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Business Model Workshop Preview


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Business Model Workshop by INNODYN, LLC, an Atlanta-based consulting firm specializing in business growth development.

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Business Model Workshop Preview

  1. 1. is a learning experience about designing and implementing profitable growth engines. The Business Model Workshop... More info on the business model workshop at:
  2. 2. What is a business model and why is it important? What is a business model and why is it important?
  3. 3. Organizations often do not meet their growth expectations Why?
  4. 4. Most organizations cannot fully articulate their business model
  5. 5. The Business Model Canvas: Exploring the nine building blocks
  6. 6. Cost Structure Customer SegmentsCustomer Relationships Channels Key Activities Key Resources Key Partners Revenue Streams Value Propositions Netflix DVD Customers Streaming Content Customers Advertisers Self-service via Web Customer homepage Website Video game consoles iOS Apps Content hubs (ex: AppleTV) Mail DVD plan subscriptions Streaming plan subscription Advertising fees Flat rate DVD rental via mail No late fees unlimited # turns on DVD's per plan All you can stream video No commercials Stream video on a number of devices Broad exposure of ads to customers Processing DVD orders Streaming digital content Content licensing Producing original content Technology development Customer viewing suggestions Technology infrastructure Licensed content Original content Customer viewing behavior data Knowledge of what content will be popular Post office Content providers Content production companies DVD mailing fees DVD order processing costs Content license contracts Cost of producing original content Data equipment, facilities & staff Business Model Canvas
  7. 7. Value Exchange Mapping: Capturing Business Model Interactions
  8. 8. Spotify Value Exchange Map Free service Unlimited service Premium service Advertisers Distributor / aggregators Large music labels Merlin Network ISP's Platform Operators mobile operators Consumer electronics companies Spotify Reach customers Royalty fees Right to distribute music Targeted exposure (free users) Revenue from advertising (Free users only) $4.99/month $9.99/month Partners Increase utility value of product or service Growth Strategist Add usersSubsidized
  9. 9. Angie's List Affiliates Consumer Review Database Angie's List Magazine Big Deal Notifications Call Center Support Complaint Resolution Sign-up Fees & Subscription Fees Free Listing Advertising Big Deal Promotions Storefronts & e-Commerce Services Angie's List 6-12 Month Campaigns Add Businesses Subsidize Subscription Fees 40% of Sale 60% of Sale Reputation Management Tools Reliable & High Quality ServicesProducts from Reputable Businesses Revenue from Delivery of Products/Services General Consumers Homeowner Consumers More Customers Home Service Providers Medical Service Providers Auto Service Providers Other Service Providers Small Businesses More Members Commissions Per Sign-up Value Exchange Map Growth Strategist
  10. 10. Whole Foods Market Purchases Lifestyle Grocery Brand (Customer Pull) Affluent Social Shoppers Healthy Lifestyle Shoppers Values-based Shoppers Unique Shopping Environment Happy, Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff Elagent/Artistic Stores Coffee Bar, Bakery and Eatery (Large Selection) Customer-centric Attitude Customer Service #1 In-store Cooking Exhibition & Food Sampling Samples Throughout Store Fresh Juice Bar Produce & other items meticulously displayed Eating/Socializing Areas Grocery Products Quality Standards & Values Producers Distributors Supplier Partners Organic Certifiers Fair Trade Certifiers Other Partners Social Responsibility Certifiers Sustainable Practices Certifier Grocery Products Purchases Various Services PurchasesSpecialty Service Providers Support Whole Foods Market Custom Services Supply Chain Compliance to Standards Consumers Value Exchange Map Growth Strategist
  11. 11. Business Model Patterns
  12. 12. Business Model Mechanics (Examples)
  13. 13. Business Model Lab
  14. 14. The Business Model as a Contemporary Strategy Tool
  15. 15. Evaluating Business Models
  16. 16. Business Model Innovation
  17. 17. Business Model Innovation Examples
  18. 18. Business Model Innovation Lab
  19. 19. INNODYNBusiness Growth Development ® Innovate and prosper.