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Gsu-Mastering eCommerce & online Marketing


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eCommerce, keyword selection and the marketing funnel

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Gsu-Mastering eCommerce & online Marketing

  1. 1. MASTERING ONLINE MARKETING & E-COMMERCE Jake Aull GSU Social Media Marketing 2012
  2. 2. Kickoff Notes: •  What are the major stages for ecommerce entrepreneurship from Mastering Online Marketing? •  Note: This is a great way to approach web business and digital/ social media marketing. •  Likewise with my presentation: •  & with my presentation on the steps of keyword research in Google AdWords Keyword Planner:
  3. 3. Approach to eCommerce entrepreneurship 1). Formulate product/service business ideas and affiliated keywords list (start broad). 2). Test keywords in SEO and keyword analysis tools for top keywords in demand. 3). Research competitive sites from same tools and search results.
  4. 4. Keyword selection
  5. 5. Keyword Comparison
  6. 6. Approach to eCommerce entrepreneurship 4). Define differentiated products/services in demand. 5). Create marketing strategy and plan. 6). Construct promotions funnel, incentivizations and calendar.
  7. 7. Approach to eCommerce entrepreneurship 7). Create promotions. 7a.) Buy email list. 7b.) Target and test emails. 7c.) PPC advertising 7d.) Set up social media channels and profiles. 7e.) Find existing communities on your niche. 7f.) Help and answer questions there; your profile pulls viewers to your sites. 7g.) SEO (keyword build) your sites. 7h.) Submit your sites to social search engines & share sites (Reditt, Digg, StumbleUpon,
  8. 8. Approach to e-Commerce entrepreneurship 8). Set up customer info-capture landing page survey (require survey and info-capture for incentives). 9). Ask survey questions that could crowdsource product upsell ideas. 9b.) Crowdsource questions in social sites. 10). Identify upsell products, plans and affiliate partnerships. 11). Implement and test.
  9. 9. Marketing funnel
  10. 10. Review: e-Commerce Approach •  Choose industries/product categories •  Research keywords & competitors •  Define differentiated products/services in search content demand •  Create digital marketing strategy & plan •  Output promotions & SEO •  Promote landing page & measure marketing funnel •  Affiliate partnerships •  Crowdsource for upsell products •  A/B; Multivariate Testing