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Turkcell - Strategic Management

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  2. 2. Contents Company History (slide. 3-4) Information About the Company (slide 5-7) (Vision, Mission, Strategies, Objectives, current state ) External environment scanning (Pestle Analysis) (slide8-10) Task environment scanning (slide 11-17) Internal environment analysis (Culture, structure, functions) (slide 17-26) Financial information (quick ratio, current ratio.) (slide 26-29)
  3. 3. Company History
  4. 4. CompanyOverview Turkey’s first GSM operator and still leading mobile operator Established in February, 1994 by Mehmet Emin Karamehmet and Murat Vargı based in İstanbul, Turkey Serve in 9 countries to 71.5 million subscribers (Turkey, Ukrain, Belarus, Germany, KKTCell, Kazakhstan, Azerbeijan, Georgia, Moldova) Products: mobile telephony and internet services 2014 consolide revenue: 12 billion TL 2014 net profit: 1,9 billion TL CEO: Kaan TERZİOĞLU ( March, 2015)
  5. 5. Turkcell VISION ‘To ease and enrich the lives of our customers with communication and technology solutions.’ Turkcell VALUES  We believe that customers come first  We are an agile team  We promote open communication  We are passionate about making a difference  We value people
  6. 6. Turkcell Business Strategy As a Leading Communication and Technology Company, • Deliver superior customer experience • Grow the mobile Internet business • Drive adoption and growth of mobile services • Drive operational excellence & productivity • Invest in future growth businesses Turkcell Group Strategy Operational Excellence - Productivity & Innovation Superior and Differentiating Customer Experience Sustainable & Profitable Growth
  7. 7. EXTERNALENVIRONMENTSCANNING PESTELANALYSIS Political Factors -To comply with BTK decisions -To report all actions to BTK -To get government permits for network infrastructure -Tax Rate is high and may be next year it will be increase. Economical Factors -The growth of GDP and the level of inflation rate within markets -Connection charges between operators -Price policy based on competitors
  8. 8. Social Factors • -People change their habits of using phone • -People tend to buy more domestic rather than foreign products • -Phone conversations • -Turkcell has social media attitude nd Turkcell says “Let everyone know bad” Technological Factors • - Smartphones • -Increase new technology: turkcell is preparing compaign for 4.5G. • - Turkcell company announced its plans to expand its internet infrastructure .(like fibber cable)
  9. 9. Environmental Factors • -The strong growth of the telecom industry environment issues have become one of the most important factor. • -Operators are paying attention to their environment Legal Factors • -Equal opportunities for all. • - Government is easing regulations for employment
  10. 10. international coverage 35 million subscribers 9 countries Turkcell TASKENVIRONMENTSCANNING
  11. 11. since 1840 has 12.9 million access lines become one of 15 BIST 30 companies 8 million broadband and 17.0 million mobile subscribers Competitors Türk Telekom (Avea & TTNET )
  12. 12. Vodafone First ever mobile call in the UK on 1 January 1985 400 million customers 30 countries
  13. 13. MegaFon  Russian universal telecommunication service provider  50 different regions - 4G/LTE  MegaFon in megaphone; mega- as "big" fon as "telephone"
  14. 14. CORPORATE STRUCTURE • Centralized structure. CEO is a visionary who is always moving forward with technology and expects his managers to implement his ideas. • To keep employees on the same page, corporate puts together a major Turkcell information day to offer training on multiple company issues and policies to the staff. INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT SCANNING
  15. 15. Executive Officers Kaan TERZiOĞLU( newCEO2015)
  16. 16. Shareholder Structure Shareholder Value of Stake (TRY) Percentage of Share Capital Turkcell Holding A.Ş. 1,122,000,000.24 51.00% Çukurova Holding A.Ş. 995,509.43 0.05% Sonera Holding B.V.** 308,531,983.60 14.02% Other (Publicly Traded)*** 768,472,506.73 34.93% TOTAL 2,200,000,000.00 100.00 % The shareholder structure of Turkcell İletişim Hizmetleri A.Ş. is as of August 18, 2015.
  17. 17. International Operations • Fintur The ventures where Turkcell owns a stake through Fintur include Azercell, Geocell, K'Cell and Moldcell. • Ukrayna-Life • Belarus-BeST • KKTCell • Turkcell Europe
  18. 18. Corporate Culture • A majority of the corporate culture is based on the ideas of the original CEO and visionary, Cüneyt Türktan. He had a vigorous approach to giving the best service possible, providing the best coverage and technology, and obtaining the largest portion of the market. • Focuses on ; -Vibrant, full-of-life, and energetic firm. - Provides extensive employee training. - Creating high employee loyalty. -Accomplished company winning many awards displayed in the lobby area of headquarters.
  19. 19. R&D,TECHNOLOGYAND INNOVATIONS • The primary objectives of research and development activities are centered on identifying the problems of Turkcell customers that can be solved through information and technology capabilities. • Turkcell is among the Turkish companies with the greatest potential to become a global brand with strength of vision, innovation and technology. • Investment of over TRY 25 billion in 20 years
  20. 20. MARKETING 7p of Turkcell : • Product: They are voice , data, sms&mms,internet services, VAS(value added services), devices:smartphones,tablets, VINN,etc. • Price: Turkcell focuses on; -Customer based pricing stragey -Flexible price mechanism -Wide range of tariffs and campigns
  21. 21. • Place: You can reach Turkcell products and services in :Turkcell stores , call center ,online ,mobile(apps),account manager ,etc. • Promotion: Turkcell performs local promotion strategy.It uses turkish culture to influence public nd also uses emotional advertisements(ex:child).Moreover Turkcell does partnership with other companies ( ex: some compaies like EnerjiSA bp,ticket make discount to only Turkcell corporate customers) • People: Turkcell serves eveyone without limitation. • Physical environment and Process.
  22. 22. HUMAN RESOURCES • Turkcell Turkey had 3,319 employees as at December 31st, 2014; whereas the Turkcell Group was 15,630 in total. • Human resources strategy assigns top priority to recruiting and maintaining the best employees. To achieve this, Turkcell implements innovative and pioneering human resources policies.
  23. 23. Dec10 Dec11 Dec12 Dec13 Dec14 Sep 15 Current Ratio 1,85 2,45 2,16 2,33 2,67 1,71  Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri AS has a current ratio of 1.71. It generally indicates good short-term financial strength.  Turkcell’s Current Ratio is ranked higher than 70% of the 465 Companies in the Global Telecom Services industry. FINANCIAL INFORMATION Current Ratio
  24. 24. Quick ratio Dec10 Dec11 Dec12 Dec13 Dec14 Sep 15 Quick Ratio 2,43 2,15 2,31 2,68 2,65 1,7  Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri AS has a quick ratio of 1.70. It generally indicates good short-term financial strength.  Turkcell's Quick Ratio is ranked higher than 73% of the 465 Companies in the Global Telecom Services industry
  25. 25. InvestmentGradefromthreeRatingAgencies