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Beyond Agile: Thriving on Digitalization with Beyond Budgeting, Open Space & Sociocracy


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Digitalization calls for rapid organizational flexibility and adaptability. This has an impact on all dimensions of a company: its strategy, structure, and the processes. Thus, companies are expected to be flexible and both rapidly responsive and resilient to change, which basically asks them to be agile. Yet, doing agile (the mechanics) is different from being agile (the mindset). The mindset lets you apply flexible agile patterns not only for software development teams but for the whole company.

In this workshop, we will examine what being agile really means and how it can be implemented by combining principles from different "streams" like Beyond Budgeting, Open Space, Sociocracy, Agile (BOSSA nova).

Together, these concepts enable a company not only to survive but also to thrive on (digital) disruptions through entrepreneur initiatives. In this session, we will use case studies of companies that are pioneering the combination of these concepts.

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Beyond Agile: Thriving on Digitalization with Beyond Budgeting, Open Space & Sociocracy

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  2. 2. @AgileBossaNova | agilebossanova.org22 Jutta Eckstein | @juttaeckstein John Buck | @johnabuck @AgileBossaNova | #agilebossanova Beyond Agile: Thriving on Digitalization with Beyond Budgeting, Open Space & Sociocracy Company-wide Agility with BOSSA nova
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  4. 4. @AgileBossaNova | agilebossanova.org4 WHAT? CHALLENGES
  5. 5. @AgileBossaNova | agilebossanova.org5 Strengths & Limits of Agile ■ What kind of stories, principles, and practices illustrate... – the strengths and – the limits ■ ...of Agile for addressing organizational challenges of digitalization?
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  8. 8. @AgileBossaNova | agilebossanova.org88 Is Trust Cheaper?
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  17. 17. @AgileBossaNova | agilebossanova.org17 Is Trust Cheaper? ■ Background: – Traditional travel expense procedures are burdensome and assume people can’t be trusted. ■ Hypothesis: – Such procedures cost more than they save and are demoralizing. ■ Experiment: – Pre-survey and audit. Try for three months in a few units with other units as controls. Post-survey and audit.
  18. 18. @AgileBossaNova | agilebossanova.org18 Are performance evaluations really reflecting customer focus? ■ Background: – Company values are often lip service, other values often rewarded. ■ Hypothesis: – If customer focus is the foundation for performance evaluation, customer satisfaction improves. ■ Experiment: – Invite an experimental unit to write own performance evaluation criteria related to their work & reflecting customer interests.
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  20. 20. @AgileBossaNova | agilebossanova.org20 Application in Your Environment ■ In triples discuss & note: – How can you use the BOSSA nova values & approach (probing) to address your challenges? – What could possibly be your next steps?
  21. 21. @AgileBossaNova | agilebossanova.org21 BOSSA nova for Thriving on Digitalization
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  23. 23. @AgileBossaNova | agilebossanova.org23 In Essence ■ Digitalization requires Company-wide Agility ■ … so it requires BOSSA nova ■ … and this means: Never stop … – …trying – …learning – …changing
  24. 24. @AgileBossaNova | agilebossanova.org24 Many Thanks and… Stay in Touch: PicturesbyKatjaGloggengießer Jutta Eckstein | @juttaeckstein John Buck | @johnabuck @AgileBossaNova | #agilebossanova Company-wide Agility with BOSSA nova