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What if the world is our customer?


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In this keynote I want to attempt to broaden our horizon to a more holistic one. So, open your mind and explore with me our societal responsibility within the agile community and beyond.

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What if the world is our customer?

  1. 1. | @JuttaEckstein11 What if the world is our customer?
  2. 2. | @JuttaEckstein22 #agilebossanova Jutta Eckstein | @JuttaEckstein
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  4. 4. | @JuttaEckstein4 Generalized Values (Beyond IT) Self-Organization Transparency Constant Customer Focus Continuous Learning
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  6. 6. | @JuttaEckstein66 What if the world is our customer?* *JerryKoch-Gonzalez
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  8. 8. | @JuttaEckstein8 Difference nurtures democratic and organizational life. Yet, sometimes we think plurality and difference is dangerous. The key is, can we learn to respect and engage with other’s ideas, behaviors and beliefs. ©
  9. 9. | @JuttaEckstein9 Differences & Exchanges high low Exchanges Differences Source: low high
  10. 10. | @JuttaEckstein10 Changing Differences & Exchanges high low Exchanges Differences ◼ Decrease exchanges: • Reflection • Separation • Rest ◼ Decrease differences: • Identifying similarities • Creating common group stories ◼ Increase differences: • Identifying differences • Asking for opinions ◼ Increase exchanges: • Using questions and stories low high
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  12. 12. | @JuttaEckstein1212 Is Trust Cheaper?
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  17. 17. | @JuttaEckstein17 Is Trust Cheaper? ◼ Background: – Traditional travel expense procedures are burdensome and assume people can’t be trusted. ◼ Hypothesis: – Such procedures cost more than they save and are demoralizing. ◼ Experiment: – Pre-survey and audit. Try for three months in a few units with other units as controls. Post-survey and audit.
  18. 18. | @JuttaEckstein18 How can we include customer feedback in each board meeting? ◼ Background: – Not every decision by the board is in the best interest of the customer. ◼ Hypothesis: – If a board checks its proposed decisions before finalizing it, by asking, “How will our customers be impacted by the decision?” the quality of its decisions will improve. ◼ Experiment: – Before formally adopting a proposal, the board meeting facilitator asks each person on the possible impact for the customers. If there are any doubts about the positive impact for the customer, the decision will be improved.
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  21. 21. | @JuttaEckstein21 Society is demanding that companies, both public and private, serve a social purpose, … To prosper over time, every company must not only deliver financial performance, but also show how it makes a positive contribution to society. Larry Fink, Chairman and CEO of BlackRock, January 2018 open letter to CEOs.
  22. 22. | @JuttaEckstein22 Chef & Homeland Security © company-chef-will-let-ice-contract-expire/
  23. 23. | @JuttaEckstein23 It is time for the computing community to face up to computing’s growing environmental impact – and take responsibility for it! Andrew A. Chien, Editor-in-Chief of the CACM
  24. 24. | @JuttaEckstein24
  25. 25. | @JuttaEckstein25 ©Nature.Jones,N.: Howtostopdatacentresfromgobblinguptheworld‘selectricity
  26. 26. | @JuttaEckstein26 In 2017 alone, we purchased more than seven billion kilowatt-hours of electricity […] from solar and wind farms that were built specifically for Google. This enabled us to match 100% of our annual electricity consumption through direct purchases of renewable energy… ©GoogleWhitePaper.Movingtoward24x7Carbon-FreeEnergyat GoogleDataCenters:ProgressandInsights
  27. 27. | @JuttaEckstein27 “No single entity, (or sector) no matter how large or powerful, can solve the complex problems in our current systems. Rather, the key to our success lies in optimizing the activities, relationships, and interactions among all the parts of the system.” Srik Gopal, & Tiffany Clarke
  28. 28. | @JuttaEckstein28 Transparency & Societal Awareness ◼ Collects & publishes research data – also to competitors – about climate change since the 70’s. ◼ They’re convinced that – …only transparency allows them to learn from others & to improve the data. – …this increases the general societal awareness of climate change & their own resilience.
  29. 29. | @JuttaEckstein29 Different Cultures ©
  30. 30. | @JuttaEckstein30 Masculinity versus Femininity (MAS) ◼ Masculinity represents a preference in society for – achievement, heroism, assertiveness, and material rewards for success. ◼ Femininity, stands for a preference for – cooperation, modesty, caring for the weak and quality of life. ©
  31. 31. | @JuttaEckstein31 BOSSA nova for serving the world
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  33. 33. | @JuttaEckstein33 Thank you! Jutta Eckstein, @JuttaEckstein PicturesbyKatjaGloggengießer #agilebossanova Company-wide Agility with BOSSA nova