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TCILatinAmerica16 Building Innovative Ecosystem Agrofood & Bioeconomy in Lombardy Region


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By Gianluca Carenzo, presented during the 9th TCI Latin American Cluster Conference, Temuco, Chile, 14-17 June 2016

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TCILatinAmerica16 Building Innovative Ecosystem Agrofood & Bioeconomy in Lombardy Region

  1. 1. Building Innovative Ecosystem Agrofood & Bioeconomy in Lombardy Region RELATOR: GIANLUCA CARENZO
  2. 2. Gianluca Carenzo Gianluca Carenzo Managing director & CEO PTP Science Park President APSTI, Italian Association STP Board member Cluster Agrifood Lombardia Board member ASSOBIOTEC, italian association biotech companies Founder & CEO , Flowmetric Europe mail cell. 380. 46. 15. 173
  3. 3. Gianluca Carenzo building innovative glocal ecosystems
  4. 4. 4 Italian innovation system SMEs are working mainly in local industrial environments integrated on the classical industrial district model. Italian competition belong more a craft made tradition than an industrial tradition (even in high tech). Start up boom! Decreto “Crescitalia”. Italian Industries are exporting more in medium-low tech sector than in high tech. high number of SMEs: 50% of the workers in manufacturing are working in companies with less than 50 employees and the 30% in companies with less than 20 employees.
  5. 5. www.investinlombardy.com5© 2015 INVESTIN LOMBARDY - All Rights reserved. LOMBARDY REGION
  6. 6. Trends of the future?
  7. 7. Where is the added value in the agrofood chain?
  8. 8. New markets and trends 8
  9. 9. #Bioprocesses #Biomasses #Biorefineries #waste #ricycle beyond Agrofood: BioEconomy
  10. 10. Technology is “driving” agrofood
  11. 11. Industry Food & Beverage: a crucial support through technology innovation  Innovation (measured through patents) positively influences both turnover and profitability. Innovation impact on turnover and profitability (2008-10) (average figures) (%) Source: Intesa Sanpaolo (4819 balance sheeets) 0,0 1,0 2,0 3,0 4,0 5,0 6,0 7,0 8,0 9,0 Crescita del fatturato 2008-10 Mol/Fatturato 2010 Non brevettano BrevettanoNo patents Patents Increase in turnover 2008-10 EBITDA / Turnover 2008-10
  12. 12. Technology impact on agri-food value chain R&D Production Distribution Food Safety, Security and Quality Sustainability Agriculture and Biodiversity • Food conservation • Sanitization - Sterilization • Traceability • Special diets • Raw materials diagnostics • Biotechnology • Nutraceuticals • Energy efficiency • Pollution reduction • Big Data and predictive analysis tools • Active packaging • Advanceed analysis / imaging • Natural additives • Detection / RFId • Functional food for allergies • Virtual Store, Social Network Analysis • Mobile Solution e-payment • Recyclable / biodegradable packaging • Biomass Plants • Photovoltaic greenhouses • Energy efficiency • «Green» fertilizers and cattle feed • Logistics solutions towards «Km 0» Phase Topic
  13. 13. The evolution: better integration with: - SME’s - local actors & global actors - markets But HOW?
  14. 14. PTP – Science Park PTP is the leading Italian Science and Technology Park operating in the Agrifood, Bioeconomy and Life Sciences sectors, part of the Lodi campus. PTP Core Facilities and Research Units offer services to companies to promote innovation and create value to increase competitiveness. With Alimenta, its business accelerator, PTP supports the creation of new businesses.
  15. 15. PTP: a Decade of Innovation
  16. 16. Lodi Campus 16Creativity World Forum, Dec 1st, Stuttgart 16 -Università di Milano- Veterinary -Ist. Zooprofilattico -CNR-IBBA -Laboratories Università di Milano-Agraria -Consorzio Italiano Biogas-CIB -Cascina Codazza, residence CIDIS -CREA, Ministry of Food &Agro centers -Arcagna-Experimental Fruit stationUNIMI
  17. 17. •PTP operates in 3 areas PillarsAgri-Food Bioeconomy Biomedicine Animal and plant breeding, sustainability, agri-food production valorization Industrial bioprocess development, biorefineries, renewable resources, waste reduction. Biomarkers for pathologies and allergies, nutraceutical, nutrigenetics, active molecules, pre-clinical studies.
