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Career wise sept 2011


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Career wise sept 2011

  1. 1. NAVY COUNSELORS ASSOCIATION All Hands Newsletter: Navy Career News from August Compiled & Digested for You Visit us at Facebook for Updated information Sept 2011 Vol. 50 REBALANCE, RECORDS & RESERVE EDITION Enlisted Retention Board: Here are dates you should know: Aug. 22, 2011: ERB Phase I Convenes (E4/E5), Sept. 26, 2011: ERB Phase II Convenes (E6-E8), October 2011: ERB Phase I Results Announced, November 2011: ERB Phase II Results Announced, Jan. 13, 2012: Operational Waiver Requests Due. Click link f- NPC‘s ERB site: or Top 10 Things You must know about your Record: OMPF: The official record. Sailor can view with OMPF View (formerly known as WERR). Management can view with Command OMPF View. Sailor is responsible for accuracy. Can only be updated byEarly Career submissions to NPC. NOT updated by ESR or other personnel information systems. ESR:Transition Program: The ‗new‘ field level entry point for service record entries & maintenance. Sailor mustECTP is a new program establish Self-Service account to access their ESR. (ESR Quick Start). Sailor responsiblethat allows active & FTS for updating personal information via Self-Service account. Commands must establishSailors to complete their Command View-Only, Admin Create, Edit, & Verify accounts to view, make & verify ESRcontracts as drilling entries. Command CCC will use CIMS. More on record: ECTPrequests must be FleetRIDE & Perform To Serve (PTS): Sailors need toreceived at least three take ownership of their career. This includes: Sustained superiormonths before desired performance, advancing on time, & putting yourself in the besttransition date.• Click position to be able to have every option available to you. Sailorsthis NPC link for more should not assume that their application has been entered intodetails on ECTP: the system. Sailors need to be proactive & actually see that their application has been submitted. In some cases, you may have to retake your ASVAB (AFCT) to increase conversion possibilities. 1 Request for a PDF copy via – Senior Editor. All For more on FR PTS: contents are sole responsibility of the editor & not the Navy
  2. 2. *** Become A Teacher *** America needs 240,000 new teachers each year & there are severe shortages of math &science teachers. Every student deserves a great teacher & it could be you. The American Board for Certification ofTeacher Excellence (ABCTE) offers one of the most flexible & affordable ways to earn your teaching certification,including an online, independent study program that will prepare you to teach on your own schedule & without costingyou thousands of dollars. Visit: for details.*** Priority Placement Program (PPP) *** Known as the *** Job Search *** Find out what federal jobs are related to specific military occupations orthe premier civilian career transition assistance program in the rating. It also takes you to USAJOBS that pertainsFederal government. When employees are scheduled for to your rating. From the NCW Archives,displacement due to downsizing organizational restructuring, Mil2FedJobs: www.mil2fedjobs.comthey receive hiring preference for DoD job vacancies through thePPP. DoD Priority Placement Program: *** Civilian Job Openings in the Navy ****** Veterans & Social Media *** Get connected with your CHART (the Navys civilian employment website donhr.chart) System to End Operations bylocal Veterans Affairs to get THE MOST of your VA Benefits. Join October 12, 2011 — Applicants, Employees Urgedtheir specific social media to stay in touch. to Move Information to USAJOBS - The Federal Governments Official Jobs Site:*** Teachers Certification *** Troops To Teacher (TTT) is to eligible military personnel to transition to a new career aspublic school teachers in targeted schools. A network of State Health Benefits *** When service membersTTT has been established to provide participants with counseling leave active duty, TRICARE offers the Transitional& assistance regarding certification requirements, routes to state Assistance Management Program (TAMP). Duringcertification, & employment leads. Click link DANTES for more: TAMP, dental care may be provided in military dental treatment facilities is on a space-available basis. Beneficiary & family members must make*** Start your VA Benefits *** VONAPP (Veterans On Line sure their information in DEERS is current. VisitApplication) website is an official Veterans Affairs (VA) website that TRICAREs TAMP webpage atenables service members, veterans & their beneficiaries to apply for using the Internet. within six months of separation orretirement can apply for compensation benefits and/or pension Career Wisdom "Motivation is the art of gettingbenefits via eBenefits: people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it." - Dwight D. Eisenhower
