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Pr exam question

  1. 1. <ul><li>What is meaning of media relation</li></ul>Media relations refer to the relationship that a company develops with journalists. Editors and reporter on the one hand and PR practitioner on the other need each other. The media must have material and ideas from PR sources and PR practitioner deals with the media on a regular basis for various reasons like proving them with updated information, product launches, celebrity news, event happening to keep the public informed. They are familiar with the workings of the various media worlds, such as<br />Print media: Newspaper, Magazine, Leaflets, flyer, Yellow pages, books, posters are appropriate for communications that should be kept over time and reread. Both newspapers and magazines are commercial institutions that depend heavily on advertising for their income, but magazines are published less frequently and often deal with subject at greater length and depth than it possible in a daily newspaper. Magazines are also more likely to be targeted at a special interest audience. Books are published on much longer schedules than either magazines or news papers, but can still be useful as PR tools<br />Broadcasting media: Tv, radio<br />Outdoor media: advertising in shuttle bus, cinema, <br />New media: internet such as website, social community as face book, twitter, forum. And internet home pages provide an opportunity for the public relation practitioner to communicate directly with an audience with the filter of editors and journalist.<br /> Function of the media<br /><ul><li> Servicing the political system by providing the public with an unbiased information, discussion and debates on various public affairs
  2. 2. Make people understand the public so that it is capable of making correct self decision
  3. 3. Servicing the economic system primarily by connecting buyers and seller of good and service
  4. 4. Providing good and acceptable entertainment
  5. 5. Maintaining its self sufficiency so that it is free from pressure of self interest
  6. 6. And the journalist’s duties is to collect news, interpret, give an option, respect cultural
  7. 7. What should do?
  8. 8. Make the press release news easy to read and use by stating the most important facts at the beginning
  9. 9. Tell the truth at all costs to maintain your reputation
  10. 10. Send an email interview pitch prior to calling the journalist to pitch for the client interview
  11. 11. Be aware that other newsworthy activities can affect your story. Example : budget announcements or visits by prominent personalities
  12. 12. Media works well in advance for their production dates and material deadline sometimes up to two months in advance. Make sure your materials are delivered well be4 the media deadlines.</li></ul> What should not do?<br /><ul><li>Do not call a press release unless you have something newsworthy to announce
  13. 13. If a question contains offensive language do not
  14. 14. Repeat of react to it.
  15. 15. Never argue with the journalist or lose your cool during a conversation with him.</li></ul>2: public opinion <br />The collective expression of opinion of many individuals bound into a group by common aims, aspirations, needs and ideals is basically public opinion<br />Example: parent may form public opinion on need for improved secondary education while senior citizens form public opinion on need for increased social security benefit<br />Or a lot of people concentrate on gay right, nuclear, and gun control but thousands of people do not like it.<br />Question: Image of company<br />Corporate image is about impressive, mental image, perception about a company<br />Corporate identify is about real thing that are seeable, touchable about company. The organization’s corporate identify presents the face of an organization to the public In the most visual way.<br /><ul><li>Knowing the connectivity between the 4 parts of marketing
  16. 16. (Draw an umbrella) </li></ul> Public relation support marketing: Philip Kotler, professor of marketing at northwestern university and author of leading marketing textbook, say “PR is the fifth” of marketing strategy which includes four other Ps such as Product, Price, Place and Promotion. As he wrote in the Harvard Business Review, “PR takes longer to cultivate, but when success, it can help pull the company is used to support company in the market<br />Question: Research<br /><ul><li> Research is the controlled, objective and systematic gathering of information for the purpose of describing and understanding. Research is the basis groundwork of any public relations program, involving the gathering and interpretation of information. Research is used in every phase of a communications program
  17. 17. Example: survey, focus group, interview
  18. 18. Research technique:
  19. 19. Secondary research uses information from library source, and increasingly, online and internet sources.
  20. 20. Primary research involves gathering new information through interviews or sampling procedures.
  21. 21. qualitativequantitativeSoft dataUsually open-ended free response, unstructured“exploratory” probing, fishing-expedition type of researchUsually” valid” but not reliableRarely” projectable” to larger audiencesGenerally uses nonrandom sampleHard dataUsually closed ended, forced choice, highly structured“descriptive” or “ explanatory” type of researchUsually “valid” and reliableUsually ” projectable” to larger audiencesGenerally use random sampleexamplesexamplesFocus groupOne on one, depth interviewsObservation, participation, role-playing studiesConvenience pollingTelephone pollsMail surveysMall intercept studiesFace to face interview studiesShared cost or omnibus studiesPanel studies