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Dance the BOSSA nova! - How Beyond Budgeting, Open Space & Sociocracy enable Business Agility


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Business Agility needs to address the company’s structure, strategy, and processes, all of which depend upon and influence each other. This insight means the simple view that structure follows process follows strategy is wrong; in fact, everything follows everything and in repeated small steps. Thus, the relationship between strategy, structure, and process is complex. The patterns in the relationship can’t be pinned down logically or, in other words, there is no logical entry point. The BOSSA nova approach recommends using probes to make these emergent patterns more visible and to leverage this complexity. (BOSSA nova synthesizes (B)eyond Budgeting, (O)pen (S)pace, (S)ociocracy, and (A)gile.) This presentation provides examples of probing your perspectives on the organigram.

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Dance the BOSSA nova! - How Beyond Budgeting, Open Space & Sociocracy enable Business Agility

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  2. 2. @JuttaEckstein | agilebossanova.org22 #agilebossanova Jutta Eckstein | @JuttaEckstein Dance the BOSSA nova! How Beyond Budgeting, Open Space & Sociocracy enable Company-wide Agility
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  4. 4. @JuttaEckstein | agilebossanova.org4 Beyond Budgeting ◼ Beyond command & control – Toward a management model that is more empowered and adaptive ◼ Separate the 3 budget purposes – Targets – Forecast – Resource allocation → Relative → Rolling → Dynamic
  5. 5. @JuttaEckstein | agilebossanova.org5 Open Space ◼ Open Space principles for implementing an innovation strategy based on: – Open invitation – Self-organization through empowerment – Passion bound by responsibility – Self-responsiblity for learning & helping others learn
  6. 6. @JuttaEckstein | agilebossanova.org6 Sociocracy ◼ Equivalence – Shared decision-making by consent – Feedback embedded in the structure: double linking
  7. 7. @JuttaEckstein | agilebossanova.org7 Agile ◼ Continuous learning through feedback: – Rapidly, regularly, and frequently – On needs, product, technology, process, quality, …
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  9. 9. @JuttaEckstein | agilebossanova.org99 Is Trust Cheaper?
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  14. 14. @JuttaEckstein | agilebossanova.org14 Is Trust Cheaper? ◼ Background: – Traditional travel expense procedures are burdensome and assume people can’t be trusted. ◼ Hypothesis: – Such procedures cost more than they save and are demoralizing. ◼ Experiment: – Pre-survey and audit. Try for three months in a few units with other units as controls. Post-survey and audit.
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  16. 16. @JuttaEckstein | agilebossanova.org16 Many Thanks and… Stay in Touch: Jutta Eckstein, @JuttaEckstein PicturesbyKatjaGloggengießer #agilebossanova Company-wide Agility with BOSSA nova