  3. 3. Perform To ServeMake sure you get a copy of your *** Verification of Military Experience & Training or DD2586 ***when you begin your transition planning. VMET lists your military job experience & training history & can be useful inpreparing a resume or filling out applications. Click link to get your VMET via: Some sample Facebook Answer & Question posted ―Commands shall ENSURE Fleet RIDE/PTS on Navy Career Wise page applications are submitted for all designated E3-E6 Sailors with less than or equal to 14Sailor Asks: Can a Sailor get more than one look for PTS approval? I years of obligated service as early as 15just heard if u are submitting due to PRD u get more looks! But I dont months prior to, but no later than 12 monthssee that in the instructions? Samantha Answers: When you are prior to their end of active obligated servicesubmitted for your PRD if you have less than 24 months between your (EAOS) as extended, also known as SoftPRD & SEAOS you get 7 looks for your SEAOS plus how many months EAOS (SEAOS). During this mandatoryare between your PRD & 12 months out from your SEAOS. Sailor submission period, applications must beAsks: If PTS is denied final (after 6 looks) orders can not be submitted even if the Sailor‘s intention is tonegotiated, right? If orders can not be negotiated & I still have 3 years separate, or if the Sailor is ineligible or notleft on my contract, will I be asked to separate or will I instead fall recommended for reenlistment at the time ofneeds of the Navy & be sent somewhere without a PTS approval? Rex application.‖Answers: PTS is only denied final 6-months from SEAOS. If you have As your Fleet RIDE/PTS window approaches,three years left on contract you are going to negotiate for orders. work closely with your chain of command &Sailor Asks: Im currently active duty & I put in for selective reserve Command Career Counselor to ensure thatmy PTS for selective reserve came back approved my question is how you are the best possible candidate formuch longer am I active duty? My contract is up in April but I plan on reenlistment approval. Remember:reenlisting in reserves. NCW Answers: You are active until your Preparation starts the day you report tocontract ends in April but make sure you CCC coordinates with NPC the command!CTO so you wont have a break in service. You can POST your own Fleet RIDE/PTS policy, information, &Questions or Answers to ASK or HELP at training materials are located For more information on Perform Serve visit the PTS FleetRIDE Link at: Career Wisdom: -W. R. Inge : "We must cut our coat according to our 3 cloth, & adapt ourselves to changing circumstances."
  4. 4. Navy Rate, Advancement, Jobs & Training*** Navy Training or CANTRAC Website *** A few of the programs accessed throughCeTARS include Catalog of Navy Courses; Enterprise Navy Training Reservation System ; NavyTraining Quota Management System; Class Event & Resource Scheduler; & Recruit TrainingManagement. To reach the new Navy training home page, users should delete the old CeTARSURL from their favorites & use this link:*** Navy Job Opening: Special Boat Operator *** Consider this rate for your PTS conversion.They are the warriors of the waterways with the big guns & fast boats — taking down badguys, calling in air strikes & getting SEALS & other Special Forces in & out of tricky situations.Get insight into his incredible career & the training it takes to join their elite ranks. SpecialWarfare in the U.S. Navy: *** Basic or Academic Skills Course *** You can now print off your Post-Assessment page on OASC as some ESO required in taking the AFQT or ASVAB. For more questions contact Mr. Thomas Smith (NETC 5) at 850-452-7271. To register login via NKO to: Navy Wide Exam Dates *** Electronic Training Jacket *** ETJ tool on the Navy this coming Knowledge Online (NKO) Web site is an important link for Sailors who are tracking their career progression or preparing for THURSDAY: advancement. ETJ collates for the user all the training, education, are you special qualifications, certifications, skills, awards & other data pertaining to an individual‘s career. The information is maintained ready?: in various folders within the individual‘s training jacket. With all of this data available at their fingertips, Sailors can now manage their September own ETJ folders to ensure that everything is in the right place at 1, 8 & 15 the right time for career progression. For more information on ETJ visit the Navy Knowledge Online Web portal at: for E6, E5 & . E4.
