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Protocol no 2_by_angelica.doc

  1. 1. UNIVERSIDAD DE LA AMAZONIA EDUCATION SCIENCES FACULTY ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING PROGRAM PEDAGOGICAL RESEARCH I II-2013 PROTOCOL No 2 Last Tuesdayon August 20th of 2013 at 8:19 pm in classroom 2115 was carried out the Pedagogical Research I class No 3 with twenty eight (28) students under the direction of Professor Silvia Lucia Molina Higuera. Professor startedthe class reading about the different activities she programmed for the class, there were: 1. Assign the Protocol. 2. Pedagogical Agreement revision and sign of it. 3. Reading about PP. 4. Select randomly two reflections in Spanish and two in English to be reading in class. 5. Quiz No 1. 6. Activity for Class No 3. 7. Video about how to edit videos. 8. For first activity the volunteer to write the protocol was the student LUZ ANGELICA RESTREPO. For next activity Professor read and showed the Pedagogical Agreement to students in order to discuss about it and decide the date for the PP handing. The dates selected were: First PP handing in: October 22nd , 2013 Final PP handing in: November 27th , 2013. Also, the Course program was reviewing and finally the Pedagogical Agreement was signed by the Students´ Representative BRIYITH PEREZ. The PA was signed without any changes in its content. After it, next activity was reviewed last class homework about a reflection.Professor asked for volunteers, the ides was read two reflections in Spanish and two in English, in this activity participated: Nathalie, Jorge, Paola and Gustavo Antonio.Then, the task was collected from all students. Before next activity which wasenumerated students from 1 to 8 in order to organize groups of three people to develop a quiz about the movie Sherlock Holmes, Professor gave by pairs a piece of paper with an image called stereogram in order to teach us the importance of going beyond in research processes.For the quiz, each group selected randomly just one question through a game called ten questions.
  2. 2. UNIVERSIDAD DE LA AMAZONIA EDUCATION SCIENCES FACULTY ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING PROGRAM PEDAGOGICAL RESEARCH I II-2013 Then, Professor assigned the task for next Wednesday which consists of reading a document about portfolio. Each student has to write two questions about the reading and send them via e-mail to the Professor before the class. Then individually, each student wrote a personal concept about “What is research?”. Finally, professor assigned an activity for next Tuesday class on August 27th , where students, by groups of three people, have to 1. Look for three people,between professors and students, around the university and interview them asking about “What is research for you?” Record the interview using a video camera and edit the video to be shared in class. Transcript the three concepts. 2. After it, look for three academic concepts of RESEARCH from three different references. Write the concept and also the references using APA rules. Professor Molina showed students a video she record about How to edit a video. Finally, she added that every video about the interviews will be projected the class on August 27th . The class ended at 10:30 pm. By LUZ ANGELICA RESTREPO.