancommunities who want to help. Providing this servicealso strengthens volunteerism by enhancing the careermobility of volunteers. AVC establishes partnershipsbetween organizations and volunteers, promoting a life-long commitment ofservice to others. Presently there are more than 400 volunteer opportunitiesavailable right here on Fort Wainwright. Positions from Family Readiness Groupleaders and Fundraising Chairpersons to unit Historians, News Letter Editorsand English as a Second Language Instructors, see what’s needed and sign upat Army OneSource’s Volunteer Opportunities webpage for Fort Wainwright athttps://www.myarmyonesource.com/skins/aos2/display.aspx?Action=opportunity_locator&mode=User&moduleid=38E354F2-EC97-4e36-8690-5C91BBA10B69&triggersearch=true&commID=c820eefd-8c62-4369-9f32-d7bcf623c4f2&pageview=loadtools-&stateorregion=Alaska .For more information about volunteeringon Fort Wainwright call 353-1977 or visittheir Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/FtWWVolunteer?fref=pb&hc_location=profile_browser .Army Community ServiceACS promotes self reliance, resiliency, and stability during times of war and peace toSoldiers and their Families. Staff are ready to assist you with questions from the dayyou process In, to the day you leave.Find more information at the Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation websitewww.ftwainwrightfmwr.com/and at Military One Sourcewww.militaryonesource.comor by calling 1-800-342-9647
  4. 4. ACS Special insert ALASKA POSTMay 24, 20134Survivor Outreach Services (SOS)A multi-agency approachwhich embracesand reassuresSurvivorsthat they arecontinuallylinked to theArmy Familyfor as long asthey desire.SOS fostersresiliency andensures accessto all entitledbenefits, financialcounseling/planningand long-term support. Survivor Outreach Servicesdemonstrates the Armys commitment to Families ofthe Fallen Warriors by providing support and Servicesto active, Reserve, and Army National Guard Families.SOS takes a holistic and multi-agency approach todelivering these services by providing access at garrisonsand communities closest to where Families live. Yournew SOS support team will function as the long-termpersonnel for Survivors, and will work closely withprograms and agencies to ensure Survivors receive theirnecessary services.For more information on Survivor Outreach Servicescall 353-4243 or 353-4004.ACS Front Desk 353-4227Army Emergency Relief 353-7453Arctic Health Link 361-4148American Red Cross 353-7234Army Family Action Plan 353-2382Army Family Team Building 353-2382Army Volunteer Corps 353-1977BACH Central Appointments 361-4000Bassett Army Community Hospital ER 458-5565Bassett Army Community Hospital Info 361-5172Behavioral Health 361-6059Central Intake 353-4227Child and Family Assistance Center 361-6284CYSS Central Registration Office 353-7713Deployment Readiness Program 353-4332/4458Education Center 353-7486Employment Readiness Program 353-4327Exceptional Family Member Program 353-4243Family Advocacy Program 353-7317Family Life Chaplain 353-6112Financial Readiness Program 353-7438Hourly Child Care 361-7394Immunization Clinic 361-5456Inspector General 353-6202Judge Advocate General 353-6500Kamish Health Clinic 361-0000Legal Assistance 353-6534Main Pharmacy 361-5109Marriage & Family Counseling 361-6284New Parent Support Program 353-7515/7519Northern Lights Chapel 353-4463OB/GYN Clinic 361-5353Office of Children’s Services (OCS) 451-2650Post Chaplain 353-9825Post Locator 353-1110Prescription Refills Call in 361-5803Relocation Readiness Program 353-7908School Liaison Office 361-9879Schools of Knowledge, Inspiration, Exploration and Skills (SKIES Unlimited)361-3218Soldier & Family Assistance Center 353-5878Southern Lights Chapel 353-2088Survivor Outreach Services 353-4004Tanana Valley Clinic (Urgent Care) 459-3500Victim Advocacy Services 353-4202Victim Advocacy Services 24/7 Response (907)799-9770Women Infant and Children (WIC) 451-8125________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Relocation ReadinessProgramThe RelocationReadiness Officeprovides Soldiersand their Familieshelp in reducingand/or eliminatingproblems whicharise during theirmove, providing fora smooth transitionto or from FortWainwright.When arrivingor leaving,Families find thatcertain householdappliances arepacked up or gone,the RRP’s Lending Closet provides many household necessities and baby items for up to 30days while waiting for personal goods to arrive, they’ve already left or anytime in-between.The Relocation Readiness program offers access to a lending closet, Newcomer’sOrientation events and sponsorship training for military units. RRP staff can helpmilitary Families get situated with their move.The Newcomer’s OrientationSo now you’re in Alaska. Learn what it takes to make the most of your assignment whileliving in the heart of the largest state of the union. Newcomer’s Orientation was created toinform the Soldier, spouse and Family members of all the opportunities available to thosemaking Fort Wainwright their workplace and home.Meet the people and organizations that offer advice, help and information that you’llneed to not only survive, but thrive in the Last Frontier. This all-day event is tailored tonewly arrived military, Family and civilians, and includes interests ranging from meetingwith the commanders and leaders, learning cultural awareness, environmental facts andcommunity opportunities to pet care and outdoor activities.This event takes place in the Last Frontier Community Activities Center, building 1044.Casual civilian attire is recommended and spouses are highly encouraged to attend as theinformation is as much for the Soldier and civilian employee as it is for the entire Family.Scheduled Newcomer’s Orientations are: June 12 and 26, July 10 and 24, Aug 14 and28, starting at 9 a.m. For more information please call 353-7298.Relocation Readiness Program Lending ClosetQUICK REFERENCEPhone Numbers