  5. 5. Perform To Serve (PTS) is the Navys screening process to retain only the outstanding or excellent performer AND to adjust the right manning or the most current needs of the Navy. Here are the REALITY CHECK & ways to upgrade your career & get a better chance of PTS approval from the Navy: 1. ADVANCE: the rack & stack priority of choosing who can stay Navy is the highest pay- grade among your group or zone. An E5 will be pick versus an E4 even if they are both, let us say 4 years in the Navy (same year group). 2. STUDY: the more you know your rate, the more chance of you getting selected & the frocked Sailors are priority than those who were not selected-not yet advanced from the most recent exam cycle. 3. GET RANK ON EVALUATION: Although the remarks section of Sailors evaluation is the biggest block (43) in NAVPERS 1616/26, Block 45 is the most important criteria to get you selected on PTS. You must know your commands mission in order see how you can get an Early Promote (EP) or Must Promote (MP). A Promotable Sailor has lesser chance of getting approved to Stay Navy. The more EP you have in the last 5 evaluations, the better your chances of staying Navy BUT it is not always a guarantee especially if there is no conversion option. 4. FLEXIBILITY or PROFICIENCY IN OTHER SKILLS: You must develop other skills other than your rating. For example, a Yeoman (Admin skills) must be able to become a Logistic Navy Career Specialist (Supply) within 12 months notice. You must prepare yourself to convert your Wisdom rating every 4 or 6 years unless you excel or get an EP or MP on current rate at the right "Excellence is the manning (not CREO 3), consistently. Expand your choices of rating by having a higher gradual result of ASVAB scores (see #9).always striving to do 5. GET SPECIALIZED: Having a critical NEC (Navy Enlisted Classification) makes you more better. " - Pat Riley essential for the Navy. Develop your skills by going through specialized training. Unfortunately not all ratings have certain critical NECs. (Continue to next page)For more current Career & Benefits information go & LIKE
  6. 6. Perform To Serve: How To Better Your Chance To Stay Navy (Continuation)6. GET FIT: Physical Fitness & Assessment is part of the There should be more than 10 ways to better your chancePTS Algorithm so Sailors must pass every PFA & to do this on PTS including having a proactive CCC (one of theyou must maintain a good physical fitness by living a hardest working Sailor in your command nowadays) whohealthy lifestyle through proper diet & daily exercise. continuously FleetRIDE & does your Career Development7. TIMELY CDB: You must have at least 6 Career Board together with your CPO, Department Head & CMC.Development Boards prior to your window in order to They should all communicating with you through CDB.determine the best plan for your career. Your Career Just my BOAT (Bits of Opinion, Advice & Tips) – NCCCounselor must have your Fleet Ride based on many Astro.recommendations from your CDB.8. TIMELY FLEETRIDE: A PTS CDB & PTS Fleet-RIDE(Fleet Rating Identification Engine) input from your CCCmust be completed 15-12 months prior to your EAOS orPRD. A screening process called JOIN (Job Opportunities inthe Navy) will help Sailors determine the potential &appropriate rating by answering a few survey questions.9. TAKE BASIC SKILLS COURS & IMPROVE YOURASVAB: By increasing your ASVAB score (AFQT) byimproving your basic skills & retaking the AFQT youexpand your options in converting to the rating that isneeded by the Navy.10. GET A MENTOR: Nobody can do it alone.Unfortunately, in some cases it is WHOM you know & notalways WHAT you know that influences your evaluation. Inthis critical phase of PTS, Sailors must have constant dailyguidance from a more senior Sailors or an adviser that willgive the right counsel on evaluation, advancement &training. Navy Career Wisdom from Anonymous: Never be afraid to do something new.6 Remember, amateurs built the ark; professionals built the titanic.
