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Probe your Organization. How to implement a Learning Organization with BOSSAnova

The volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (short VUCA) world we currently live in asks for company-wide agility. Yet, agility in the literal sense that means companies need to be adaptive, responsive, fast, and nimble.

Thus, although already created in the 90ies, the original idea of a learning organization, that is a company that facilitates the learning of its members and continuously transforms itself, is more relevant than ever.

Yet, how can such a learning organization come to life? BOSSA nova is one approach to company-wide agility by synthesizing Beyond Budgeting, Open Space, Sociocracy & Agility.

The key to its success are so-called probes – small, safe-to-fail experiments based on hypotheses derived from reflection on the current situation as well as on theory. In this session, Jutta will share various probes implemented by different companies that can guide the probing in your company to establish a learning organization.

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Probe your Organization. How to implement a Learning Organization with BOSSAnova

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  2. 2. @JuttaEckstein | agilebossanova.org22 #agilebossanova Jutta Eckstein | @JuttaEckstein Probe your Organization: How you can implement a Learning Organization with BOSSA nova
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  4. 4. @JuttaEckstein | agilebossanova.org4 WHAT? CHALLENGES
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  6. 6. @JuttaEckstein | agilebossanova.org6 Learning Organization Learning organizations are organizations that … − encourage adaptive and generative learning, − encourage their employees to think outside the box and − to work in conjunction with other employees to find the best answer to any problem. Peter Senge, 1990
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  17. 17. @JuttaEckstein | agilebossanova.org17 Is Trust Cheaper? ◼ Background: – Traditional travel expense procedures are burdensome and assume people can’t be trusted. ◼ Hypothesis: – Such procedures cost more than they save and are demoralizing. ◼ Experiment: – Pre-survey and audit. Try for three months in a few units with other units as controls. Post-survey and audit.
  18. 18. @JuttaEckstein | agilebossanova.org18 Can peer decision-making about promotion support alignment? ◼ Background: – Even very egalitarian companies have hierarchies that require a promotion system. ◼ Hypothesis: – If we use peer decision making to make decisions about promotions, we can separate performance review from decisions such as promotion that have an element of competition. ◼ Experiment: – Pre-survey to assess opinion on promotion policy – Try with a group consent decision making for deciding on bonuses. – Collect spontaneous feedback and post-survey after 3 months. If satisfaction improved, extend to other groups.
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  21. 21. @JuttaEckstein | agilebossanova.org21 Learning Organization “A learning organization is a group of people who are continually enhancing their capabilities to create what they want to create.” Peter Senge, 1990
  22. 22. @JuttaEckstein | agilebossanova.org22 BOSSA nova for Implementing a Learning Organization
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  24. 24. @JuttaEckstein | agilebossanova.org25 Many Thanks and… Stay in Touch: Jutta Eckstein, @JuttaEckstein PicturesbyKatjaGloggengießer #agilebossanova Company-wide Agility with BOSSA nova