Software Product & Brand Planning; + Online Marketing


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Using customer keywords to drive product ideas and branding for software products, intranets and websites. Taking keyword-driven branding a step further for consistent design.

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Software Product & Brand Planning; + Online Marketing

  1. 1. New Software Product R&D, Creative Concepting from Web User Search Keywords An approach to software product entrepreneurship; how to plan customer-demand products and branding via customer keywords.Jake Aull | Zen Fires Digital Marketing | GSU Social Media Marketing Instructor 404.259.5550 | | @jakeaull
  2. 2. New Products Driven byConsumer Search Keywords
  3. 3. An approach to software product entrepreneurship1). Formulate product/service business ideas andaffiliated terms and keywords list (start broad).2). Test keywords in SEO and keyword analysis toolsfor top customer keywords in demand.3). Research competitive sites from same tools andsearch results.
  4. 4. Example Keyword selection for niche cooking software
  5. 5. Keyword Comparison for niche cooking software
  6. 6. 3.) Competitive observations (continued)  NOTES:  A path to success for start-ups in today’s market is in the "long tail;” finding a narrow niche, underserved by competitors, yet in demand in customer search.  A digital audit, keyword discovery process and search marketing tools are a means of marketing research and formulating the optimal strategy and plan for this.  With a strong audit and strategy in place, a software tool can carve it’s own niche, targeted, return customer base for profitability.
  7. 7. An approach to software product entrepreneurship (continued)4). Define differentiated software product/service indemand.5). Define marketing strategy, brand positioning, productattributes and promotions plan. Integrate keywordfindings.6). Implement product design and build.7). Execute Branding, Product Marketing and Promotions.Utilize keywords in brand messaging.
  8. 8. An approach to software product entrepreneurship (continued)8.) Target and test product (alpha/beta).9.) Set up social software functionality and supportcommunities.10.) Find existing social sites and communities for your nicheand pull viewers to your sites.11.) Create and implement promotions and marketing websitewith brand and keyword consistency.12.) Integrate marketing website to software demos and SEO(with your keywords) your sites, social media and communities.
  9. 9. An approach to software product entrepreneurship (continued)13). Set up customer info-capture landing page survey (requiresurvey and info-capture for incentives).14). Ask survey questions that could crowdsource product upsellideas. 14b.) Crowdsource questions in social sites.15). Identify upsell products, plans and affiliate partnerships.16). Implement and ongoing user testing and versioning.
  10. 10. Review: new software product Approach  Choose industries/product categories  Research keywords & competitors  Define differentiated software products/services in search content demand  Create marketing strategy, branding & promotions plan  Design and build software product  Output promotions, digital sites & SEO  Crowdsource for upsell products  Product User and Ongoing Testing and Versioning
  11. 11. Information Architecture:A Consumer Search Approach
  12. 12. Functionality: Give the People What they Want (e.g., tracking). In-site Search can Show Demand as well as Off-site Search
  13. 13. TREND: Websites look more & more like software. Software looks more & more like websites.
  14. 14. Image-Driven, or Utilitarian?
  15. 15. Search-Based Architecture
  16. 16. Review  Give the people what they want (via keyword search)  Websites become software, software becomes websites  Decide: Image-driven, or utilitarian in approach and design  Search-based architecture
  17. 17. Thank You! And thanks to Mastering Online Marketing by M. Myerson for the inspiration for this!Jake Aull | Zen Fires Digital Marketing | GSU Social Media Marketing Instructor 404.259.5550 | | @jakeaull