  7. 7. CAREER PLAN & Good Daily Habits of a Navy Counselor Its a busy time for all Career Counselors in the Navy. Five years ago, I remember going to work ready to screen Sailors who are due to reenlist & separate with a simple Excel roster downloaded from NTMPS. I then set up an "optional" interview with the Sailor. Are you reenlisting or not? It was almost as simple as that. Not anymore. We now have to go through steps that if we missed any - could endanger the career & alter Sailors life & family & we sometimes become the unintentional villain. Here are some steps Ive learned to use & practice daily as counselor, mentor & administrator that I would like to share to minimize that stress level. For Career Counselors Only: Daily: C.A.R.E.E.R. P.L.A.N. by NCC A1. Collect or Download a roster both from CIMS & NTMPS to track PRD & EAOS besides an EDVR. (source: NPC CCCpage, NSIPS, your Admin / Personnel office)2. Assign a division counselor for every 25-30 Sailors to assist you in mentoring your Sailor. Accept the fact, wecannot do it alone & share the wealth. (source: command collateral letter & CIMS)3. Review FR- PTS database & review consistency via interview of member or Career Development Board.(source:FleetRIDE & CIMS ICDP)4. Educate or Inform your Sailor & Chain of Command on daily message traffic by giving your own thoughts & how itapplies to every Sailor. (source: NPC Instructions) 5. Explore all options for Sailor for every given timeline or transition: what rates to convert? ASVAB below 65 -retake? (source: FleetRIDE) 6. Resolve issues or communicate with every community managers & detailers of your Sailor via email in one singletrail & maintain this good relationship. Do not limit your resolution with just a phone call (MS Outlook / email, NPCPhone & email Directory) 7. Protect yourself & Sailor by documenting all counseling & Plan for Career Development Board at least every sixmonths or as needed (source: CIMS, MS Outlook / Calendar)8. List your things to do on every Sailor by keeping a good file for future use. (source: Microsoft Outlook task &reminders)9. Adapt good new practices from latest technology or take advantage of All sources & collaterals you have. Forexample take the following duty as collaterals: Admin LPO, ESO, Training Officer or TPO, Command FinancialSpecialist or anything that involves counseling. (source: NKO)10. Network by attending monthly CCC, PO1 or CPO meetings & / or joining Social Network (source: NCW Facebook)It doesnt end here, there is 11, 12, 13 & so forth. It all depends on the style of how we can get the job done - efficiently& with less stress to you & your family (that means no need for unnecessary over time).
  8. 8. Benefits You Can Use Now*** Free Navy Times & Other Subscription *** Read the latest or the archive without the required paid subscriptionby logging into using your CAC then click the link on Reference or E-Library to access thousands offree books, magazines, audiobooks & more - PAID for us by the military/Navy. Americas News (need CAC-ID) or *** Naval Legal Service Offices *** This *** Morale, Welfare & Recreation (MWR) *** This customer-service organization provides free legal program is to provide military personnel & their families with services to active duty Navy, Marine Corps & sports & physical fitness activities, child & youth programs, & a Coast Guard service members & their dependents, variety of food & beverage services. Visit the MWR website & reservists on active duty for 30 days or more, & to learn about the wide range of programs that contribute to the retirees as resources permit. Go to this site then retention; readiness; & well-being of our Sailors & their families. click family & services for details: *** Microsoft Office for $9.95 *** NMCI active duty personnel is entitled to Microsofts Home Use Program (HUP) as is a a volume license owner with Microsoft. The HUP allows "one stop" place to go whenever service members or government civilian & uniformed personnel presently on NMCI, family members need assistance with any kind of to obtain a licensed copy of Microsoft Office, Project or Visio problem & available 24 hours a day, seven days a desktop applications. Must have military email to use it one week, 365 days a year. time:*** 1-866-U-ASK-NPC *** Hotline 1-866-827-5672 or DSN 882-5672, provides valuable information to activeduty, reserve personnel & retirees & family members, ranging from personnel issues to verifying employment for Sailorswho have applied for a home mortgage loan. The center is also receives, sorts & delivers thousands of selection boardpackages to the appropriate promotion boards entering them into an electronic database,. This means you can trackyour package & know if it was received by the correct promotion board within 48 hours of receipt by the CustomerService Center. You can also get answers by email CSCMAILBOX@NAVY.MILNAVY CAREER WISDOM -Francis Bacon, Sr. : "He that gives good advice, builds with one hand; he that gives goodcounsel & example, builds with both; but he that gives good admonition & bad example, builds with one hand & pullsdown with the other."
