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Different Tools of Public Relations

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Different Tools of Public Relations

  1. 1. What is Public Relations?• Public Relations are the management function thatidentifies, establishes and maintains mutually beneficialrelationships between an organization and the variouspublics on whom its success or failure depend.• According to British Council of the Institution of PublicRelations, “PR is the deliberate, planned and sustainedeffort to establish and maintain mutual understandingbetween an organisation and its public.”• According to Public Relations Society of America , “PublicRelations is a philosophy and function of managementexpressed in policies and practices which serve the publicto secure its understanding and goodwill.”
  2. 2. Process of Public Relations: The process of PR, understandably implies a series of steps but essentially quality is in focus. Process of PRFact Finding Planning Communication Research Evaluation
  3. 3. Fact Finding:A PR person particularly after joining must understand thecorporate objectives, know various publics. It has to findout the problems and challenges, strengths and weaknessof the organization by personal as well as collective efforts. Planning:There are at least four primary reasons for planning PRprogrammes. •To estimate costs and man-hours involved •To decide priorities among multitude of operations • To set targets for PR operations •To consider the feasibility of carrying out the intended objectives according to available resources.
  4. 4. Communication:One of the most important human innovations in the newmillennium is the increasing speed of information transfer.In essence, innovation in information transfer are bringingPR practitioners closer to stakeholders who will ultimatelyutilize the information of relevance to them. Research and Evaluation :Research and Evaluation will undoubtedly strengthen thePR profession. Research in PR is not a separate subject.The whole purpose of fact finding and planning will gohaywire unless the Research and Evaluation objectivesare kept constantly in view. Those are the very essence ofsuccessful PR activity.
  5. 5. External Media Using Photograph Internal Media Working with Individual group Media Relations Tools of PR Using AdvertisingCommunity relations Other Publicity Government relations Direct Methods of Communication
  6. 6. External MediaNewspaper Radio Magazine Television Film Traditional Media
  7. 7. Newspaper Though broadcast media have become the predominant influence in our society, the newspaper retains a powerful position. Through this newspaper many information of PR able to reach many external publics of a organization. RadioRadio is primarily a medium ofnews and entertainment withcommentaries talk shows anddebate. In India, where manypeople are lived in village. For thisthe ways to reach rural audiencesareThrough news and information.Through entertainmentprogrammesThrough the feature programmes.
  8. 8. Television Television is now the mostpervasive and most influential medium ofmass communication. TV has impact andrealism is welcomed everywhere and isreadily available as a publicity medium forPR practitioners. Magazines Magazines are an importantmedium for product news, feature storiesand pictorial publicity. Which affordedspace to till a complete story are particularlysuitable for service or educational publicityarticles.
  9. 9. Films The film is a very powerfulmedium of PR, as a medium ofcommunication, instruction, education,entertainment, marketing, researchetc. Greater impact because of itspowerful appeal to eye, ear andsenses. Effective learning aid on account ofauditory and visual qualities. Accurate reproduction of objects andevents. Clarity. Long life-span and Measurability ofcirculation and effectivenessstatistically.
  10. 10. Traditional Media The traditional Media have played avery important role in solving severalemotional problems. In the developingcountries where illiteracy is wide-spreadand communications scanty, the folkmedia assume greater importance. InIndia music, dance, drama have alwaysplayed an important role in combatingdestructive elements and in harmonizingemotional outbursts relating to caste,creed, religion and language issues.
  11. 11. Internal Media House Journal Bulletin Board Annual Report Printed Literature House Journal House Journals are one of the most effective tools thatorganizations can use to communicate with their employees. Itis a periodical publication which tries to establish regularcommunication between an organization and its employees andother public. Bulletin Board Several times many organizations, publish manyimportant Notices, orders, for the employees of organizationson a significant board, this is called Bulletin Board.
  12. 12. Annual Report An annual report is the most essential and first hand communication to introduce the company to the financial public as well as to financial collaborators. . Printed Literature Several times, some organizations are publishedprinted literature for understanding the use of the product orabout the product.
  13. 13. Media RelationPress Conference Press Release Press Tour Exhibition Press Conference Press conferences are a traditional method of giving information by direct use of face to face communication, technique. Press Release The usual way of issuing information to the press is by writing a press release. Press releases are a traditional method of handing out information and is a useful tool with the PR professionals.
  14. 14. Press Tour Several times many organizations are invitedjournalists to visit their production houses wheretheir products are formed. After visiting journalistsare written report based on this. For this press Touris a very important tools for the PR professionals. Exhibition Exhibitions are an important medium toproject on organisation’s materials process, productson its activities services, ideas to the public. It offersan excellent opportunity for personal contact withprospective consumers, consumers or dealers.
  15. 15. Community RelationsA community is a group of people, who live in the sameplace, share the same government and have a commoncultural and historical heritage. The people who live in acommunity and the institutions that serve them aremutually depend. The people cannot enjoy a good lifewithout the institutions. That is called CommunityRelations.The objective of community Relation of a Company –To inform the community about company’s policies,operations and problems.To answer criticism and repel attracts by local pressuregroup.To promote the welfare of a community.To inform employees connected with a company.To find out what the community is thinking and sayingabout a company and its policies and operations.
  16. 16. Government RelationsThe function of PR in government isessentially non-political. PR ingovernment department has twomain tasks-To give regular information onpolicy plan and activities andachievements of the department.To inform and educate the publicon legislation, regulations and allmatters that effect the daily life ofcitizens.
  17. 17. Using Photograph for PR communication Photographs and illustrations are an important aid to public relations. The first point to appreciate is that photographs always lend authenticity. Photographs reduce boredom. It has definitely edge over the printed matter. It has newsworthiness even for the illiterates. Working with Individual groupAn influential group may consist simply of the ‘leaders’ of acommunity or it may be any one or combination of organization.Every service club, women’s group, political party, labour union,religious unit, association, civic organization, welfare body, veteran’sorg, schools as a medium of communicate are the influential groups. Using Advertising for PR communicationAdvertising is also very effective medium for communicating. PublicRelations purposes. Traditionally, organizations have used advertisingto sell products but lately, firms use advertisements for purposes otherthan product promotion. Public relations advertising focused on thegeneral image of the company wished to convey and the public issuesit wished to confront.
  18. 18. Other PublicityLeaflets Stickers Level Direct Mail
  19. 19. Electric Spectacular Speeches and display Speakers Signs bureaus Telephone as a PR Post card device Direct Communication methodsCommunicating Letterstheory activism Word of mouth
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