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  1. 1. GATEWAY TO FINNISH EXPERTISEImproved by Nano -How innovative companies can besupported through publicly fundedinitiatives?Dr. Mika Koskenvuori, Program DirectorNanotechnology Centre of Expertise, Helsinki RegionCulminatum Innovation Oy,
  2. 2. GATEWAY TO FINNISH EXPERTISEA nation of scientist and engineers1916: the Valio executive board explained the establishment of Valio laboratory:”Only a country whose economy is based on science can attain andpreserve the first position in the economic contest between nations..”Source: R&D Director of Valio at SHOK summit, Marina Congress center Helsinki 20122006: Finland is 1st in fraction of researchers in the populationSource: OECDThe best country in the world (Newsweek 2010)2nd within the world’s innovation hot spots (Harvard Business Rev. 2009)1st in fraction of researchers in the population (OECD 2006)The most competitive nation (IMD, Harvard)One of the least corrupt (Transparency Intl.)One of the best public education system (OECD)One of the best in penetration of mobile and Internet
  3. 3. GATEWAY TO FINNISH EXPERTISEThe Finnish Innovation systemResearchandInnovationCouncilUniversitiesMinistryof EducationOtherministriesParliament of FinlandCouncil of StateELY-CentresEconomic Development,Transport & EnvironmentThe Finnish National Fundfor Research andDevelopmentThe Finnish innovationenvironment =public-private partnershipOSKE Centre ofExpertise ProgramIndustry InvestmentMinistryof Employmentand the EconomySHOKsStrategic Centres of ExcellenceThe Finnish FundingAgency for technologyand InnovationThe technical researchcentre of Finland and otherresearch centresSource: Antti Valle,Ministry of E&EIndustries & Enterprises
  4. 4. GATEWAY TO FINNISH EXPERTISENanocluster team reaches >90% of all Finnish nano and micro activities and stakeholdersNanotechnology cluster programme– the gateway to Finnish nanotech expertiseMinistry of Employment and The Economy, 2007-13Fostering the growth of Finnish nanotechbased business and implementation ofnanotechnology in Finnish industryServiceso OSKE Partneringo OSKE Promotionso OSKE Projectso OSKE Business skillsResources:8 Centres of Expertise + Coordination2 MEur Annually + projectsInternationallyFinnish partners toInternational projects!OuluMikkeliJoensuuKokkolaTurkuTampereJyväskyläHelsinki Region& Coordination
  5. 5. GATEWAY TO FINNISH EXPERTISENanocluster’s role and added valuewithin the Finnish innovation system5IntelligentmachinesTourismMarineLivingWell-beingHealthBioImprovedby NanoCleantechUbiquitouscomputingFoodDevelpmentDigibusinessEnergyForesto Improved by nanotechnologypractical information on theopportunities and added value ofnanotechnology,systematically to different sectorso Nanotech Finlandstrong brand, services and networksfor kicking off global businesso Neutral informationwww.Nanobusiness.fiwww.Nanoresearch.fiwww.FinDNano.fio Gateway to Finnish Nanotechreaching >90% of Finnish nanotechstakeholders and activitiesBOOSTING INNOVATION IS NO RANDOM WALK OR A BUNCH OFLUCKY COINCIDENCES, IT IS ABOUT SYSTEMATIC WORK
  6. 6. GATEWAY TO FINNISH EXPERTISE23.3.2010 Eeva ViinikkaWhy various sectors want to be”Improved by Nano”?The effect of nanotech is high in:• New product launch (according to 62% of the 278companies)• New market entry (60%)• Increase in sales revenue (57%)
  7. 7. GATEWAY TO FINNISH EXPERTISENew business from knowing thetechnology and companies• Nanotechnology Centre of Expertise supports in theadaptation of nanotechnology• Identify the companies and branches that can benefitfrom nanotechnology, but do not use it yet• Utilize the expertise of local authorities or othercompetence clusters to identify the potential targetcompanies• Contact the companies with a practical suggestionabout the technology and show the added value• Work together with the company to analyze thebusiness potential• Launch development projects that lead to the renewalof the business of the target companies
  8. 8. GATEWAY TO FINNISH EXPERTISENanohouse: Finnish nanotechnologyin living• Nano CoE offered nanotechnology companies apossibility to enter into living-business in Valkeakoskihousing fair in 2009• In ”Light-house” by Herrala-talot, followingnanotechnology companies and productswere presented:• Easy to clean surfaces by Millidyne• Nano-colored glass tiles by nGlass• Easy to clean textiles by Coconate• Air-filtration system by Genano
  9. 9. GATEWAY TO FINNISH EXPERTISEFinnish hotel of Tomorrow:Business from tourism• Two Hotel rooms of BW Hotel Haaga completelyrenovated utilizing new Finnish technologies andconcepts – including nanotechnology.• Nanotechnology Centre of Expertise was responsible forpulling in nanotechnology companies• The rooms act as :• regular hotel rooms• living lab• showroom• door opener23.3.2010 Eeva Viinikka
  10. 10. GATEWAY TO FINNISH EXPERTISEKontula elderly center: Nano-wellbeing• The City of Helsinki has built a new Elderly Centre inKontula where new innovations were applied.• Nano CoE was invited to identify and pull innanotechnology applicable to well-being sector andespecially to elderly care• As results:• Millidyne Oy launched Avalon anti-microbial coating forwell-being sector in 09/2009• Directional audio speakers byPanphonics Oy:n were taken intouse in the elderly center
  12. 12. GATEWAY TO FINNISH EXPERTISEPromoting nano to industrial applications• Customer clusters: machinery, marine, forestry, food industry• Public sector: transport• Seminars• New business opportunities to nano SME:s• Renewal and added value to the customer sector• Speakers: nanotech companies invited by Nanocluster• Audience: invited by the customer cluster• Materials: brochures tailored for customer point of view• Matching: partnering event• Promotion: small scale exhibition• Roundtable: companies & scientists & end users• Results:
  13. 13. GATEWAY TO FINNISH EXPERTISESource: Metso PaperOriginal use of the coating: PapermachineMX06Teflon
  14. 14. GATEWAY TO FINNISH EXPERTISEOne product – many applications
  15. 15. GATEWAY TO FINNISH EXPERTISESpearheading nanotechnology in FinlandWell established business & High class research• Nanomaterials• Nanosurfaces• Photonics• Aerosols (• Microtechnology and MEMS• Medical diagnosticsHigh class research, to be commercialized• Nanocellulose• Printed Intelligence (• Nanoelectronics• Safety and metrology• Modelling and characterization
  16. 16. GATEWAY TO FINNISH EXPERTISEca. 500 nanocompanies: > 200 selling products, share of exports > 60%12/2008: combined turnover more than 300 M€, 3000 employeesFinnish Nanotechnology Now!
  17. 17. GATEWAY TO FINNISH EXPERTISERemember this about Nanotechnology CoE• We support the profitable adapation of nanotechnologyin the Finnish industry• We know the researchers, the companies and otherstakeholders!• We open the pathway to the added value of nano know-how and to new possibilities!