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Intelen, Inc profile

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Intelen inc profile

  1. 1. Intelen, Inc Profile NOTICE: Proprietary and ConfidentialThis material is proprietary to Intelen, Inc. It contains trade secrets and confidential information which is solely the property of Intelen, Inc. This material is solely for the Client’s internal use. This material shall not be used, reproduced, copied, disclosed, transmitted, in whole or in part, without the express consent of Intelen Services limited © 2013 Intelen, Inc. All rights reserved Engaging consumers towards energy efficiency
  2. 2. Outline of Intelen, IncProfile (as of April 2013):• 2 years in operation• Operations in 3 countries • USA (NYC HQs, CA, FL) • Athens, GR • Nicosia, CY• Employees: 20• Infrastructure & SaaS Products• Compact IP portfolio (2 US patents)• World recognitions (innovation awards)• web: Engaging consumers towards energy efficiency
  3. 3. Intelen Value Proposition• Fully integrated Building Energy Efficiency platform ― Real time Building Analytics ― Case-if retrofit scenarios ― User engagement via gamification & behavioral response• Cloud based solution provided on SaaS platform• Turn Key solution that leads to energy efficiency Real time data Analytics Advanced Analytics (down to 2 seconds intervals) (scenario predicitve planning) Real time user interaction Long term user engagement (behavioral demand response) (gaming and social principles) Engaging consumers towards energy efficiency
  4. 4. Intelen Business Model Partners Customers Intelen Apply saving Deploy AMI techniques, retrofit infrastructure with SaaS analysis known vendor ESCO Electrical Smart MetersContractors - No billing purpose - Does not replace Utility Meter Leverage Real- Building Monitoring time energy data For Real-time (2 sec interval) energy data Building InSights Utilities analytics Building InGage Gaining clarity into building’s energy Use of Intelen’s SaaS performance Energy to provide energy Efficiency saving services to building owners C&IConsultants Apply saving techniques, retrofit analysis Engaging consumers towards energy efficiency
  5. 5. Intelen cloudproductscapabilities Engaging consumers towards energy efficiency
  6. 6. Product snapshots Engaging consumers towards energy efficiency
  7. 7. Intelen Energy Portfolio Intelen Analytics stats - over 140 buildings connected - over 250 metering points in 2 sec intervals Engaging consumers towards energy efficiency
  8. 8. Successful Engagement Case Study Engaging consumers towards energy efficiency
  9. 9. Optimally manage your Building’s hidden cost and value Intelen, Inc. New York NY 10013 USA tel. +1 800 746-9105 Engaging consumers towards energy efficiency