  9. 9. "Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude." - Ralph Marston Travel, Pay & Personnel *** PCS Travel & Claims *** Forgetting to *** Military Retirement Pay *** No Changes on current have your reviewing or approving official sign & retirement pay system as some news magazine implied. The date your travel voucher, DD Form 1351-2, is chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said any changes to military one of the reasons that payments are delayed retirement should be studied carefully & should be to civilian PCS travelers. Click DFAS Travelers ―grandfathered‖ . More Changes to Military Retirement Anytime Checklists: Soon:*** Involuntary Separation Pay ***The key word in ISP, is involuntary. To go one step further, once a Sailorreceives an SP due to desire "not" to reenl, they cannot change their intention to qualify for ISP or other invol benefits.Qualification for half or full separation pay is in accordance with the DOD Financial Management Regulation(DODFMR) Volume 7A, Chapter 35 Section 3502 Separation Pay (NonDisability): . In addition,OPNAVINST 1900.4 & MILPERSMAN 1920-series provide guidance on eligibility for Full vs. Half Separation Pay. IAWMILPERSMAN 1930-030, the member must be Advancement Eligible in order to receive Full Separation Pay, this is notsolely based on his evals: (1) Criterion 1: Must have COs recommendation for advancement & retention. (2) Criterion 2:Must have taken & passed the most recent advancement examination before separation, time in rate permitting.Special & incentive pays: are important parts of your compensation. A new page lists the current special &incentive pays used by some or all services in their retention & recruiting efforts. Know what you may be eligible for...&speak with your personnel or finance office to make sure you get what you deserve. Go to:*** Travel Tip *** you may not be reimbursed for a hotel Guidance concerning sailors not selected by FY-12booked using an online booking agent (orbitz, travelocity,etc.) UNLESS an itemized receipt from the hotel is also quota-based Enlisted Retention Board: Sailors notprovided. The receipt from your online reservations will selected for retention by the fy-12 quota-based Enlisted Retention Boardno longer be considered a valid receipt. Additionally, you (ERB) must separate no later than June 2012. These sailors will becannot submit a "lost receipt" statement as a assigned a separation program designator (SPD) code of either JCC orreplacement for the online booking receipt. For details LCC. NETPDTC will publish a profile sheet after the ERB results arevisit DFAS: released indicating select or non-select status. Contact PSD for details.*** Transition from Active to Reserve Navy *** Enlisted Sailors currently serving on Active Duty who desireto affiliate with the Navy Reserve, or need more information about Navy Reserve Programs & opportunities, shouldcontact the CTO at (901) 874-4108 or
  10. 10. Perform To ServeEvery Sailor, Every Counselor, Every Mentor, Every Leader Get Involved•15 Months Prior to PRD & EAOS Career Development Board•Monthly Counseling•Daily Follow up Get daily feeds & useful information from
  11. 11. College & *** Fax Your Grades *** As semester comes to a close you should fax your grade report to Pensacola if you used Navy Tuition Assistance (TA). The Navy holds each Sailor responsible for submitting a grade report. After you fax your grade report checkmemory & your self-respect & everything that goes MyEducation to see if the grade was posted to your TA account. Call NCO if your grade along with with your self esteem." - Kurt Cobain is not posted within 7 days. The fax number to Pensacola is (850) 452-1149. Be sure "Drugs are a waste of time. They destroy your your grade report is a clean, bold copy containing your name & the last four of your SSN. "Persistence is to the character of man as *** Tuition Changes & Sign of the Times *** Apply for Tuition on the *** DoD may have plans to reduce the amount of Web *** Sailors should apply for carbon is to steel." - Napoleon Hill tuition assistance (TA) coverage provided Service Tuition Assistance (TA) through the members. According to Gary Woods, former Chief WebTA. WebTA eliminates paper TA of DoD Voluntary Education, Defense Department applications by allowing Sailors to may be considering reducing the $250 / semester apply for TA electronically. Go to: credit hour TA payment rate of by $150 or more. for more TA Plan now & take advantage of NCPACE, NKO, Information. CLEP & Other alternative education benefits. *** POST 911 GI Bill *** Effective October 1, 2011: Allows students to use the Post-9/11 GI Bill for - Non-college degree (NCD) programs: Non-college degree (NCD) programs offered at non-degree granting schools: Pays the actual net costs for in-state tuition & fees or $17,500, whichever is less. Also pays up to $83 per month for books & supplies. On- the-job & apprenticeship training: Pays a monthly benefit amount prorated based on time in program & up to $83 per month for books & supplies. Flight programs: Per academic year, pays the actual net costs for in-state tuition & fees assessed by the school or $10,000, whichever is less. Correspondence training: Per academic year, pays the actual net costs for in-state tuition & fees assessed by the school or $8,500, whichever is less. Housing allowance is now payable to students (other than those on active duty) enrolled solely in distance learning. The housing allowance payable is equal to ½ the national average BAH for an E-5 with dependents. The full-time rate for an individual eligible at the 100% eligibility tier would be $673.50 for 2011. For more updates on Post 911 GI Bill go to: 11 Navy Education Wisdom by Jim Rohn: Formal education will make you a living; self education will make you a fortune.
