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Building digital capability surgery


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Published in: Education
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Building digital capability surgery

  1. 1. Building digital capability September 2018
  2. 2. Developing staff and student digital capability • Information literacy • Data literacy • Media literacy Building digital capability2 • ICT proficiency • ICT productivity • Digital learning • Digital teaching • Digital creation • Digital research and problem solving • Digital innovation • Digital identity management • Digital wellbeing • Digital communication • Digital collaboration • Digital participation
  3. 3. Building digital capability service 3 Find out more and sign up at:
  4. 4. Building digital capability website Building digital capability4
  5. 5. Building digital capability website – for everyone Building digital capability5 Access to: •What is digital capability? •High level digital capability frameworks • Six elements of digital capability • Digital capabilities framework for organisations • Eight role profiles • NEW **professional services staff in education •Discovery tool (free reduced version) •Advice and guidance •Case studies NEW **University of Leicester
  6. 6. Building digital capability website – for subscribers •3 pathways through the resources • Leading digital change • Developing others • Developing my digital capability •Strategic steps towards organisational digital capability • Suggested actions, resources and potential outcomes •Discovery tool (full version) with full guidance on implementation Building digital capability6 Access to:
  7. 7. What is the discovery tool? • A self-administered quiz for staff and students about digital practices in education • Designed to give useful feedback including 'next steps' and links to resources • Reflective, informative and developmental • Based on the Jisc digital capability framework Building digital capability7 It is: • An objective measure of digital competence or performance • A complete learning resource or course of study It isn’t:
  8. 8. New and improved features Building digital capability8
  9. 9. Simpler dashboard Building digital capability9
  10. 10. Question set bank Building digital capability10
  11. 11. Each question set has two question types: Building digital capability11 3 Confidence 1 2 Activity (grid)
  12. 12. Individual report Building digital capability12 Each element has: • Level: developing | capable | proficient • Next steps: what people at this level can try to develop further • Resources: links to selected resources for further exploration
  13. 13. Reports page Building digital capability13
  14. 14. Resource bank Building digital capability14 Teaching resource bank
  15. 15. Institutional data dashboards • Overall number of staff that have completed question sets (by department) • Scoring bands (developing / capable / proficient) - Overall organisation - Department - Subject - And sector comparisons for all Building digital capability15 Provides institutional leads with anonymised data on:
  16. 16. Coming soon… Building digital capability16 Resources added by institutions to feedback reports Digital badges
  17. 17. Free version available to all staff Building digital capability17 Feedback report (shortened version)
  18. 18. What’s next? • Discovery tool • Question sets – more roles or by theme? • Other tool features • Digital capability framework • How can it be made more usable and actionable? • Role profile enhancements – key roles missing, or do we need to consider a different approach? Or clearer mapping back to the framework elements? • Supporting organisational digital capability • Maturity model for to help identify what ‘good’ looks like at different stages? Building digital capability18 What would add value for you and your organisation? Padlet:
  19. 19. Findings from the pilot • Total number of completions: • 4812 staff • 413 learners • From 112 organisations • Findings from: • 543 staff, 71 learners and 34 institutional leads • Plus interviews and focus groups • Overall • Approximately three quarters users rated their overall experience as good or excellent • Greatest benefit – opportunity to reflect on practice Building digital capability19
  20. 20. Perceived levels of benefit of the discovery tool to staff/learners Building digital capability20 3% 42% 49% 6% Minimal benefit Some benefit Beneficial Highly beneficial 10% 60% 30% Minimal benefit Some benefit Beneficial Very beneficial Staff Learners
  21. 21. What the staff and students have told us Building digital capability21 “I enjoyed using it. The report accurately recorded my strengths and weaknesses” “I thought the data and insights it provided just based on a quick assessment was really good” “Made me think about things in more detail, and actually assess responses” “Did give me an idea of specific areas which would be worth working on, targeted action” “Really useful, and I particularly like how it is relevant to skills for both my course and my future career” “[I’ve] shied away from this area, so having an abundance of help/ feedback was great”
  22. 22. Perceived levels of benefit of the discovery tool to organisations Building digital capability22 6% 39% 43% 12% Minimal benefit Some benefit Beneficial Very beneficial
  23. 23. Follow developments Building digital capability23 Interested in the service? • New service site: • Sign up at: • Discovery tool: Follow developments • Project blog: Communication • Email the project team at: • Follow #digitalcapability on Twitter Resources • Six elements framework: • Digital capability institutional videos • Role profiles - overview: different-roles and accessed from: digital-capability/ • Online guide – Developing organisational approaches to digital capability • Digital leaders programme programme
  24. 24. Get in touch… Building digital capability24 Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under CC-BY