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A group screenplay

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. DIE Written By The Banana Squad (Nisrina, Gabby, John, and Gitz) 12 November 2015
  2. 2. 1 START OF ACT #1 INT. MYSTERIOUS ROOM - DARK. LEENA, an 18 year old, trapped within the confines of a mysterious room. She's dazed, sitting in crouch position looking directly at an unknown direction. LEENA (sitting in the corner) LEENA looks at the die curiously and decided to roll it, which lands on the side revealing a 'flashlight'. BLAKE (FROM THE SHADOWS) Whoa?! Oh- I-uh- found a torch in the toilet, it looks like it belongs to the killer. BLAKE, another 18 year old, enters the room in curiosity and approaches LEENA, relieved to see another character. BLAKE takes a die whilst looking at LEENA who does not give him so much as a glance. BLAKE rolls the die again, to which it lands on the eye. He looks around suspiciously. BLAKE He's watching us.... (LOOKS PANICKED) Sorry, I-I have to go..... BLAKE abruptly leaves the room, tossing the die for one last time. The die lands on the side of the die portraying a shadow behind LEENA. BLAKE disappears into the shadows. END OF FILM