  12. 12. CNO’s Latest Information on Career Message # Subject Date 256/11: Order To Account For The Navy Family: 08/26/2011 255/11: Senate Confirmation Of Officers By The Fy-12 Active-duty Navy LDO & Line Boards: 08/24/2011 254/11: Sched For Senior Enlisted Leadership Crs: 08/23/2011 253/11: Selective Reenlistment Bonus Update: 08/22/2011 252/11: Vice CNO Change Of Office: 08/22/2011 Concentrate on your strengths, instead of your 250/11: Promotions Line And Staff Corps, Warrant 08/19/2011 weaknesses... on your powers, instead of your 249/11: Fy-13 E9, E8, And E7 Selection Board 08/19/2011 "Enter every activity without giving mental 248/11: Fy-12 Schedule For The Senior Course: 08/19/2011 recognition to the possibility of defeat. 247/11: Navy Reserve Promotions Officer: 08/19/2011 246/11: Observance Of Womens Equality Day 2011: 08/18/2011 243/11: Update To Fy-13 Olmsted Scholar Program: 08/16/2011 problems." - Paul J. Meyer 242/11: Fy-12 Graduate Education Opportunities : 08/16/2011 241/11: Enlisted Applications USS Constitution: 08/16/2011 240/11: Implementation Of Dentist Special Pays: 08/16/2011 239/11: Submission Of Command Operations Report: 238/11: Minimalist Footwear: 08/05/2011 236/11: Familygram 04-11 - Looking Ahead: 08/04/2011 235/11: Changes To Post 9-11 GI Bill: 08/04/2011 233/11: Fy12 Active-duty Navy E7 Selection Results: 08/01/2011 For complete NAVADMIN click: npc/reference/messages/NAVADMINS/Pages/NAVADMIN2011.aspx *** SEA SHORE Flow Updated *** Detailers are currently reviewing Sailors records & making PRD adjustments as required. Thirty-six ratings have increased sea time, & 18 ratings are now classified as sea intensive. Sailors should contact their respective community manager or detailer for specific rate/rating/NEC questions. Click this link for the revised SSF NAVADMIN: . *** Career Development & Training for E7-E9 *** Excellent career & leadership enhancing training for Senior CPOs. This 3 day seminar is included in SEA Training (in Rhode Island) but can now be attended in San Diego & Norfolk. Click the very latest NAVADMIN 254/11 for details: 12For more current Career & Benefits information go & LIKE
  13. 13. Health, Home & Community*** National Resource Directory Updated *** The National Resource Directory redesigned & enhanced itswebsite at Created for servicemembers, veterans, wounded warriors, &their families & caregivers, NRD is a tool for service providers to reach out to the military & veterans communities. Itprovides access to thousands of services & resources at the national, state & local levels to support recovery,rehabilitation & community reintegration. If you are aware of community programs & services that should be availableto veterans, please submit them for review to the Suggest A Resource feature on the NRD. The National ResourceDirectory is a Department of Defense (DoD) & Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) initiative.*** Health, Living & Fitness Benefits *** The Navy & Marine Corps Public Health Center (NMCPHC) hascreated a new Healthy Living website that includes information on the dangers of designer drug use. This is a one-stopresource that includes downloadable presentations & links to other informational websites or commands to use forgeneral military training.*** All Your Benefits in One Place: eBenefits *** Departments of Defense & Veterans Affairs have workedcollaboratively to develop a one-stop shop for benefits-related online tools & information. Service members, Veterans, &family members can register for eBenefits, which affords access to the secure features in My eBenefits & allows theportal to personalized to the users needs. Additional features are being developed & added every quarter. Registernow at*** Community Relations & Local Benefits *** Share this White House initiative page to your local & nationalcommunity in order to get the most benefits in support of our service in return supporting our military family. Let yourcommunity take the challenge & JOIN FORCES. Joining Forces Community Challenge:*** VA Medical & Veteran Health Benefits *** My HealtheVet is a free, online personal health record.If you are a VApatient, registered on My HealtheVet & have completed the one-time In-Person Authentication process, you can:get your VA Wellness Reminders, view your VA Appointments, when available, participate in Secure Messaging withyour health care team & participate in future My HealtheVet features. Visit: Wisdom: "Desire is the key to motivation, but its determination & commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal a commitment to excellence that will enable you to attain the success you seek." - Mario Andretti 13 For more current Career & Benefits information go & LIKE
