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Employee engagement


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Employee engagement

  1. 1. EmployeeEngagement Anurag S Bharati M120013MS
  2. 2. Why Employee Engagement??
  3. 3. Actively Engaged Known as the builders Realise their role expectations and strive to meet and exceed them Perform consistently at high levels Passion, innovation at work are some of their traits
  4. 4. Not Engaged Concentrates more on the tasks rather than goals and outcomes Tends to feel that their contribution is being overlooked and their potential is not being tapped An unproductive relationship with managers or co- workers exist
  5. 5. Actively DisengagedCave dwellers and are “virtually against everything”Being unhappy at work they sow seeds of negativity atevery opportunityUndermine the accomplishments of engaged coworkersCause great damage to an organizations functioning
  6. 6. Factors in Employee Engagement
  7. 7. Importance Of Engagement
  8. 8. Attrition rate reduces
  9. 9. Higher ProductivityEngaged employeesare 50% moreproductive thancolleagues who arenot engaged
  10. 10. Lower Costs Dissatisfied employees lead to more absenteeism thus leading to higher loss in production for the company
  11. 11. Innovation Employee engagement drives innovation and optimism
  12. 12. Measuring Employee Engagement Listen Measure current level of employee engagement Know the degree of employee engagement e.g. Gallup Q12
  13. 13. Survey Analysis
  14. 14. Level 1: What do I get?1. I know what is expected of me at SOMS2. I have the materials and equipment needed to do my work right
  15. 15. Level 2: What do I give?3. At college, I get the opportunity to do what I do best everyday4. In the recent past, I have received recognition or praise for doinggood work5. My senior, or someone at college, seem to care about me as aperson6. There are people at my college who encourage my development
  16. 16. Level 3: Do I belong here? 7. At college, my opinions seem to count 8. The mission of my institution makes me feel my studies are important 9. My classmates are committed to doing quality work 10. I have my best friend at college
  17. 17. Level 4: How can we all grow? 11. In the last six months, someone at college has talked to me about my progress 12. In the last six months, I have had opportunities at SOMS to learn and grow
  18. 18. Thank you!