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Operation of Electrical Equipment


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Operation of Electrical Equipment

  1. 1. 8-3-2016 Operation of Electrical Equipment
  2. 2. VisitEnglishpost.orgto get more information , worksheetand teaching ideas List of electrical appliances 1. Oven:_______________________________ 2. Air conditioning : __________________________________ 3. Mixer : ____________________________ 4. Cellphone : _________________________ 5. Video Camera : __________________________________ 6. Toaster:__________________________________ 7. Blender:__________________________________ 8. Rice Cooker: __________________________________ 9. Skillet:__________________________________ 10.Tablet:__________________________________ 11.Dishwasher : __________________________________ 12.Hair Dryer:__________________________________ 13.Refrigerator:_______________________________ 14.Water Heater: __________________________________ 15.Cellphone : __________________________________ 16.Computer : __________________________________ 17.MP3 player : __________________________________ 18.Iron:__________________________________ 19.Coffee Maker : __________________________________ 20.Netbook computer : __________________________________ 21.Television : __________________________________ 22.Printer :__________________________________ 23.Video Game console : __________________________________ 24.Hair Clippers: __________________________________ 25.Home theater : __________________________________ 26.Sewing machine : __________________________________ 27.Lamp :__________________________________ 28.Fax Machine : __________________________________ 29.Scanner :__________________________________ 30.Can opener : __________________________________ 31.Digital Recorder : __________________________________ 32.Electric Blanket : __________________________________ 33.Alarm Clock: __________________________________ 34.Blu-ray disc player:_______________________________ 35.Fan:__________________________________ 36.Microwave oven : __________________________________ 37.Washing machine __________________________________ 38.Stove :____________________________ 39.DVD Player:__________________________________
  3. 3. VisitEnglishpost.orgto get more information , worksheetand teaching ideas Classification Categorize the electrical appliances into the place they belong in the house Bedroom Dining Room Living Room Kitchen Bathroom Categorize the electrical appliances into the purpose they have in the house Educational Recreational and Entertainment Personal Care Kitchenware
  4. 4. VisitEnglishpost.orgto get more information , worksheetand teaching ideas Match the electrical Appliances with its purpose Column A Column B a) Dishwasher b) Refrigerator c) Television d) Can opener e) Hair clippers f) Air conditioning g) Tablet h) Microwave i) Lamp j) Blender k) Washing machine ( ) It is useful to wash and dry clothes ( ) It is useful to keep the meat cold ( ) It is useful to open tuna cans ( ) It is useful to keep my hair short ( ) It is useful to watch movies ( ) It is useful to keep the room cool ( ) It is useful to surf the web ( ) It is useful to make delicious drinks ( ) it is useful to washes the dishes ( ) It useful to heat the food ( ) It is useful to light a room Read the information. Write down in the spaces all verbs found in the instructions above 1. _________________________________ 2. _________________________________ 3. _________________________________ 4. _________________________________ 5. _________________________________ 6. _________________________________ 7. _________________________________ 8. _________________________________ 9. _________________________________ 10. ________________________________ Getting started with your Samsung Galaxy S4 Making a phone call 1. Turn on your phone. 2. Enter code to unlock your phone and press OK. 3. Press the phone app 4. Dial the phone number you want to make the call 5. Press the send key (green) to make the call. 6. Press the end key (red) to end the call.
  5. 5. VisitEnglishpost.orgto get more information , worksheetand teaching ideas Read the dialogue. Choose the appropriate alternative to complete the sentences, using the previous information. 1) Jennifer learned to use her cellular phone by _________________________. A) listening to her friend’s advice B) reading the instructions C) studying the phone bill D) calling the operator 2) Step number one when using a cellular phone is to _________________________. A) drop it B) turn it on C) dial the number D) press the send button 3) Something else Jennifer has to do to use the phone is _________________________. A) let it drop on the floor B) to recharge the battery C) not to pay the phone bill D) not to use it because it’s fragile Read the text. Two friends are talking about how to use a cellular phone. Let’s see what the suggestions are. Jennifer: I read the instructions, but I’m still not sure how to use my cellular phone. Richard: Actually, it’s pretty easy. First of all, don’t forget to turn it on. Jennifer: Got it! Richard: Then dial the number. And remember to press the send button. Jennifer: That’s all? Richard: Pretty much. Just make sure to recharge the battery every few weeks. And try not to drop it. It´s fragile. Jennifer: Good advice. Richard: And just remember, be sure to pay the phone bill every month!