  14. 14. Tools, Technology & Tips You can Use *** PCS & Other Move *** Members can make final moving plans with their local transportation office. The new system calculates for reimbursement using a "best value" method. Some moves will not qualify for the new system. Rules for moves can be found in the DPS Smart Book at along with additional service-specific guidance. *** Smartphone Tool for Veterans & Health Counseling *** This mobile site, visitors can access valuable psychological health resources, such as the DCoE Outreach Center, which instantly connects users with trained health resource consultants who can answer questions about psychological health concerns & connect users to recourses in their local community. Click this link for the Mobile site of Real Warriors: *** Navy Blog *** The Navy Live blog, hosted on the DoD Live blog hosting service, was launched to be a platform for talking about issues & important matters confronting the Department of the Navy. The blog is to tell the Navy story via the voices of leadership & deck plate Sailors. For complete listing of Navy social media sites or register your command, visit: *** Volunteer Opportunity, Community Service & Disaster Relief *** is your online resource for not only finding volunteer opportunities in your community, but also creating your own. Use to help you do your part. America‘s foundation will be built one community at a time –- & it starts with you. Visit: *** Monthly TAP Webinar *** Learn how to translate your military experience into civilian terms, create a new financial plan or even understand the federal employment system. You will also be able to connect with those who are going through similar experiences & learn from them. Live trainers facilitate these highly interactive sessions, which are designed to give you practical information that can be put to use immediately. Register NOW!*** Pay, Per Diem Tools & Mobile Phone Apps *** This app allows travelers to look up Federal governmentper diem rates by city/state & ZIP code in locations throughout the United States & its territories. Per Diem is the dailyallowance for lodging (excluding taxes), meals & incidental expenses. Get the BB & iPhone Apps: 14 Submit your input, ideas & questions at or search Facebook: Navy Career Wise
  15. 15. JOBS: PCS CMS-Interactive Detailing &DUTY & FULL TIME CMS-ID SCHEDULE FOR ACTIVE Civilian Opportunities CMS-ID SCHEDULE FOR ACTIVE DUTY & FULL TIME SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 2011 MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY 1 2 3 SEPTEMBER 2011 SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY 4 HOLIDAY 5 6 7 8 1530 1630 9 10 1 (CST) (CST) 2 3 0000 11 0000 HOLIDAY 12 13 1700 1800 14 15 1530 1630 16 17 (CST) 4 (CST) 5 6 (CST) (CST) 7 8 9 10 (CST) (CST) 0000 18 11 0000 19 12 21 13 1700 1800 21 14 22 15 23 16 24 17 (CST) (CST) (CST) (CST) 25 26 0500 0500 27 28 29 30 18 19 (CST) (CST) 21 21 22 23 24 25 26 0500 0500 27 28 29 30 (CST) (CST)APPLICATION RESULTS ARE AVAILABLE BEGINNING AT 1630 (CST) ON THE DAY THE DETAILER SELECTION ENDS AND REMAINS POSTEDUNTIL THE NEXT MONTHS REQUISITION SCRUBAPPLICATION RESULTS ARE AVAILABLE CMS-ID REQUISITION(CST) ON THE DAY THEDOWN FORSELECTION ENDS AND REMAINS POSTEDCMS-ID DOWN FOR REQ LOAD BEGINNING AT 1630 SCRUB CMS-ID DETAILER MAINTENANCEUNTIL THE NEXT MONTHS REQUISITIONDETAILERS MAKE SELECTIONSCMS-ID AVAILABLE FOR APPLICATIONS SCRUB CMS-ID COMMAND COMMENTS ONLY (No Applications allowed)CMS-ID DOWN FOR REQ LOAD CMS-ID REQUISITION SCRUB CMS-ID DOWN FOR MAINTENANCE Career WisdomHELPDESK HOLIDAY SCHEDULE taking total responsibility for your future. Choose not from John Maxwell: "Discipline is a matter ofCMS-ID AVAILABLE FOR APPLICATIONS DETAILERS MAKE SELECTIONS CMS-ID COMMAND COMMENTS ONLY (No Applications allowed) to blame circumstances for the outcome of your life. Choose to go beyond