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  1. 1. Pakistan<br />Telenor launched its GSM network in 2005 and quickly became the fastest growing mobile operator in the country. Telenor is now the second largest mobile operator in Pakistan.<br />With coverage reaching deep into many of the remotest areas of Pakistan, Telenor Pakistan is, in some places, the only operator connecting the previously unconnected. Telenor Pakistan is 100 per cent owned by Telenor Group. The headquarters are located in Islamabad.<br />Market information  <br />Size and demographics<br />Population: 160.942 million<br />Land area: 796 096 sq KM<br />Population density: 202.2 per sq. KM<br />Population growth: 2.0 % <br />Economy<br />GDP per head: US$ 1000<br />GDP per head purchasing power parity: US$ 2 757<br />Real GDP growth: 5.8 %<br />Sources: World Economic Outlook Database, October 2008 and Encyclopædia Britannica<br />Average revenue per user in NOK, Q1-2010<br />CountryARPUCountryARPUNorway305Denmark205Sweden214Hungary107Montenegro91Serbia65Ukraine32Pakistan15Bangladesh20Thailand48Malaysia93India<br />  <br />Company information<br />Telenor Pakistan<br />Licenses and network<br />Telenor Pakistan currently holds nationwide GSM 900/1800 licences. In addition the company holds a license to build and operate a mobile network in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) and the Northern Areas. Telenor Pakistan also holds a Long Distance and International (LDI) licence under which it provides nationwide and international call services. After launching EDGE in August 2006, Telenor Pakistan has the country's widest EDGE coverage, allowing access to high-speed Internet and data services.<br />Services and innovation <br />Telenor Pakistan offers a wide array of private and corporate services, prepaid and contract mobile telephony. Some examples of the services are:<br />easypaisa, innovative financial services on your mobile phone<br />The Telenor Cricket Companion, a GPRS based application allowing you to get updates and watch games directly on your phone.<br />The TeleDoctor service connects customers with a live doctor who will answer medical questions.<br />Food recipe services, Bollywood downloads, etc.<br />Apna PCO (" Our Public Call Office" ), allowing people in rural areas to share a mobile phone.<br />Telenor Pakistan has launched solar-powered base stations to increase network coverage. Solar-powered base stations are energy-efficient and eco-friendly.<br />Telenor Pakistan is spread across the country, creating thousands of direct and indirect job opportunities. We have a network of 15 company-owned sales and service centres, more than 200 franchises and 100,000 retail outlets.<br />A study conducted by Deloitte for Telenor in 2007 found that the mobile sector in Pakistan contributed a total of PKR 342.8 billion to the national economy in 2007, representing 5.1 per cent of the total Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The economic contribution of this sector has increased consistently year on year in Pakistan, and is expected to increase further in 2008.<br />  <br />Key figures (NOK in millions)<br /> 2nd quarter1st half yearYear20102009201020092009RevenuesSubscription and traffic9839151 8521 8293 486Interconnect revenues187195354380733Other mobile revenues448814Non-mobile revenues61189636117Total revenues1 2361 1322 3112 2534 350EBITDA before other items4092607074921 055Operating profit (loss)91(54)82(144)(267)EBITDA before other items / Total revenues (%) of subscriptions – Change in quarter/Total (in thousands):51990823 79820 89322 501ARPU – monthly (NOK)1718161817Exchange rate0.07140.08350.0771<br />Telenor Pakistan is committed to being both an industry leader in the management and implementation of Corporate Responsibility and to make this an integral part of our business development.<br />Objectives: The three primary objectives for Telenor Pakistan's emphasis on Corporate Responsibility are:<br />Telenor Pakistan's customers shall be confident that the company runs its operations in an ethically responsible manner.Telenor Pakistan's employees shall be proud of the way in which the company handles its social responsibility.Telenor Pakistan’s other stakeholders, expecting high standards of social commitment, shall have high regard for the company.<br />Strategies: <br />Telenor Pakistan is committed to Corporate Responsibility in all its activities by making it an integral part of the corporate culture. <br />Our role in society is clear: We are here to help people communicate. That goes for all the countries in which we operate.<br />Telenor's corporate strategy is to focus on to increase in number of subscriber through out the world and to increase overall profitability of the firm by combining “Group industrialisation with local drive and responsiveness”. And also focus to develop our leading position in certain regions with a broad range of communication services (, 2008) <br />This strategy implies the following focus areas: <br />To strengthen our position as an international mobile operator <br />We intend to continue to strengthen our mobile industrialization mobile operations byobtaining control over selected mobile companies. Control is essential for us to benefitfrom cross-borders synergies, such as scale in procurement, to develop new services andimplement best practices, to improve operational efficiency and to increase our overallprofitability. We intend to manage our non-strategic investments as financial investmentsand to exit from international mobile operations where we cannot obtain control overtime.