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All is change. TECNALIA.


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All is change. TECNALIA.

  4. 4. At TECNALIA we work alongside companies and entities that are willing to join the powerful change driven by the digital revolution. Technology takes us to the future. CHANGE IS THE ONLY WAY 4 AGENT OF CHANGE
  5. 5. WE ARE A BENCHMARK COMPANY IN EUROPE We are a benchmark Research and Technological Development Company in Europe. Our mission unites us: we transform technology into GDP. And our vision makes us different: to be the agents of change in industry. 5 AGENT OF CHANGE
  6. 6. We do it thanks to a committed team of professionals passionate about technology. And our high potential for R&D and innovation and advanced services. 248 PhDs 1,407 on staff A TEAM OF PROFESSIONALS COMMITTED TO YOU 6 AGENT OF CHANGE
  8. 8. BUSINESS ENGAGEMENT 6 Institutional Trustees Basque Government, General State Administration, Regional Councils, University of the Basque Country - UPV/EHU Appointed Trustees Persons of recognised standing 25 11 8 Patron Trustees Companies Deeply rooted in the business community and with a strong institutional backing, TECNALIA has a solid foundation to become your business driver. Over 100 companies take part in our Governing Bodies. Numerary Trustees Town and City Councils and Trade Associations 8 TECHNOLOGICAL PARTNER FOR COMPANIES
  9. 9. We are committed to the closest collaboration to obtain the highest level of satisfaction for you. COLLABORATING WITH COMPANIES Satisfied clients* 8.15 / 10 *Clients' satisfaction index in 2018 >7,000 CLIENT COMPANIES 2011 - 2018 75% SMEs 25% Large companies 9 TECHNOLOGICAL PARTNER FOR COMPANIES
  10. 10. TECNALIA’s Relationship Models with Companies vary according to their Technological Innovation degree, adapting to the needs of each Company. RELATIONSHIP MODELS WITH COMPANIES SMEs Large companies + innovative SMEs Large companies + very innovative SMEs TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION IN COMPANIES R&D and innovation Projects, Technological Services and Business Opportunities Model of Strategic Relationship with Clients SMEs office GROWING INNOVATION DEGREE 1 2 3 10 TECHNOLOGICAL PARTNER FOR COMPANIES
  12. 12. We want to be involved in your project, help your company increase its competitiveness through technology. We have a long way ahead, with you. WE CAN DO SO MUCH TOGETHER . Laboratory Services 1 R&D and Innovation Projects Business Opportunities 12 IMPACT SERVICES 3 2
  13. 13. 25 10 SecurityA team of experts and a set of laboratories which develop, certify and validate processes, systems and products that you need to launch on the market. Trust Proximity LABORATORY SERVICES 1) 13 IMPACT SERVICES
  14. 14. 25 10R&D AND INNOVATION PROJECTS 2) As strategic partners for your company, we develop customised R&D and innovation projects with a single aim: to generate impact on your business through technology. Development Involvement with you Research 14 IMPACT SERVICES
  15. 15. 25 10BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES 3) Through TECNALIA Ventures, we connect you with the three pillars of the technology transfer to market: People with a business profile enabling ideas to be turned into solutions. Investors supporting solution development. Ideas and technological assets oriented to business generation. 15 IMPACT SERVICES
  17. 17. We are alert and ready to face all current challenges and opportunities as well as those which lie ahead. Along all the paths which lead us to the future. READY TO FACE NEW CHALLENGES WITH YOU 17 SCOPES OF ACTION DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION
  19. 19. “Our key to success is to work hard with great enthusiasm and passion, and to build on innovation and technology hand-in-hand with TECNALIA”. – Mª Asun Ruiz de Gauna Manager of QUIDE “An increasingly demanding world in terms of technology will require constant innovation from us, thus our collaboration with TECNALIA is an integral part of our business model”. Susana Lasa CEO of LANIK “TECNALIA assists us in the digitalisation of our products in order to become Industry 4.0”. Mikel Arriola Yagüe Production Manager of ZAYER “Collaboration with TECNALIA has been very rewarding for KEREON and has enabled us to identify new technology-based business opportunities”. Jose Tesán Partner & Investment Director of KEREON OTHERS ALREADY SHARE THEIR PATH WITH US “Thanks to our collaboration with TECNALIA we have been able to quickly overcome hurdles and at IKUSI we appreciate very much that their experts have been ready to approach the real problems of our clients”. Marco Domínguez Bonini Technology Strategy Director of IKUSI 19 INSPIRING STORIES
  20. 20. QUIDE/DEVA An innovative project on solid ground • It was established in 1950 and has 35 employees. • With sales in over 35 countries. • One of the 10 best companies in the world in the manufacture of floor chemicals. Mª Asun Ruiz de Gauna Manager of QUIDE Our key to success is to work hard, with great enthusiasm and passion, and to build on the innovation and technology hand-in-hand with TECNALIA”. QUIDE/DEVA + TECNALIA Collaboration Development of new products and collaboration: • High performance varnishes for wooden floors. • Silicon dioxide based nano coatings for protection of wooden surfaces. • Low-emission coatings for improved interior air quality in particularly critical environments. • Product performance assessment through physical/mechanical, biological and chemical, and durability and fire performance tests. “ 20 INSPIRING STORIES (Abril 2017)
