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Marketing public relation


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Marketing public relation

  1. 1. JubleGeorge
  2. 2. • Public Relations include a variety of programs to promote or protect companies image or individual product. • PUBLIC is any group that has an actual or potential interest in companies ability to achieve its objectives .JubleGeorge
  3. 3. FUCTIONS OF THE PR DEPARTMENT • Press relations • Product publicity • Corporate communication • Lobbying • counsellingJubleGeorge
  4. 4. • Presenting news and information about the organization in the most positive light.JubleGeorge
  5. 5. • Sponsoring efforts to publicize specific products. • Product publicity is when an organization attempts to attract public interest about a product that it offersJubleGeorge
  6. 6. Corporate communication • Corporate communication is the message issued by a corporate organization, body, or institute to its publics. OR • Promoting understanding about the organization through internal and external communications.JubleGeorge
  7. 7. • The internal communication (employees, stakeholders, i.e. share and stock holders)• external (agencies, channel partners, media, government, industry bodies and institutes, educational and general public).JubleGeorge
  8. 8. lobbying • Dealing with legislators and government officials to promote or defeat legislation and regulation.JubleGeorge
  9. 9. counselling • Advising management about public issuess, and company positions and image during good times and bad.JubleGeorge
  10. 10. JubleGeorge
  11. 11. • The companies mainly using this marketing public relations (MPR) to support corporate or product promotion and image making. • The old name of MPR was publicity.JubleGeorge
  12. 12. MPR plays an important role in the following tasks: • Launching new products • Repositioning a mature product • Building interest in a product category • Influencing specific target groupsJubleGeorge
  13. 13. • Defending products that have encountered public problem • Building the corporate image in a way that reflects favourably on its products.JubleGeorge
  14. 14. TOOLS IN MARKETING PR • Publications-annual reports,brochures,newsletters,magazins etc • Events-news conferences ,seminars, outings,trade shows etc • sponsorship-sponsoring sports or cultural activities etcJubleGeorge
  15. 15. • News-get the media to accept press releases and attend press conferences. • speeches-talks of company executives at trade associations or sales meetings • Public service activities-contribution of time and money to good causes to build the goodwill.JubleGeorge
  16. 16. • Identity media-company need a visual identity that the public immediately recognizes.  Company logos  Stationary  Brochures  Signs  Business cards  Uniforms  Dress codesJubleGeorge
  17. 17. JubleGeorge
  18. 18. Establish objectives Choose messages Choose vehicles Implement Evaluate resultsJubleGeorge
  19. 19. Establish objectives • MPR can build awareness by placing stories in the media to bring attention to a product, service , person organization or idea. • It can build credibility by communicating the message in an editorial context.JubleGeorge
  20. 20. Choose messages and vehicles • Choosing a proper message or media to spread the idea , information about the product etc. • It includes hosting major academic conventions,inviting expert or celebrity speakers,and developing news conferences.JubleGeorge
  21. 21. • Each of this events is an opportunity to develop a multitude of stories directed at different audience.JubleGeorge
  22. 22. IMPLEMENTING PLANS AND EVALUATING RESULTS • MPR contribution to the bottom line is difficult to measure , because it is used along with other promotional tools. • The easiest measure of MPR effectiveness is the number of exposures carried by the media.JubleGeorge
  23. 23. JubleGeorge