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Social media heroes


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Presented for NetSquared Adelaide

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Social media heroes

  1. 1. Using social media for social good
  2. 2. • Global Community• Local meetups in Australia and NZ• An initiative of TechSoup Global (Connecting Up)• Visit for more info
  3. 3. Using social media for social good
  4. 4. “The biggest misconception about Twitter is that you have to tweet to use Twitter” – Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter
  5. 5. Tactics Tools• Identify keywords • Google Alerts• Identify key influencers • HootSuite• ASK • Survey Monkey
  6. 6. Tactics Tools• Define your goals • Google Analytics• Respond to what’s being said • HootSuite• Refine what you’re doing
  7. 7. Share content that inspires your community
  8. 8. Tactics Tools• Digital storytelling • Animoto• Use strong visuals • Pinterest• Curate and create content • YouTube• Get writing
  9. 9. Aim to inspire
  10. 10. Tactics Tools• Ask a lot, expect a little • Facebook Groups• Celebrate the good stuff • Freebies• Find your ‘core’ • Badges• Tell their stories • Blogs