  21. 21. DITREL Offshore Connectivity • Family business with 9 employees. • With 35 years' experience manufacturing bolts for high-voltage insulators. • The company decided to diversify in the sector of marine renewable energies over 5 years ago. Ibon Larrea Astobiza Chief Technical Officer of DITREL What we value most about TECNALIA is that they have accompanied us throughout the internal metamorphosis of our company, leading the way when we did not know and letting us lead when we had the upper hand”. DITREL + TECNALIA Collaboration TECNALIA provided DITREL, not only with multidisciplinary technical knowledge, calculation tools or development methodologies, but also and more importantly, assisting us during the internal metamorphosis of our company. Together they have developed designs and obtained results which are returning a mutual benefit, such as the KONEKTA2 project: a new underwater electrical connector which simplifies and reduces the cost associated with traditional offshore electrical connection and disconnection operations. “ 21 INSPIRING STORIES (May 2018)
  22. 22. LANIK Innovation Infrastructures • The company has over 40 years' experience on the market and 80 employees. • It offers a multi-disciplinary engineering service to turn the design of the most complex and unique buildings into a reality. • It has patented solutions of structures for roofs, façades and retractable systems. Susana Lasa CEO of LANIK An increasingly demanding world in terms of technology will require constant innovation from us, thus our collaboration with TECNALIA is an integral part of our business model”. LANIK + TECNALIA Collaboration Development of new products and collaboration: As a result of this continuous collaboration, LANIK was able to create different solutions such as: • Virtual and Augmented Reality Tools to innovate in design and management processes for construction projects. • An advanced multidisciplinary technological platform to access first-class prescribers, clients and projects. • New solutions for complex spatial structures. • Retractable roof automation systems. “ 22 INSPIRING STORIES (October 2017)
  23. 23. ZAYER Machine tool and innovative chip removal • This capital goods company is a family business established in 1950. • It is dedicated to the design and manufacture of chip removal machines for various sectors, as well as providing high added-value services. • Its products have an outstanding technological level. Mikel Arriola Yagüe Production Manager of ZAYER TECNALIA assists us in the digitalisation of our products in order to become Industry 4.0”. ZAYER + TECNALIA Collaboration • TECNALIA assists ZAYER in the digitalisation process for stepping forward to Industry 4.0. • Developing new high value- added products and services. • Technological solution development which integrates connectivity and intelligence into machine tools. “ 23 INSPIRING STORIES (June 2017)
  24. 24. IKUSI Smart Experience • Part of Velatia group, employing over 800 people, and with clients in more than 80 countries. • It provides technological solutions to operators in different sectors such as: airports, cities, utilities, hospitals, etc. • The company is defined by its innovative DNA under constant evolution. Marco Domínguez Bonini Technology Strategy Director of IKUSI Thanks to our collaboration with TECNALIA we have been able to quickly overcome hurdles and at IKUSI we appreciate very much that their experts have been ready to approach the real problems of our clients”. IKUSI + TECNALIA Collaboration Development of new products and collaboration: • Implementing predictive capabilities to identify service demand at airports. • Developing a product where data predict trends that help to optimise resource management. “ 24 INSPIRING STORIES (October 2017)
  25. 25. ZIV Innovation for the electrical grid of the future • 500 professionals and clients in over 85 countries. • Almost exclusively dedicated to the electricity industry and Smart Grids. • Specialising in the domain of three key technologies such as protection and control, communications and measurement. Norberto Santiago Elustondo CEO & President of ZIV Since the launch of ZIV we have relied on TECNALIA as our technology partner”. ZIV + TECNALIA Collaboration Development of new products and collaboration: • Testing and certification of products in accordance with international standards. • Cooperation with TECNALIA during the development stage of smart grids equipment. • The PRIME standard, with ZIV as a founding partner and joined by TECNALIA in 2012, has resulted in a collaboration that has led to outstanding results. This collaboration has positioned ZIV as a technological leader in the Smart Grids market. “ 25 INSPIRING STORIES (May 2017)
  26. 26. AERNNOVA Design and manufacture of aerostructures • Established in the Basque Country 30 years ago. • It continues to design and manufacture integrated aerostructures and components such as wings, stabilisers and fuselages, to the highest aeronautical rating and quality standards. • It works for the major aircraft and helicopter manufacturers worldwide. Miguel Ángel Castillo Acero VP Technology Development of AERNNOVA TECNALIA helps us to develop technologies which are not sufficiently mature to be offered to our clients and acts as a bridge with fundamental research carried out at Universities”. AERNNOVA + TECNALIA Collaboration For over 15 years, AERNNOVA and TECNALIA have collaborated in fields such as: • New materials • Smart processes • Robotic solutions • Industry 4.0 “ 26 INSPIRING STORIES (October 2017)
