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This guide introduces the Value Exchange Mapping System (VEM). The VEM works with the Business Model Canvas to provide a kind of "stereo vision" with respect to the business model. The VEM perspective is the logic of value exchanges within the value network. By contrast, the Business Model Canvas (BMC) perspective is the logical relationships among the nine build blocks. Together, the VEM and BMC give a more comprehensive view of the business model from the vantage point of an organization and the value network in which it operates. In concert with the business model canvas, Value Exchange Mapping is a useful tool for business model thinking and business model innovation.

This guide contains the download links for all the VEM icons - .png images, Omnigraffle and Visio stencils and templates (Creative Commons license)

The Value Exchange Mapping System is a product of collaborative research between academics at Georgia State University, companies, and consultants. The research was facilitated by the Institute of Strategic Innovation located in Atlanta, Georgia USA.

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Value Exchange Mapping Guide

  1. 1. Value Exchange Mapping System GUIDE Capturing Business Model Interactions
  2. 2. The Value Exchange Mapping System is a product of collaborative research between academics, companies, and consultants facilitated by the Institute for Strategic Innovation, Inc. Innovate and prosper. ISI Institute for Strategic Innovation Atlanta, Georgia USA This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit
  3. 3. Value Exchange Mapping: Capturing Business Model Interactions
  4. 4. Angie's List Small Businesses Value Exchange Map Reputation Management Tools Growth Strategist Free Listing Subsidize Home Service Providers Consumer Review Database Angie's List Magazine Big Deal Notifications Add Businesses Advertising Medical Service Providers Call Center Support Complaint Resolution 6-12 Month Campaigns Angie's List Sign-up Fees & Subscription Fees Storefronts & e-Commerce Ser vices Auto Service Providers Other Service Providers General Consumers Subscription Fees Big Deal Promotions 40% of Sale 60% of Sale Homeowner Consumers More Members Commissions Per Sign-up Affiliates More Customers Revenue from Delivery of Products/Services Products from Reputable Businesses Reliable & High Quality Services
  5. 5. Angie's List Key Partners Business Model Canvas Key Activities Value Propositions Sales & marketing Hire the best service providers Phone support Affiliates Complaint resolution Generating content Platform development & maintenance Complaint resolution Direct via Web Authentic & detailed reviews Live support via call center Live phone support Discounts Key Resources Call center Promote business Get quality customers Cost Structure Customer Segments Homeowner Consumers General Consumers Home Service Providers Channels Advisory information Platform Platform development staff Customer Relationships Mobile Apps Medical Service Providers Auto Service Providers Generate revenue Build & manage reputation Other Service Providers Revenue Streams Data & Infrastructure maintenance Sales & marketing staff Commissions for member Sign-ups Call center Sign-up fees & subscriptions Advertising e-Commerce services Commissions on promotions
  6. 6. NETFLIX Netflix is the leading Internet television network for movies and TV shows with nearly 38 million members in 40 countries. For one low monthly price, Netflix members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on nearly any Internet-connected screen without commercials. General Info Financial Picture (2012) Growth Trajectory Business Model Themes 37+ Million subscribers Leader in category S&P 500 (June 30th, 2013) #629 Fortune 1000 (2013) Revenue: $3,609.282 Gross Profit: $983.416 Operating Income: $49.992 Net Income: $17.152 Increase subscriber base with original content exclusive to Netflix; expand into international markets Subscription revenue model Long-tail business model Broker/reseller model [Value Exchange Map] Customers Subscription Streaming Content License Fees Distribution Rights Content Providers Streaming Content Subscription DVD Postage VP DVD's DVD Delivery % Sales [Apple, Sony, etc.] DVD Content Reach Customers Viewing Behavior Advertising Fees DVD Jackets Ads Original Content % Sales Advertisers Intermediary Parters Right to Sell Streaming Content Content Production Production Companies Growth Strategist
  7. 7. Netflix Key Partners Business Model Canvas Key Activities Post office Value Propositions Processing DVD orders Content licensing Flat rate DVD rental via mail Streaming Producing digital content original content Content providers Customer viewing suggestions Technology development Content production companies Licensed content Original content Customer viewing behavior data Knowledge of what content will be popular No late fees unlimited # turns on DVD's per plan DVD order processing costs Channels Content hubs (ex: AppleTV) Website Stream video on a number of devices Broad exposure of ads to customers DVD Customers Streaming Content Customers Customer homepage No commercials Cost Structure DVD mailing fees Customer Segments Self-service via Web All you can stream video Key Resources Technology infrastructure Customer Relationships Advertisers Video game consoles iOS Apps Mail Revenue Streams Content license contracts Cost of producing original content Data equipment, facilities & staff DVD plan subscriptions Streaming plan subscription Advertising fees