<br />To strengthen our position in certain regions <br />We intend to continue to streamline our mobile and fixed operations in the Nordic region by exploiting the benefits resulting from economies of scale and cross-border synergies. We believe our Nordic presence will improve support to our customers by building upon our expertise in, and our range of, both mobile and fixed services. <br />Global coordination achieving local competitiveness <br />Telenor's global coordination programme has a single goal: To increase the local competitiveness of our mobile operations by taking advantage of our global joint competence and scale. (, 2008) <br />Telenor’s corporate strategy is to emphasize on the Marketing & sales ranks in certain <br />regions as it increases the sales of certain connections. (Larreche, 2006) <br />Re examined all the firms businesses in different regions’ departments where they think <br />that there sales are not keeping the rapid pace in that market (Larreche, 2006). <br />Focusing on the Customer’s segments means to build packages through extensive and <br />aggressive research technology. Like due to its broad experience as it is one of the pioneers in Telecommunication industry, so they use their effective experiences and come up with so many packages in that country that is useful for kind of people (Larreche, 2006). <br />Intelligence of Competitor’s and potential competitor’s strategy. <br />Telecommunication market is certainly very sensitive market in which making the strategy to be made by taking care of other competitors’ strategy is very important. The strategy is to focus on the applications or packages or services that give the most value to the customers than its competitors. They are also focusing on providing the services on the web (Larreche, 2006). <br />Business Strategy: <br />Telenor crystallizes their customer focus as the cornerstone of everything they do. Theirvalues describe what behaviors are necessary to realize that vision. Their corporateresponsibility mindset ensures that their vision and values nurture social concern and helpthem create shared value. (, 2008)<br />Telenor Pakistan considers good business strategy to be an essential tool for achieving our vision, value creation and strategic goals, and for maintaining a healthy corporate culture. Furthermore, good corporate governance is imperative for credibility and for access to capital. <br />Telenor Pakistan’s activities should serve to illustrate that business success in demandingmarkets can be achieved without compromising ethical principles or international norms.Their Codes of Conduct have been adopted by the Telenor Board and are a key managementtool for influencing all their activities.<br />Telenor’s vision in Pakistan is simple: “We're here to help”They say that they exist to help their customers to get the full benefit of communicationsservices in their daily lives (, 2008).<br />The key to achieving this vision is a mindset where every one of us works together: Makingit easy to buy and use our services. Delivering on their promises. Being respectful ofdifferences. Inspiring people to find new ways (, 2008).<br />Believe in following strategies: <br />The foundation achieves its goals in the following business strategies. <br />Social Responsibility <br />Telenor Pakistan acts responsibly and respectfully towards the people and authorities indifferent societies and aims to contribute to social and economic development in the localmarket. This is the essence of our commitment to Social Responsibility.<br />Supply Chain Management <br />Telenor has an important role to play in the societies where we provide our services. Telecommunications has shown to give positive impacts on economic growth in all societies. Moreover, as a major buyer of products and services, Telenor has a responsibility to ensure that work conditions, safety, security and environmentalstandards are satisfactory. The same standards apply equally to our own operations aswell as to our suppliers and subcontractors.<br />Collaboration <br />Collaboration and realization of projects with nongovernmental organizations, public and private institutions; <br />Training and Research <br />Initiating, supporting and carrying out research, training and holding competitions; <br />Managing certain Operations <br />Organizing roundtables, seminars, conferences and other events related to fields of <br />Telenor’s operation; <br />Make it Easy <br />They say that they don't complicate things. Everything produced should be easy tounderstand and use. Because they never forget they're trying to make customers' liveseasier (, 2008).<br />Keep Promises <br />Everything they set out to do should work, or if it doesn't, they're here to help. They're <br />about delivery, not over promising, actions not words (, 2008). <br />Be Inspiring <br />They are creative and strive to bring energy to the things they do. Certainly, they are <br />passionate about their business and customers (, 2008). <br />Be Respectful <br />They acknowledge and respect local cultures and do not impose one formula worldwide <br />Respond to challenges: Our aim is to understand and respond to the challenges that society is faced with, using our technology and competence to find innovative solutions. We believe we have important contributions to make on key issues, such as alleviating poverty, combating climate change and encouraging safe use of Information Communication Technology (ICT).<br />Build trusting relationshipsAt Telenor Pakistan we believe in building trusting relationships with our stakeholders and demonstrate a readiness to help find solutions to the challenges they are facing. We want our customers to be confident that the Telenor Pakistan runs its operations in a responsible manner. We want investors expecting high standards of social and environmental commitment to prefer Telenor. We work towards making Telenor's employees proud of the way we do our business.<br />Our efforts are based on Telenor's values; “Make it easy, Keep promises, be inspiring and be respectful”.