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Supporting Agile Adoption: Innovation by Sharing. How Your Company can Benefit by Reaching Out

Being connected to society is essential to long-term profitability. If a company is not collaborating on its learning, it will not be innovative enough. At first sight, you might think sharing your learning would prevent you from being the number one in your industry, but the challenges we’re facing right now can only be addressed (quickly) together. Thus, being secretive and focusing on itself inhibits a company from being innovative. In a sense, your company needs to be influenced by outside ideas! A company, especially if it claims to be Agile, is expected to be aware of its ecosystem. Otherwise, it will be viewed as untrustworthy, and distrust will undermine all aspects of the business (including finding clients and talent).

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Supporting Agile Adoption: Innovation by Sharing. How Your Company can Benefit by Reaching Out

  1. 1. | @AgileBossaNova1@juttaeckstein | @johnabuck 1 Jutta Eckstein | @juttaeckstein John Buck | @johnabuck @AgileBossaNova | #agilebossanova Supporting Agile Adoption: Innovation by Sharing How Your Company can Benefit by Reaching Out
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  4. 4. | @AgileBossaNova4@juttaeckstein | @johnabuck
  5. 5. | @AgileBossaNova5@juttaeckstein | @johnabuck “No single entity, (or sector) no matter how large or powerful, can solve the complex problems in our current systems. Rather, the key to our success lies in optimizing the activities, relationships, and interactions among all the parts of the system.” Srik Gopal & Tiffany Clarke
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  7. 7. | @AgileBossaNova7@juttaeckstein | @johnabuck Transparency & Societal Awareness ■ Collects & publishes research data – also to competitors – about climate change since the 70’s. ■ They’re convinced that – …only transparency allows them to learn from others & to improve the data. – …this increases the general societal awareness of climate change & their own resilience.
  8. 8. | @AgileBossaNova8@juttaeckstein | @johnabuck Examples Of Open Innovation Companies ■ Local Motors – Community Design ■ United Gnome Project – Open genetic database ■ Lego – Community design ■ Philips – The High Technology Campus
  9. 9. | @AgileBossaNova9@juttaeckstein | @johnabuck Thank you so much and… Stay in Touch: PicturesbyKatjaGloggengießer Jutta Eckstein | @juttaeckstein John Buck | @johnabuck Best for last: Get a discount for the ebook here: