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Beer decoded bosc_presentation


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BOSC Citizen/Participatory Science session presentation at ECCB/ISMB 2017 in Prague

Published in: Science
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Beer decoded bosc_presentation

  1. 1. BeerDeCoded: Exploring the beer metagenome Jonathan Sobel @jonathansobel1 @beerdecoded
  2. 2. Science outside academia or industry
  3. 3. Projects in biology/science, bio- art and education Workshops, Outreach Citizen science, DIY-biology
  4. 4. Communicate
  5. 5. Why Beers?
  6. 6. 6k1.2M
  7. 7. Beer testing on a cargo bike
  8. 8. Money ?
  9. 9. It’s time for beeromics! video:
  10. 10. Workflow
  11. 11. Beer DNA extraction workshops
  12. 12. Short reads alignment Reference sequence Data base of ITS sequences
  13. 13. Results •ITS amplicon of 39 beer DNA produced •SRA database in the bio project PRJNA388541 •All methods, quality control, processed tables, metadata and code are accessible in the following git repository:
  14. 14. Results
  15. 15. Results
  16. 16. Outcome of the project •39 beer investigated (currently) •Knowledge of Beer DNA content •Popularization of molecular biology techniques •Ethical Issues regarding DNA related data
  17. 17. Perspectives •Involvement of other citizen science lab •Investigation of 16S sequences •Investigation of whole metagenome sequencing •Development of the protocol for the MinION sequencer •Development of a beer knowledge data base •Beer Quality Controls •Relationship between taste and DNA content
  18. 18. Acknowledgments • BeerDecoded Team • Hackuarium • Univercite • Kickstarter (Backer) • Vital-it • OBF Travel Grant