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6 Stats That Speak To Employee Retention


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Check out this fun infographic highlighting 6 shocking stats that speak to employee retention. Access more HR content here:

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6 Stats That Speak To Employee Retention

  1. 1. Source URL for stat listed in point 1: Source URL for stat listed in point 2: Source URL for stat listed in point 3: Source URL for stat listed in point 4: Source URL for stat listed in point 5: Source URL for stat listed in point 6: of workers worldwide are engaged. TIP: Establishing a peer to peer recognition program in which employees at all levels of an organization can recognize one another for their accomplishments can reduce turnover and increase employee engagement by 571%. Only 15% of senior management believes that turnover is an urgent issue. TIP: Showing senior leaders statistics indicating increased absenteeism, delays in project execution, and the total cost or replacing departed employees can go a long way in convincing them that turnover should be addressed immediately. Only 9% TIP: High employee turnover directly impacts your bottom line and gives your competition another way to be ahead of the game. Avoid decreased productivity by addressing employee wants and providing frequent recognition before they even consider heading out the door. A new employee can take up to to reach the same level of productivity as an existing staff member. 2 TIP: Employees will stay at a company that is honest about the state of their organization. Build trust in your organization by embracing transparency at all levels. Hold town halls, conduct pulse surveys for actionable feedback, and encourage your employees to speak their mind. Close to employees don’t trust their employer. 1 in3 TIP: Disengaged employees leave companies, so investing in training managers how to effectively engage a team can help ensure your top talent isn’t looking to leave. People don’t want managers, they want coaches that will develop their skills, recognize their accomplishments, and encourage growth opportunities. Managers account for in employee engagement. 70% TIP: Your employees are looking for career development opportunities where they are; otherwise, they will seek them elsewhere. Consider surveying your employees frequently and continuously to understand their personal needs and wants concerning learning and development, mentorship, and continuing education. say they would consider taking a job with a different company for a raise of of employees or less. 44% 20% of the variance Check out these best practices to help address employee turnover 6 stats that speak to EMPLOYEE RETENTION ? full years