  8. 8. Groupon is a marketing service that helps businesses attract customers by offering deep discounts on things to eat, see, and do in more than 500 markets worldwide. Groupons leverages collective buying power to guarantee businesses a minimun number of customers. GROUPON General Info Financial Picture (2012) Growth Trajectory Business Model Themes 35+ million subscribers Leader in category Active in 48 countries #851 in Fortune 1000 (2013) Revenue: $2,334.472 Gross Profit: $1,615.532 Operating Income: $98.701 Net Income: $-54.773 Expand goods business; physical warehouses for faster shipping; Groupon Reserve (capacity mgt); POS Apps and merchant services Collective buying model Broker/reseller model Financial intermediary Model [Value Exchange Map] Growth Strategist VP Launch Deals at 50-90% Discount (Usually 50%) Groupon Merchant Consultation (Design Deals) Daily Deal 1 Merchant Value Capture Assumptions Groupon customers will spend above Groupon customers will come back and pay full price Capture 100% of Payment Join Deal Group & Commit Payment Word of mouth referrals will generate new customers 50% of Revenue Customer Intel Merchants Payout Over 3 Months Guaranteed Number of Customers Local Offers Local Offers Else Deal Cancels; No One Charged Deal Activates (Minimum Number of Customers Reached) Groupon More Potential Customers 1 Heavily Discounted Products & Services Local Offers Group of Buyers
  9. 9. Groupon Key Partners Key Activities Value Propositions Help businesses attract new customers Sales & marketing Credit card clearing houses Customer Relationships Automated Direct via Web and email Guaranteed # of customers per daily deal Platform & app development POS solution & credit card processing Customer Segments Consumers Direct via Sales & Marketing Team Merchant center Channels Key Resources Groupon Apps & Web platform Mobile Apps Daily deal notifications Small Businesses Discounts of 50%-90% Groupon is guaranteed Cost Structure Technology operations Revenue Streams IT development staff Sales & marketing staff Commissions on sale of daily deals POS & Credit card processing services Reservation system??
  10. 10. Spotify Value Exchange Map Royalty fees Distributor / aggregators Subsidized Right to distribute music Large music labels Add users Merlin Network Reach customers Free service Unlimited service Spotify $4.99/month Partners Premium service ISP's Platform Operators Consumer electronics companies mobile operators $9.99/month Targeted exposure (free users) Increase utility value of product or ser vice Revenue from advertising (Free users only) Advertisers Growth Strategist
  11. 11. Spotify Key Partners Distributor / aggregators Large music labels Business Model Canvas Key Activities Value Propositions Delivery platform development Content licensing & reporting Huge catalogue of big music & Independent Delivery platform Unlimited download & listen to music off-line Channels Advertisers ISP's Target by location & music genre Customers not hostile to advertisement Cost Structure Premium Mobile Operators Target by demographics Knowledge of customer listening prefs IT infrastructure development Free Social media integration Key Resources Merlin Network Customer Segments Direct via Web Listen to music on any device Analyze customer behaviors Tracking & reporting portal Customer Relationships Consumer electronics companies Platform Operators Revenue Streams Infrastructure maintenance Royalty fees Unlimited subscriptions Premium subscriptions Advertising revenue (free users only)
  12. 12. Whole Foods Market Unique Shopping Environment Supplier Partners Custom Ser vices Happy, Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff Customer-centric Attitude Customer Service #1 Grocery Products Producers Elagent/Artistic Stores Produce & other items meticulously displayed Purchases Distributors Coffee Bar, Bakery and Eatery (Large Selection) Eating/Socializing Areas Various Ser vices Specialty Service Providers Purchases Support Fair Trade Certifiers Whole Foods Market Social Responsibility Certifiers Samples Throughout Store Sustainable Practices Certifier Consumers Healthy Lifestyle Shoppers Affluent Social Shoppers Quality Standards & Values Lifestyle Grocery Brand (Customer Pull) Supply Chain Compliance to Standards Growth Strategist In-store Cooking Exhibition & Food Sampling Fresh Juice Bar Other Partners Organic Certifiers Value Exchange Map Grocery Products Purchases Values-based Shoppers
  13. 13. Whole Foods Market Key Partners Business Model Canvas Key Activities Value Propositions Delighting customers Producers High quality natural & organic products Store design Distributors Specialty service providers Supply chain management (win-win) Certified quality standards Key Resources Local community support Stores Customer centric culture High quality products (certified) Personal interaction in stores Delightful shopping experience Purchasing Certifying organizations Customer Relationships Channels Adhere to Sustainable practices Customer Segments Healthy Lifestyle Shoppers Affluent Social Shoppers Values-based Shoppers Progressive organizational culture & values Cost Structure Revenue Streams Building out new stores Store operations Store Amenities Outsourced services for stores Stocking Products for stores In-Store purchases Online purchases
  14. 14. Get the VEM Icons Trouble downloading files? Contact us at: For Apple Users These are the icons and templates as individual image files (.png) that can be used with any software like PowerPoint, Keynote, Word, Excel, etc. These are the OmniGraffle stencils and templates. For Windows Users These are the icons and templates as individual image files (.png) that can be used with any software like PowerPoint, Keynote, Word, Excel, etc. These are the Visio stencils and templates. All VEM files are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit