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The deadline


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Published in: Education
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The deadline

  2. 2. FADE IN – INT. CLASSROOM MRS. HFB, a high school teacher teaching Media Studies in a small classroom in Dukhan English School. Her students: GABRIELLA, an 18 year old who hates public speaking. GITANJALI, another 18 year old who loves art. NISRINA, a 17 year old who has a really strong opinion, and JOHNNY, another 17 year old who is very energetic and optimistic. The bell has rung and everyone enters the room. Each begins to talk about deadlines in other subjects and being relieved that they don’t have one for Media Studies. NISRINA Oh I have so many things due in this week! (insert Nisrina noise) ALL SAME LOL. NISRINA Except media! I’ve got 99 problems but Media ain’t one like what. Everyone begins to sing along with the song and next enters MRS. HFB MRS.HFB Morning everyone, YouTube’s been blocked. I wonder which idiots were messing around with it… GITANJALI I’m so done with art, I’m so glad there are no deadlines for Media. (MRS.HFB looks at GITANJALI in a mischievous way.) MRS.HFB Surprise! You guys will be making a presentation for the Year 11’s- you need to
  3. 3. make a poster, a flyer, a postcard, a leaflet brochure, and a short promotional film! All due in- tomorrow. ALL (in different tones) What?! NISRINA When?! GITANJALI Why?! JOHNNY How?! GABRIELLA (in a panicky way) Okay… MRS.HFB Calm down. It’s not that hard. JOHNNY Oh, well my night is sorted. Who needs sleep anyway? NISRINA Miss how are we supposed to make a short film in 24 hours? (insert Nisrina noise) How am I supposed to get actors? Miss do you know how hard it is to get them to act properly and they’re like “Just chill”- “chill” this is my bloody coursework okay, I can’t “chill”!
  4. 4. GITANJALI Miss my deadline for art is tomorrow; please don’t do this to me. GABRIELLE (hides her face when camera is pointed at her) THE END.