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IT power management with Verdiem (english)


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Smoking can kill you, wasting energy not yet. So why do I use this example inside this slides deck? Come and see for yourself.

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IT power management with Verdiem (english)

  1. 1. IT Power Management with Verdiem’s Surveyor 6
  2. 2. 3:00 AM Maybe, I’m part of the 30% of your computers that waste energy overnight. (dont’ say it loud, but my insomnia costs your budgetbetween 10 and 40€ per year and the planet has to absorb between 16 and 63 CO2 Kg)
  3. 3. A suspended PCuses 96% less energy
  4. 4. So utilization counts a lot! Measure phase Apply Savings startWith our software, wecollect data about themain energy states andthe users activity as apercentage of the day.Orange is ON In this case in a Hospital, we applied energy policiesLight green is Stand-by with Verdiem’s Surveyor in the last 3 weeks. TheDark green is OFF increase in light green bars indicate that the PCs areBlue line is user activity entering a suspended state when not used (using 96% less energy than when ON) and this is THE important factor to look at.
  5. 5. To change behavior is hard Could you ever have imagined this picture in the ‘80s? (and I save you from the explicit ones)With Verdiem Surveyor you can automatically reduce unproductive timewhen devices stay switched on with no users, without disturbing them orasking for any lifestyle changes.
  6. 6. Will you save your company?No. PC Power Management is ONE easy and simple thing to do to save energy in your company andemissions to the planet.One of our customers with 1000 computers in a building, spends 100.000 € a month in electricity in it. By power managingthe computers they save 12€ per year/PC. So for the 28.000 computers they have this means 336.000 € of avoidable wastein a year.Is this a tiny amount of money this days? And what about the 533 tones of CO2 to the atmosphere? Gov’s office with 7 to 8 Banks and extended hours Healthcare and 24x7 working hours companies environmentsExpectedsavings per 7 to 10 € 10 to 15 € 20 to 40 €PC and year% of building consider it to be between 1% and 3%, depending onenergy cases. Think that if you save 1% and 4 more areas doreduction the same you will save 5% on total energy bill.So the correct question is not how much can you save, butWhat is a nice sum of money to send to the trashcan each year?How many more (avoidable) CO2 emissions will the world accept?
  7. 7. Reporting This is a sample of the information we track and use to make sure the policies are enforced and the goals are met, while the users are not affected. Answers: Power states “Which is the energy consumption related to real and user activity usage?” Answers: Energy “How efficient is our energy usage compared with efficiency the demand from the activity and productive tasks my workers do?” Answers: Avg. daily PC “Aren’t there any sub-utilized devices, and where are use they?” (hint, we usually see that around 10% of the computers are really used less than 60’ a day) Answers: Environmental “Which are the associated social and environmental impact benefits from this project?”This is a sample subset of the available reports, and all of them allow to be filtered by group, location,device type, policies and other factors.
  8. 8. Dashboard - SummaryThe summary view shows the latest project achievements in terms of savings
  9. 9. How can we help 1 2 3 Measure Simulate Verify We install the With the gathered data, Just in case of predictingmeasuring software in a we give you a report interesting savings morning in a sample about energy (between 15 and 40€subset of PCs and then consumption and a yearly per PC) we will we leave it 14 days simulation about feasible apply savings policies to getting data about PC savings in case of confirm the case. usage and energy installing the solution. spending
  10. 10. Verdiem helped define the PC power management market over the last ten years while working with over 700 enterprise, public sector, and education customers. The result is a mature enterprise software solution – Verdiem Surveyor - with built-in best practices for PC power management. Verdiem also delivered the first IT energy management solution for Cisco EnergyWise. Verdiem worked closely with Cisco for the past three years to help define and refine EnergyWise. The combined solution supports energy consumption measurement and power state control for network attached devices including IP phones, wireless access points, routers, switches, and smart PDUs. Verdiem Surveyor now combines the best in PC power management with the first energy management solution for Cisco EnergyWise. The result is a leading IT energy management & efficiency solution that supports a broad array of IT devices - delivering even greater energy savings and IT efficiency. Leantricity is a small spanish company, founded in Barcelone and 100% dedicated to help companies and institutions to reduce energy spending in IT networks. Leantricity’s founder introduced Verdiem’s products to the spanish market in 2007, and has been working exclusively to solve the easily avoidable electricity waste at computers and network equipment level in private and government sites. Leantricity also has the responsibility of distributing and giving support to a channel of collaborating companies that can sell Verdiem´s products in Spain and Latinamerica, and has been lately participating in more than 60 projects in the field with this technologyContact:Leantricity SLUC. París, 170 4to 1ra08036 Barcelona +34