  18. 18. N°9 Alimenta Incubator Location: Lodi, Italy Foundation: 2006 Size: 2 400 m² Companies: 13 Facilities: Laboratories, offices and meeting rooms Sectors: Agrifood, Bioeconomy and Life Sciences About: Alimenta Incubator is also an Accelerator and are located in Parco Tecnologico Padano (PTP). Until today Alimenta has supported more than 40 innovative enterprises to start up and enter in the business market. Besides Alimenta, PTP develops business- oriented research and offers services in collaboration with its steady network of companies, universities and research centers. 11.11.2015
  19. 19. Cultivating new ideas Coworking space Temporary offices Wet Labs Convention Centre Meeting rooms Advisors Mentors Prototyping laboratory
  20. 20. The Cluster and the S3 Strategy The Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3), part of EU2020 strategy, is a prerequisite to access to FESR/FSE/FEASR listed in EU funding projects for 2014-2020 Nine Technological Clusters of Lombardy (CTL) are positive environment for companies and “ears” aimed at intercepting the needs of the productive society. Clusters have been selected to support the development of sectors identified as priorities for the territory. Agrifood Aerospace Green Chemistry Energy Smart Factory Mobility Sciences of Life Technologies for Smart Communities Technologies for Social Environments
  21. 21. The High Technology Agri-Food Cluster of Lombardy CAT.AL Cluster acts as fostering hub for regional Agrifood research and productive system growth and competitiveness. CATAL eagers to be leading actor in a crucial strategic asset for key innovative technologies development and their transfer process through the implementation of network and processes boosting Lombardy competitiveness at international stage.
  22. 22. Integrated in the territory Partnership of enterprises, universities and research hubs based in Lombardy Activities • Innovation • Internationalization • Research and innovation infrastructures • Communication • Training Sectors • Production, Processing, and Retail Distribution: sustainable and competitive agri-food value chian • Human wellness: Product quality and Nutrition • Food Safety and Security • Management, Regulation, Technology Transfer and Education
  23. 23. Cluster strategy for the benefit of SMEs Regional Cluster CAT.AL • +100 Partners • PTP has the legal mandate to represent the Cluster (Region of Lombardy mandate) • Italian Law Legal entity-ATS National Cluster CL.AN • Funded by Ministry of University & Research • General Coordinator: Federalimentare • Region of Lombardy mandate for the board • 3 Strategic projects implemented in Agrofood World Food Cluster • EU project funded , DG ENTR&IND-ECCP • 3 top EU Bio-clusters on the World Stage • Together @ internationalisation strategy
  24. 24. Examples to boost innovation trough local interaction
  25. 25. Connecting projects: the Open Innovation platform The Open Innovation platform is a collaborative tool promoted by the government of Lombardy, in order to support exchange of views and skills among professional innovators. The goal is to streamline expertise and push forward projects that can contribute to face key challenges for growth in fields related to industry, economy and social sphere.
  26. 26. Infrastructure Partnering Research Innovative Applications: from agriculture to bio-energies Lombardy Region
  27. 27. • IpadLab is based in the business incubator ALIMENTA managed by Parco Tecnologico Padano (PTP) in Lodi town and it has facilities in Parco Scientifico e Tecnologico della Sicilia, Catania specialized on citrus • The company is certified for ISO 9001:2008 and registered laboratory within the Italian public plant health control system • Recently mentioned in the “Italy Cleantech 10: A Lens on Innovative SMEs in Italy” by Cleantech group A research-based group International Plant Analysis and diagnostics IpadLab: agriculture of the future Headquarter s (Lodi Italy) Qualiplante (Montpellier France) Manufactures and distributes diagnostic kits Global R&D, main analysis lab, sales and marketing headquarter • Located in the heart of agriculture clusters
  28. 28. Innovative Applications: DNA Certified ™ Goal: to offer a concrete assurance of quality, Food Safety & traceability to producers and consumers. PTP registered Brand Innovative genetics methods to serve Food & Cosmetics production
  29. 29. Gianluca Carenzo Expo 2015 was a wonderful project for Italy, now is time to valorize the contents- legacy. #ExpoDopoExpo