<br />Telenor Pakistan considers good corporate governance to be an essential tool for achieving our vision, value creation and strategic goals, and for maintaining a healthy corporate culture. Furthermore, good corporate governance is imperative for credibility and for access to capital. <br />Our corporate governance includes openness and transparency towards the company’s owners, the Board and Group Management, as well as other interested parties such as the Group’s employees, customers, suppliers, creditors, public authorities and society in general. Rules and procedures provide Telenor Pakistan with a sound platform for good corporate governance and for the further development of a positive, responsible and robust corporate culture.<br />The Management is responsible for ensuring the existence of internal rules, procedures and structures that can efficiently secure value creation for all stakeholders and where authority and responsibilities are clearly set out and mutually understood.<br />Telenor Pakistan acts responsibly and respectfully towards the people and authorities in different societies and aims to contribute to social and economic development in the local market. This is the essence of our commitment to Corporate Responsibility. <br />We take seriously the social, ethical and environmental impact of our products and services. We place emphasis on making sure that the communities in which we operate see Telenor Pakistan's as a good citizen with genuine ambitions to contribute to social and economic development. We give our employees reasons to be proud of the way Telenor Pakistan's demonstrates Corporate Responsibility.<br />Strategy for Responsibility<br />Strategy for Responsibility<br />As a global telecom player, our primary responsibility is to help people communicate wherever they are and maximize the benefits of our services.<br />In all our markets we need through local understanding, to meet customer needs. Our goal is to combine this understanding with our global telecoms experience to develop products and services that positively affect people’s lives.<br />Our key priorities<br />Driven by our values; make it easy, keep promises, be inspiring and be respectful, we work to:<br />Maximize the enabling effect of mobile telecommunications. Community Information Centers in Bangladesh and TeleDoctor in Pakistan are good examples of local services that connect millions of previously unconnected people in remote areas and provide services that meet local needs. We call this “empowerment though access”.<br />Promote safer products and services and protect children online. Magic Desktop helps parents monitor their children’s online activity, and technical filters block access to child sexual abuse content throughout Scandinavia.<br />Minimize our carbon footprint at the same time as we develop climate friendly services that help our customers reduce their own footprints. Wind- or solar-powered base stations are examples of initiatives taken to reach ambitious CO2 goals.<br />Make responsible business practices an integral part of everything we do, both strategically and operatively. Our Codes of Conduct define how we create value for our stakeholders whilst respecting our ethical commitment to employees, partners and society in general.<br />Governance<br />Governance<br />Corporate responsibility is embedded in the way we do business; in our governing principles, codes of conduct, vision and values and leadership expectations. <br />We work systematically to embed corporate responsibility issues such as environmental and health and safety concerns into our management processes and Group policies. As far as possible, we seek to integrate corporate responsibility concerns into our core business functions.<br />Governance structure<br />Our Corporate Responsibility governance structure in the Telenor Group is headed by the Executive Vice President and Head of Communications and Corporate Responsibility, who reports directly to the President and CEO. The Group corporate responsibility team develops policies and strategies to continuously improve our performance and projects within each of our strategic focus areas. This is complemented by local corporate responsibility management teams in each operating company.<br />Ethical Council<br />Our Ethical Council acts as an advisory body to the executive management of the Telenor Group and secures a high level of focus on ethical matters. The Ethical Council is comprised of elected members from our employees, unions, and management.<br />Safe Products and Services<br />Our products and services must be safe to use. Strict guidelines for electromagnetic field exposure and child safety online are two main priorities.<br />Initiatives Worldwide<br />The Telenor Group is committed to engage in the local communities where we operate. Take a look at our latest initiatives in our operations worldwide.<br />Initiatives in Pakistan<br />Telenor Pakistan completes solar-powered network<br />Nearly 1.63 million more people in Pakistan will now have access to telecommunications services. <br />Theme: Environment<br />Bringing social services to Pakistan<br />Telenor Pakistan offers social services portal to help customers easily obtain vital information.<br />Themes: Products and services, Society<br />Easypaisa – banking services made easy<br />Telenor Pakistan has introduced branchless banking for the first time in Pakistan.<br />Themes: Products and services, Society<br />ApnaPCO - Share a Mobile <br />In 2007 Telenor Pakistan launched apnaPCO, a service allowing people in rural areas to share a mobile phone.<br />Theme: Society<br />Telecom Futures - Building Human Resources<br />Telecom Futures is an industry-academia partnership in the telecom sector, which provides training and unique opportunities for less privileged people and for Pakistani youth. Telenor Pakistan and its industry partners launched the initiative in Raiwind, Lahore on June 30, 2006.<br />Theme: Society<br />Telenor Rabta Centres Launched<br />Telenor Pakistan has launched Telenor Rabta Centres to offer high speed Internet access to people in rural areas of Pakistan.<br />Theme: Society<br />