your natural talent. Choose to make wise Sunday HELPDESK – (Limited Staff) SCHEDULE decisions repeatedly. Choose discipline as the path to your potential." Saturday 03 September HOLIDAY 04 September – (Limited Staff) *** USAJOBS & FEDHIRES *** There are laws providing Veterans preference & special appointing authorities for Monday (Labor Day) 05 September – Closed (Emergency On Call Line) veterans, as well as theSeptember –agenciesStaff) Saturday 03 fact that (Limited recognize that hiring veterans is just good business. Federal service provides a Sunday CMS-ID Helpdesk by email– their noble service to or phone 1 800 The Office of Personnel Management createdContact the for veterans to continue this country. 537-4617 means 04 September (Limited Staff) Monday (Labor Day) 05 September –single depository without redundancy & misinformation that meets all veterans, a Closed (Emergency On Call Line) 15 employment information needs.Contact the CMS-ID Helpdesk by email or phone 1 800 537-4617
  16. 16. ASVAB If you want to Stay Navy, it’s your choice. Lower scores means less job opportunities. Talk to your Command Career Counselor about Perform To Serve & EnlistedRetention Board or how you can retake your ASVAB. Go to to get more Career Enhancing Advice.
  17. 17. Career Wise - Cross Wise #14: Rebalancing, Records & ReserveACROSS 1 Compiles data from a hostof different sources for college degree & DOWN 1 End of Contract incourse data, service schools & other the Navy. 2 Opportunity totraining. 3 Contains electronic images change a job in the Navy.of documents generated throughout 4 Single system forthe career of every Navy officer & identification of qualified ratingenlisted member, from time of entry opportunities & submission ofuntil final separation. 5 You may reenlistment application.qualify to earn a bonus from $5,000 to 6 Periodical short term$20,000 or special pay up to $25,000 instructions from NPC.annually when you join this. 9 Qualifying family members7 Replacing the ―paper‖ Record may be eligible to receivemaintained by your command or medical & dental serviceservicing PSD. 8 Designed for through this benefits.individuals who want to build their 11 Single point of contact forreading comprehension, vocabulary, & all Navy personnel formath skills to pass their exams in transitional guidance &ASVAB. 10 The one stop resources transition processing.for all career & benefits information 12 Provides opportunities forfrom A to Z. 13 One of the resources enlisted Sailors, to transitionto explore your options for conversion into the SELRES more than 90to a new rating. 14 SECNAV days prior to their EAOS asapproved an FY12 Active Officer extended. 16 Rebalancing forSeparation Board in July 2011. all Sailors E4-E8 with between15 Separation under this program 7-15 years of service in ratingsmay be no greater than 24 months manned at 103% or greater.prior to EAOS as extended, & all 17 Designed to help the Navyseparations must be executed no later keep ―our best & brightestthan September 15, 2013. Sailors while shaping the Navy18 Supports the Navy‘s effort to Answers at the force to meet futureoptimize the quality of the force while last page requirements.shaping end strength to meet futurechallenges for E7-E9 with 19 years. 17 Career Wisdom: "Motivation is a fire from within. If someone else tries to light that fire under you, chances are it will burn very briefly." - Stephen R. Covey
  18. 18. Navy Career Wisdom from Colin Powell: There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, learning from failure. Courtesy of Reader‘s Digest Answers to CrossWise #14 18Courtesy of Reader‘s Digest
  19. 19. What is Navy Career Wise ?The smartest way to get the message acrossto our Veterans & Family on topics from A toZ: Advancement, Benefits, CareerDevelopment, Education, Fleet & Family, GIBill, Housing & Health, Interactive-Detailing,Joint Forces duty, Knowledge Online, LimitedDuty, Military Personnel, NPC, OverseasDuty, Pay & Allowances, Quality of Life,Reenlistments & Retirements, SpecialPrograms & SRB, Transition, Uniform,Veteran Affairs, Wage & Welfare, XO’sGuidelines, Yellow Ribbon, Zones A-B-C.Navy Career Wise FB, on your iPhone, Blackberry orAndroid. Help out someone with information. Like it.
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