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Let’s make memories


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Colorado State University - Global Campus
ORG 536 critical thinking assignment

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Let’s make memories

  1. 1. LET’S MAKE MEMORIES! Eight Methods For Creating A Powerful Presentation Your Audience Will Remember By Jennifer Uebelher
  2. 2. WHERE DO WE BEGIN? • Start with Text • Select Background and Font • Chose Images that Help Communicate Message • Create Graphics • Use Special Effects • Create Hyperlinks • Encourage Interaction • Take it to the Web
  3. 3. START WITH TEXT • Determine what to say • Make sure words are clear, concise, and understandable • Good preparation is essential! Can you hear me now???
  4. 4. SELECT BACKGROUND AND FONT • Chose a style, size and background that is easy to read and see • Select a style from software default options or download from the Internet • Create a uniform presentation that is appropriate for topic “How do I look?”
  5. 5. CHOSE IMAGES THAT HELP COMMUNICATE MESSAGE • Use clip art, photos, maps, and other images that complement message • Only use relevant images • Find interesting and creative images in program files, personal pictures or online • Refrain from using childish or amateur photos that detract from professionalism
  6. 6. CREATE GRAPHICS • Use tools to create in-program graphics • Use graphics in moderation • Illustration tools can help create charts, diagrams and more • SmartArt can be used to create pyramid, cycle, Venn, radial, chart and target diagrams • Practice makes perfect 0 10 Chart Series 1 Series 2 Series 3 2 3 1 A CB
  7. 7. USE SPECIAL EFFECTS • The first visual on the screen should describe page content • Use animation to captivate and keep your audience’s attention • Use moving graphics on the page to keep audience’s focus • Use software like Ovation to generate creative special effects • Use effects between slides for seamless transitions
  8. 8. CREATE HYPERLINKS • Increase audience interest with information from hyperlinks • Hyperlinks can be videos, documents, pictures, etc. • Can link to other pages in presentation, other files, or from Internet • Make presentation more interactive and fun • Help convey message in different format to reduce repetition and boredom Hyperlink CLICK HERE
  9. 9. ENCOURAGE INTERACTION Use presentation software to encourage interaction from audience by creating forums for • Voting • Comments • Polls/Opinion • Quizzes/tests Create immediate response charts for real time statistics
  10. 10. TAKE IT TO THE WEB • Use the Internet to reach wider audiences • Provide electronic handouts – more convenient and cost effective • Convert slide shows to PDF for greater security and sharing • Reduce travel time and expenses with web based meetings • Narrate over the phone or prerecord