Marketing Case Study - Automotive Company


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When one of the most innovative digital marketing firms needed to help a top 10
global automotive company improve its national online marketing and advertising campaigns, it knew where to turn. Understanding that proper measurement is the key to improving any online marketing campaign, the agency tapped some of the most
advanced attribution technologies on the market to help.

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Marketing Case Study - Automotive Company

  1. 1. Automotive A Leader in Forrester’s Interactive AttributionCASE STUDY Wave™ 2Q 2012Ditching ‘Last-click’ for Advanced AttributionHelps Leading Auto Company Drive DigitalMarketing Performance Improvements When one of the most innovative digital marketing firms needed to help a top 10BACKGROUND global automotive company improve its national online marketing and advertising campaigns, it knew where to turn. Understanding that proper measurement is the keyOne of the world’s largest automakers is to improving any online marketing campaign, the agency tapped some of the mostusing advanced attribution to increase advanced attribution technologies on the market to help.the number of converted users by over40% in its national advertising campaign. Do different car models perform differently on different sites? This digital marketing agency needed a way to comprehensively measure theADOMETRY PRODUCT performance of the automaker’s different national display and paid searchAND SERVICE USED campaigns. Not only did this include coming up with a method to objectively and accurately determine the individual contributions that paid search and display• Adometry Attribute™ advertising made to their online campaigns, it also incorporated measuring the performance of different ad attributes within each channel such as various car models, ad sizes, media types, placements and combinations thereof. In addition, the agency wanted to find out the additional lift that display campaigns had on search“Adometry Attribute uses conversions. Finally, the agency needed a reliable way to optimize in-flight online marketing campaigns to maximize ad dollars each month.objective, data-driven analysisto help us pinpoint the rightcampaign combinations that Using Data-Driven Attribution to Find the Answers:drive maximum conversions for • How can our automotive client more intelligently allocate its online displayour clients. It’s by far the most spend across websites and placements? powerful and robust solution of • What is the optimum number of impressions per user that balances costits kind in the marketplace. ” against response rates?- Director, Performance Analytics • What are the impacts of ad size, rich media, placement, frequency, recency and publisher? • How can we be more analytic savvy, generating more conversions for our client and more revenue for us?
  2. 2. Last click attribution falls short Using the data to drive maximum conversionsThe agency previously used ‘last click’ data collected from an In just the first four months, the agency was able to help thead server to make decisions about how paid search and display automaker achieve its goals of improving and optimizing its cross-campaigns interacted and drove conversions. But knowing that the channel digital ad spend. The main benefits they achieved included:last click measurement approach is unreliable and inaccurate for • Understood how paid search and display interact to drivedetermining advertising credit, the agency searched for a better conversions. Adometry Attribute provided the appropriatesolution. With access to the automaker’s online ad campaign log credit to display campaigns that was previously attributed to thefiles, the agency had the necessary building blocks (e.g., display last click. Each month there was a significant lift in the visitorimpression data, click data, etc.) required to accurately measure conversion rate when search was preceded by a display ad. Thecross-channel campaign interactions. attribution analysis demonstrated that the visitor conversion rate was 23% when search was not preceded by display. Whereas, the display-assisted conversion rate was 38% - a 65% increase!Analyzing cross-channel campaign data This confirmed the value of the client’s display campaigns,yields new insights which was previously hidden by last click attribution. As a result,To help the automaker properly analyze online marketing campaign the client had a way to justify its current display budget and feellog files, the agency implemented Adometry Attribute – one of the confident about investing more in future’s leading attribution platforms. Using Adometry Attribute,the agency analyzed the cross-channel campaign data that • Gleaned detailed insights into how to best optimize theirincluded generating reports and discovering insights on different campaigns based on varying Key Performance Indicatorsdisplay and search campaign dimensions. and different client scenarios. Based on a range of strict business constraints, optimization recommendations by AttributeIn addition, the agency used Adometry Attribute’s automated yielded a 30%-to-42% increase in converted visitors without anyoptimization capabilities to implement on-the-fly changes to in-flight net increase in ad spend.campaigns in order to effectively re-allocate ad spends. This was • Provided deep insights that helped the client eliminateespecially useful because the agency had client approval to move wasted ad spend, such as: detecting high-spend sites withat most $25k of budget between line items within each department low exclusive reach or specific overlap with other sites, andand tactic combination. The agency was also able to leverage discovering sites with longer time to conversion than others. InAttribute’s capabilities to develop different what-if scenarios addition, sites were identified with excessive user frequency;for each channel so it could determine how to best optimize specific recommendations for daily frequency caps yielded 20%investments in search and display campaigns for the automaker. cost savings.The latitude to make multiple tradeoffs up to the level of constraintand the flexibility to develop different strategies allowed the agencyto hit client targets and improve overall performance. About Adometry Founded in 2005, Adometry, Inc. provides ad verification and cross-channel attribution intelligence, plus auditing and scoring metrics, to optimize results for the world’s leading online advertisers, publishers, and ad networks. Through its SaaS-based advanced analytics, Adometry processes and analyzes tens-of-billions of impressions and advertisingAdometry, Inc. transactions per month to identify the true consumer purchase-decision journey and to maximize marketing ROI.4301 Westbank Dr. Adometry combines a scientifically proven methodology with a flexible and easy to implement solution to generateBuilding A, Ste. 100 results in as little as two weeks. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Adometry is privately held and backed by SierraAustin, TX 78746 Ventures, Austin Ventures, Shasta Ventures and Stanford University. For more information, visit www.adometry.com1-866-512-5425 Copyright 2012. Adometry and Click Forensics are registered trademarks of Adometry, Inc. Adometry Attribute, Adometry Validate, and TagScan trademarks of Adometry, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 0712