  27. 27. KEREON Creating an innovative business network • KEREON is a team of five professionals working with an investment tool and participating in business projects. • It was created with the chief commitment to creating a business, carry out an economic activity and generate employment. • Its work involves identifying technology-based business opportunities with high impact potential. Jose Tesán Partner & Investment Director of KEREON Collaboration with TECNALIA has been very rewarding for KEREON and has enabled us to identify new technology-based business opportunities”. KEREON + TECNALIA Collaboration • BIOSYNCAUCHO. The “BIO” alternative to petroleum-based rubber. Its purpose is to develop high added-value chemical products based on renewable raw materials. • DIGIMET. It turns the steel dust environment issue into a business opportunity thanks to a new design of a patented ladle furnace concept. “ 27 INSPIRING STORIES (June 2017)
  28. 28. IBARMIA Your machine-tool point • Company of family origin that has manufactured machine tools in Azkoitia for more than 60 years. • With 130 people and exports 80% of its production to different European markets and in the USA, India or China. • Its products have an outstanding technological level. Arrate Olaiz Innovation Director of IBARMIA TECNALIA helps us identify both the market trends that will mark the future and technological developments that we could not carry out alone, shortening the time to launch new products”. IBARMIA + TECNALIA Collaboration Thanks to this +15-year collaboration, IBARMIA can supply innovative high added value products and systems to their clients in fields such us: • Manufacturing via 3D Printing. • Smart and Connected Machines. • New Advanced Services. “ 28 INSPIRING STORIES (October 2018)
  29. 29. BIZKARRA Tradition and innovation, with its own character • Family business of three generations which specialises in bakery and pastry products. • Since it was founded in 1957, it has always been faithful to natural products and original creations. • It’s a leading brand in the high quality traditional bakery sector, and they only sell products that have been made by their bakers. Eduardo Bizkarra Managing Director of BIZKARRA TECNALIA has been helping Bizkarra to create new products and to understand the new ingredients required to improve people's health”. BIZKARRA + TECNALIA Collaboration As a result of a decade-long collaboration with TECNALIA, tradition and innovation have joined forces in BIZKARRA while maintaining their own personal touch in: • Traditional baked goods. • Healthy bread rich in fibre and omega 3. • Products tailored to meet the nutritional requirements and desired textures for the elderly. “ 29 INSPIRING STORIES (October 2018)
  30. 30. ENKOA Identification and control systems • ENKOA is an engineering company that develops, designs and sells high added value electronic systems for the Hospitality sector. • It also develops products for the food and health sector. • Its main competitive advantage is specialisation in the electronics sector and the know-how of the hardware and software that they develop. Juan Cruz Iriondo Managing Director of ENKOA The collaboration with TECNALIA has allowed us to increase our competitiveness and technological skills”. ENKOA + TECNALIA Collaboration For some time now, TECNALIA has accompanied ENKOA in the design and development of new products such as: • Electronic locks for lockers. • System for hearing impaired athletes. • Add values systems to control vegetable and fruit processes. • Device for muscle rehabilitation via multiple electrodes. “ 30 INSPIRING STORIES (February 2019)
  31. 31. IBERMÁTICA Technology at the service of people • IBERMÁTICA is a global IT services company with a team of 3,500 people operating in 10 countries. • It has its own Innovation Institute (i3B), which "clearly draws from TECNALIA's sources", according to its Director, Iñaki del Río. • It is an expert in technology and its secret is turning this technology into useful products and services for its customers. Iñaki del Río Director of Digital Labs at Ibermática/DIGITAL Director of the Ibermática Institute of Innovation (i3B) TECNALIA is one of our main technological partners in the field of Innovation development”. IBERMÁTICA + TECNALIA Collaboration Day by day, the areas of technological collaboration between Ibermática and TECNALIA keep growing, particularly those related to: • Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. • Cybersecurity/Blockchain. • Advanced Interaction Systems Virtual and Augmented Reality. 31 INSPIRING STORIES (July 2019) “
  32. 32. ARTECHE Moving Together • ARTECHE is a Basque company with more than 70 years experience in the electrical sector. • It stands out for its proximity to its customers, the flexibility of its solutions and for always responding with technology and service to resolve the challenges faced by its customers. • It has installed equipment and solutions in more than 150 countries, facing the challenges of the future in conjunction with experts like TECNALIA. Roberto Ortiz de Zarate Arteche Group R&D Director TECNALIA is a key technological partner for ARTECHE to put our products on the international market". ARTECHE + TECNALIA Collaboration The collaboration dates back more than 40 years. They are still working together today in both validation and in the development of new equipment. • Products and services for Smart Grids. • Partners in the Basque Electrical Laboratories Alliance (BELA). 32 INSPIRING STORIES (October 2019) “
  33. 33. SHARING THE JOURNEY We want to work by your side and be involved in your project; Help your company increase its competitiveness and value through technology. Together we can imagine and create the future. Tell us what we can do for you. And let's start our journey. 33 INSPIRING STORIES
  34. 34.