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Brand Storytelling Infographic 2015


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Infographic to support the Brand Storytelling research from Headstream the content marketing agency for ambitious brands.

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Brand Storytelling Infographic 2015

  1. 1. 0“ POWER °. ¢ BRAND STORYTELLING -- 2015 - EIGHT OUT OF TEN PEOPLE WANT BRANDS TO TELL STORIES BUT 85% CAN'T REMEMBER A GOOD ONE Most UK adults couldn't give an example of a N O memorable story told by a brand. 85% ® $8/N Can you give an example of a u ° memorable story told by a brand? I x) The vast majority of UK adults think it's a good idea for brands to tell stories as part of their marketing and customer communications. i Age : Remember Group Can't remember WHAT PEOPLE MOST WANT TO SEE AND HEAR ARE STORIES ABOUT REGULAR PEOPLE Which options do you think would make the best story from a brand? The story of the brand's customers -38% The story of celebrities The story of the brand's employees ‘ 19% - 10% The story of the brand's CEO/ Founder 36% 64% What genre do you think makes for a great brand story? 57% 52% 43% 37% 28% 27% 26% 27% 14% 13% 14% 23% 15% 17% 13% 11% 12% 12% 11% 12% I 5% ' 4% I 6% l 8% I 8% 5+ 18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 5 -Humorous I Inspirational Dramatic I Informative Surprising CUSTOMER ADVOCACY SHOULD BE AT THE CORE OF ALL CONTENT MARKETING AND STORYTELLING CAMPAIGNS As for what people are likely to do if they really love a brand story, 55% are more likely to buy the product in the future, a third (44%) will share the story and 15% will buy the product immediately. vs 'I ‘sf Consider buying in the future -55% Like the brand's Facebook page -45% Share it — 44% Follow the brand on social media Buy the brand immediately 2 15% If you really love a story from a brand, what are you likely to do? The most preferred channels generally for consumers to receive brand stories is ‘owned media’ - websites, blogs and emails. IF PEOPLE THINK YOUR BRAND I TELLS GREAT, MEMORABLE STORIES, I . THEY'RE MORE LIKELY TO BUY FROM YOU . spoke with more than 2,000 UK adults. The Brand Storytelling Report 2015 aimed to identify consumer feeling towards 0 brand stories on digital channels. The survey was conducted in May 2015 and 0 Source: Headstream, content marketing specialists www. headstream. com @Headstream