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The school’s guide to modern design trends corwin bermudez


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The school’s guide to modern design trends corwin bermudez

  1. 1. The School’s Guide to Modern Design Trends P R E S E N T E R : C O R W I N B E R M U D E Z
  2. 2. Why Are Modern Design Trends Important?
  3. 3. MOBILE DEVICES Modern design trends are built for responsive design
  4. 4. EVERYONE USES MOBILE DEVICES Modern design trends create the best possible user experience for all screen sizes.
  5. 5. TURN YOUR WEBSITE INTO A MOBILE APP Modern design trends create sites that maximize usability on all displays
  6. 6. RESPONSIVE SITES PERFORM BETTER IN SEARCH RESULTS Designs that utilize responsive, clean design are deemed more user-friendly by search engines, and are promoted to higher search listings
  7. 7. Of users say they return to a website that works well on a smartphone or tablet
  8. 8. RESPONSIVE SITES HAVE FASTER CONVERSIONS FROM USERS ON MOBILE DEVICES A well designed site that looks and performs well on mobile devices helps the user identify what they want and act faster
  9. 9. KEEPING IT SIMPLE Employing modern design trends will make your site easy to use, approachable, and engaging
  10. 10. DESIGN TRENDS ALWAYS EVOLVE TOWARD IMPROVING THE USER EXPERIENCE As design trends lean toward simpler, cleaner, more organized designs websites provide a better resource for their users
  11. 11. SIMPLER, CLEANER SITES ARE MORE EFFECTIVE Web design trends also evolve to help organizations accomplish goals and drive users to action
  12. 12. MODERN DESIGN MAKES WEBSITES EASIER TO NAVIGATE Simple and direct design helps both new visitors and existing users access the exact information they need
  13. 13. EVERYTHING HAS PURPOSE AND SPACE TO SHARE THAT PURPOSE Site elements all have plenty of space to maximize impact for all site users
  14. 14. BEING CREATIVE Modern trends facilitate infinite possibilities in web design
  15. 15. LIKE ANY INDUSTRY, INNOVATION DRIVES DESIGN TRENDS Modern design trends are born from finding better ways to do things, from both creative and functional standpoints
  16. 16. BOUNDLESS OPPORTUNITIES FOR UNIQUE DESIGN EXPERIENCES Design trends are all about pushing for the most creative ideas to set sites apart
  17. 17. MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD (AND SEEN) THROUGH YOUR WEBSITE The flexibility modern design can convey the unique mission and identity of every organization
  18. 18. CONNECT EMOTIONALLY WITH YOUR AUDIENCE Newer design trends seek to identify site users as individuals and communicate based on their needs
  19. 19. STAYING RELEVANT The cultural impact of web design changes rapidly, and it’s too important to fall behind on
  20. 20. AN OUTDATED SITE DESIGN IS AN INSTANT TURN-OFF TO VISITORS Keeping up with the competition, especially in terms of presentation and visibility, is crucial for the success of any organization
  21. 21. STAY AHEAD OF THE CURVE Organizations that establish themselves as thought leaders, especially in something as universal as web design, are always rewarded
  22. 22. SHOW HOW YOU’RE EVOLVING Adopting modern design trends to fit your branding shows growth and competitiveness
  23. 23. BE IMPOSSIBLE TO IGNORE Leverage modern design trends to create bold, vibrant web experience to broadcast yourself
  24. 24. Looking at Modern Web Design
  25. 25. LARGE DESIGN ELEMENTS •  Contradicts “above the fold” but gives more attention to content •  Bigger typography = impossible to ignore •  Simplicity: less but bigger means more engaging •  Tie into other mediums: print, tv, etc.
  26. 26. LONG SCROLLING SITES •  People are willing to scroll, why not make it exciting •  Longer, larger regions give more space and importance to content •  A linear experience is easier and more enjoyable •  Easier to change look, and therefore feel, per region •  Strategize, make an impact with your long site
  27. 27. LARGE DESIGN ELEMENTS •  Concerned about “below the fold”? Remove the fold! •  Make navigation do the work •  Leverage banner detail text •  A one-page site can’t be boring •  Simplicity is still key, don’t overcrowd
  28. 28. HIGH QUALITY PHOTOGRAPHY •  Never underestimate the importance of well planned photography •  Beautiful engaging photos reduces need for text content •  Let photos convey emotion and personality •  Create the experience through photography •  Photos, like content, can get crowded.
  29. 29. MINIMALIST DESIGN •  Minimalist design removes distractions and gets straight to the point •  Simplicity looks clean, organized, and driven •  Leverage negative space to give more impact to minimal content •  keep your design balanced, aligned, and high contrast
  30. 30. FIXED WIDTH LAYOUT •  Design trends come full circle - used to be dated, has been revived •  Maintain users focus with boundaries for content •  Maintain the linear experience •  Old school doesn’t mean boring - Take an old classic and find ways to make it engaging
  31. 31. STORYTELLING LAYOUT •  Use a linear structure to create the perfect first impression for your school •  Create a “ride” the user can get off any time they want to - provide links to other content in each section •  Show step by step why your school is perfect for the user •  Less of a site, more of an experience •  Strategize, tell the story in the best order, don’t give too much or too little
  32. 32. GRID CONTENT •  Everything easy to find •  Maximize use of page real estate •  Interface design is more engaging •  Redirect items to individual pages •  Mainly appropriate for sites that don’t need as much functionality on hp, instead need portal to rest of site
  33. 33. Let’s Talk About Things
  35. 35. Fin L E T ’ S H A V E S O M E Q U E S T I O N S !