  6. 6. VisitEnglishpost.orgto get more information , worksheetand teaching ideas Select the appropriate alternative to complete the sentences, from the text. 1) In case of emergency, step number one is to _________________________. A) touch appliances with wet hands B) unplug the appliance C) use metal thing D) act slowly 2) It’s very important to avoid _________________________. A) moving the person from the appliance B) touching things with wet hands C) using electrical appliances D) touching the person 3) The last thing you do is to _________________________. A) remove your clothes B) plug the appliance C) rescue the person D) look for help Read the information. What you should or you shouldn’t do in case of electrical shocks? Many people don’t realize how powerful shocks from electrical appliances can be if they are not careful when they use them. Usually the person only gets a nasty surprise and a bit of jolt, but occasionally a person suffers a severe electrical shock. First of all, act fast, but don’t touch anything if your hands or clothes are wet. Unplug the appliance. If you have to separate the person from the appliance, use something dry with no metal on it. When the person is safe from danger, get help.
  7. 7. VisitEnglishpost.orgto get more information , worksheetand teaching ideas Choose the appropriate alternative tocomplete the sentences,fromthe previoustext. 1) One basic safety precaution is to __________________________. A) place the appliance in a heated oven B) immerse cord in liquids C) follow the instructions D) cook without water 2) You must be very careful when electrical appliances __________________________. A) are near kids B) have good cords C) are far from children D) have all parts in good conditions 3) It’s dangerous to touch hot surfaces without __________________________. A) oil B) plugs C) burners D) handles 4) The electrical appliance is plugged in a/an __________________________. When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should always be followed, including the following: 1. Read all instructions. 2. Do not touch hot surfaces. Use handles or knobs. 3. To protect against electrical shock, do not immerse cord, plugs, or cooking in water or other liquid. 4. Close supervision is necessary when appliance is used by or near children. 5. Unplug from outlet when not in use and before cleaning. Allow to cool before putting or taking off parts. 6. Do not operate any appliance with a damaged cord, plug or after the appliance malfunction. 7. Do not use them outdoors. 8. Do not place on or near a hot gas or electric burner, or in a heated oven. 9. To disconnect, turn control to “off”, then remove plug from outlet.. 10. Avoid sudden temperature changes in the refrigerator such as adding refrigerated foods into a heated pot.
  8. 8. VisitEnglishpost.orgto get more information , worksheetand teaching ideas A) cord B) oven C) knob D) outlet 5) Before taking off parts let the electrical appliance be __________________________. A) damaged B) repaired C) cool D) hot 6) The last step when using electrical appliances is __________________________. A) to disconnect, turn control to “on” B) not to read basic safety precautions C) to operate appliances with damaged cords D) not to put refrigerated foods into a heated pot 7) Precaution #3 is about the __________________________. A) protection against electrical shock B) use of appliances outdoors C) malfunction of hot surfaces D) use of handles Read the text.
  9. 9. VisitEnglishpost.orgto get more information , worksheetand teaching ideas Choose the appropriate option to answer the questions according to the previous information. 1) What do people do when they are watching a TV program and the phone rings? __________________. A) Point the number for the channel B) Press the mute button C) Select the volume D) Plug the TV 2) What do people use to change TV channels? __________________. A) A chair B) A table C) A control item D) The electric light 3) How can people set the volume? By __________________. A) pressing the channel button B) pressing the button volume C) using the numbers D) plugging the TV 4) What is the first thing people do to watch a TV program? __________________. A) Press the mute button B) Talk to other people C) Turn on the light D) Plug the TV set How to watch TV at home Modern TV sets have a control item to operate the machine from your seat. This control functions with a battery. First of all you have to plug the TV, then take the control and sit down in front of the TV. Later on press the power button and start watching the programs For changing channels press the appropriate button up or down, also you can point to the numbers of the channels. To set the volume press the appropriate volume for low or high. If you need to listen to a person or answer the phone, press mute button. Finally press the power button again to turn off the TV.
  10. 10. VisitEnglishpost.orgto get more information , worksheetand teaching ideas Writing 1. Write what purposethese electrical items serve a) DVD Player:________________________________________________ b) Toaster:___________________________________________________ c) Rice Cooker:________________________________________________ d) Computer:__________________________________________________ e) Iron:_______________________________________________________ f) Coffee Maker:_______________________________________________ g) Video camera:_______________________________________________ h) Cellphone:__________________________________________________ Pronunciation Write words similar vowel sounds like the words in the first box Cook /u/ Play /ei/ like /ai/ teacher / i/ Out /au/