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Digital footprint, Completing your LinkedIn Profile, Job Search Networking

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  • Guide to filling out profileTells which areas are searchable
  • Networking with LinkedIn

    1. 1. Janet P. Twitter: Cunningham_JP
    2. 2.  75 % of recruiters are required by their companies to do online research of candidates. 70 % of recruiters in the United States report that they have rejected candidates because of information online.Social Media History Becomes A New Job HurdleNew York Times, Business Day Technology history-becomes-a-new-job-hurdle.html?_r=2&pagewanted=all
    3. 3. Really? Check these websites:
    4. 4. Business oriented social networking site  >120 million accounts  Growth: 2 per second  Market Yourself  Job Seekers, Employers, Recruiters  FREE … (biggest investment is your time)  Sign up: LinkedIn makes your network “Visible”
    5. 5. Build a network of direct connections (1st degree) Get access to your connections’ connections (2nd degree & 3rd degree)Who do you want to connect with?  Professional Colleagues: above, beside, below  Former Coworkers  Classmates/Alumni/Professors  Friends/Family/Neighbors  Community/Civic/Church
    6. 6. Multiple email addresses?Be sure they are all listed
    7. 7. Turn off when you are making lots of changes to your profile to keep from “spamming your connections” repeatedly
    8. 8. When you choose “anonymous” you lose the ability to see who has viewed your profile
    9. 9. Status Update Ideas: (from Paul Hattimer’s Blog)Networking Events AttendedClasses/Seminars CompletedVolunteer/Community WorkAlumni Activities/EventsLinks to Articles of InterestLink to Twitter Who’s Viewed Your Profile? Click on hyperlink to find out
    10. 10. Filter the Updates on you Home Page:• Go to Settings• Click on Account to edit this section• Customize the Updates you see• Window with update types will open• Choose what you want to see
    11. 11. LinkedIn’s Definition of 100%:Name and Position 25%Picture 5%Summary 5%Specialties 5%Education 15%Past Job 1 15%Past Job 2 15%Recommendation 1 5%Recommendation 2 5%Recommendation 3 5% “40 times more likely to be found in a search with 100% completed profile” (according to LinkedIn)
    12. 12. Put Industry Keywords in Searchable AreasWhere to find Keywords:Profiles of others in yourindustryJob descriptions – use wordcloud tool:
    13. 13. Why do this?It shows you are a “Pro” on LinkedIn
    14. 14. Name Common name? add middle initial Last name field – 44 characters - add credentials (last name, credential, degree, etc.)Headline – 120 characters Personal Branding Statement First impression - at the very top of your Profile Shows in “mini profile” search results Put job you want in Headline Use Industry Keywords/Terms that recruiters useHeadline default is “Current Title at Current Employer”Change this to a compelling statement that describes you!
    15. 15.  Environmental Compliance Manager | Instructor HR Director | Employee Relations Project Manager | Franchise Manuals Video Producer | Production Manager Logistics | Operations | Procurement | Supply Chain Controller | Accounting Manager | CPA IT Consultant | Data Warehouse Developer Marketing | Communications | Copywriting Sales | Marketing | Business Development Political Correspondent | South Asia
    16. 16. Your picture appears in several places on LinkedIn: Profile Status Updates Search Results Group messagesPhoto should be: Current Professional attire No company logos No extras in photo 40% more clicks on profiles with photos (according to LinkedIn)
    17. 17. Summary: Tell your story - Professional “Elevator Pitch” 2-3 paragraphs: conversational, 1st person  Your background  How you help others  How you got where you are  What companies helped you get there  Keywords, Your preferred location Put your contact Info in Summary if you want to be contacted easily during job searchSpecialties:  Industry keywords or phrases read by search engines and people  Alphabetize – separate with commas or make bulleted list
    18. 18. Education – must put something in for 100% List all schools and degrees received Business, Technical or Professional training Scholarships, organizations, awards, activities Anything special about school or programPast Positions – need at least 2 for 100% Job Title, Company, Action & Results Short description of company Summarize your role & accomplishments What you learned there – how this position prepared you for your current path
    19. 19. Interests: Personal & Professional interestsGroups & Associations: Industry, Professional & Social organizations Include full spelling and abbreviations This is a text field, not LinkedIn Groups These are searchable areas – use your keywords!Words or phrases separated by commas create hyperlinksClick on hyperlink to find others who share your interests
    20. 20. “Add Sections” is foundimmediately under yourProfile Box when using the Edit Profile mode Check the “More” tab for other applications/sections to add to your profile
    21. 21.  Need 3 to get to 100% Must come from your 1st degree connections Send request from inside LinkedIn Your request will be sent via email Be specific with request, give ideas and keywords (write recommendation yourself) Recommendation doubles value of keywords in that area of experience
    22. 22. More Contacts = Better Search Results Customize invite: remind people who you are, where you met them and why you want to connect Say “thank you” when they accept LinkedIn will suggest “People You May Know” from connections Be careful with automatic email invites When someone sends you an invitation… reply back - look at their profile and find something to comment on
    23. 23. Bubble = DiscussionSuitcase = Job Posting
    24. 24.  Join up to 50 groups Industry, Professional, Alumni Message or send invitations to anyone in your groups Show activity/expertise by participating in discussions – write a post or comment on one Control email settings/notifications/frequency of LinkedIn Group emails (click on Group: More tab)Join large groups to expand your network – the more people you areconnected to…the higher you will rank in LinkedIn search results
    25. 25. Use Advanced Search to narrow bylocation, industry and experience level
    26. 26. Don’t acceptinvitationsfrom youremail – sign into LinkedIn
    27. 27. Don’t DeleteUnansweredInvitationsGo to OriginalInvitation &Click on BlueHyperlink Resend or Withdraw Invitations from this screen
    28. 28.  Follow target companies, get notification of new hires, monitor discussions/posts Review profiles of hiring managers before interviews Over 2 million company pages Use Search Box “People” Type in Company name to find those in your network who work there
    29. 29. SlideShare: use this app to search PowerPoint presentations for topics of interest
    30. 30.  Spell Check not active in all areas of LinkedIn Make sure Profile lines up with resume – but don’t copy resume Keep your Profile updated:  You will come up more often in searches  Helps you keep track of your accomplishments  Allows your bosses/coworkers to be aware of your accomplishments  Profile changes go out to all contacts
    31. 31. Click on Help Centerfrom the bottom leftcorner of any page
    32. 32.  Be Aware of your Digital Footprint Know Your LinkedIn Settings Take Time to Complete Your Profile (100%) Optimize Your Profile by using KEYWORDS Customize Your Invitations
    33. 33. Thank you!Janet P.