Factsheet Electricity Emission


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Electricity: Grids - Investing in the future

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Factsheet Electricity Emission

  1. 1. ElECTRICITY: EmIssIons Are you ready for a greener world? The green agenda is changing the way the industry works. Carbon reduction legislation will mean a more rigorous approach to energy generation and the use of renewable energy will accelerate the need for a flexible network. You must ensure that you rationalise emissions against a sound business model so that your business does not suffer. Information will be the key to managing this change effectively for your company. MARKET CHALLENGES Increasing regional and state-based climate change policies and long-term renewable energy strategies will bring a profound change to the industry. You need to be able to meet these challenges head on. Greener generation: Generators have had to move towards greener generation technologies or pay higher taxes. Investment is needed in technologies that extract carbon from fossil fuel plants. Changing transmission: Your networks need to accommodate offshore generation and connect newer technologies like onshore wind, hydro and tidal systems to the grid. Evolving distribution: You need to manage the possibility of supporting an increasing number of microgenerators installed within your network when no such provision was made during the original planning. A service led industry: Retailers have to morph from being ‘just energy’ companies to being energy services companies so that they can survive the impact of distributed and community-based generation programmes. You will need to ensure that newer revenue streams are already in place once the traditional energy supply business slows down. As renewable energy becomes a regular part of our energy supply your business will evolve, and you need a flexible business model that can adapt quickly to these changes. Your main challenge is to meet the key emissions and renewables targets for 2020 and help establish a vision beyond that date to ensure your organisation’s success. THE LOGICA SOLUTION We are dedicated to helping our clients deliver innovative solutions that manage renewable energy effectively and this has made us the market leader in this field. We believe actions speak louder than words, which is why we set high standards for our own commitment to reducing emissions. We can offer you: Consultancy: We provide high level business consultancy to a number of global clients and have a solid grounding in cutting emissions. We work with you to see if environmental impact monitoring can help you be greener, for example, or examine how smart metering technology will help consumers become more aware of their consumption – helping you meet the carbon challenge whilst improving efficiency.
  2. 2. we have pioneered wind farm management, sustainable solutions research and delivered several smart meter rollouts across the globe We won the European Utility Award for Customer Excellence for our work on a web-based system for visualisation and energy use. This has helped pro-active consumers save up to 30% on their energy consumption and is currently in use by nearly 0.5 million people in sweden. For norwegian company, Infrax, we’ve provided solutions and consultancy to help deliver their core clearing house solution. Integrated solutions: Imagine real-time control and performance management of your renewable assets; reports and figures that impact your business generated in seconds; intelligent data that helps you improve your offering and your decision making. For EDP in Portugal, we delivered one of the biggest wind production real-time control centres in the world, controlling 2,000 wind turbines across the Iberian peninsula. This system has allowed EDP to take wind farms offline for maintenance and to balance loading on the grid, as well as track the long-term performance of different turbine types. This provides invaluable feedback on reliability and efficiency against manufacturers’ guarantees, and better direction for maintenance teams. The system is being extended to the UsA and across international boundaries in Europe to control nearly five times the capacity from one command centre, saving EDP construction, training and operating costs. Project management and delivery: Working with our clients across a number of new projects we have pioneered wind farm management, sustainable solutions research and delivered several smart meter rollouts across the globe. We have provided project management and overseen the delivery of the Czech national emissions registry on behalf of the Czech utility, oTE. The registry includes provision of allowance registration, transaction registration, settlement and approval workflow. The system builds upon our expertise in delivering and maintaining the international transaction log for the Un Framework Convention on Climate Change (UnFCCC) in Bonn. We have also successfully delivered a number of smart meter and smart grid pilots across several different countries in the European Union. one of our pre-payment solutions won the British Computing society award for social contribution. DID YOU KNOW • We have been listed as one of the top 20 best green companies in The sunday Times Awards, won an award and two further nominations for our work in reducing carbon emissions in the Business Green Awards and have been credited with being the number one IT services company globally on the CDP Climate Disclosure leadership Index. • We have led the field in carbon emissions, reducing our carbon footprint in the United Kingdom by 23% in three years and saving more than £14m in energy and travel costs – setting standards across the industry. • We have delivered emissions management systems and a renewable electricity feed database for EDF in France. In addition, we have implemented emissions management systems for Ford in Europe and the UsA, and for statoil in norway. These have helped our customers realise significant cost savings in their reporting processes. logica is a business and technology service company, employing 39,000 people. It provides business consulting, systems integration and outsourcing to clients around the world, including many of Europe’s largest businesses. logica creates value for clients by successfully integrating people, business and technology. It is committed to long term collaboration, applying insight to create innovative answers to logica clients’ business needs. logica is listed on both the london stock Exchange and Euronext (Amsterdam) (lsE: loG; Euronext: loG). Tel: +44 (0) 207 637 9111 more information is available at www.logica.com energyandutilities.uk@logica.com AUsTRAlIA / BElGIUm / BRAZIl / CAnADA / CZECH REPUBlIC / DEnmARK / EGYPT / EsTonIA / FInlAnD / FRAnCE GERmAnY / HonG KonG / HUnGARY / InDIA / InDonEsIA / KUWAIT / lUXEmBoURG / mAlAYsIA / moRoCCo nETHERlAnDs / noRWAY / PHIlIPPInEs / PolAnD / PoRTUGAl / RUssIA / sAUDI ARABIA / sInGAPoRE / sloVAKIA www.logica.com sPAIn / sWEDEn / sWITZERlAnD / TAIWAn / UKRAInE / UnITED ARAB EmIRATEs / UK / UsACoDE 037 1110