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Nudge Traffic Study Q1 2018


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We analyzed 9 million paid clicks to branded content to pick out the highest quality distribution channels during Q1, 2018.

Knowing this, marketers can shape their distribution strategies and pinpoint where they should focus spend, in order to increase the attention from their audiences, i.e. get more bang for your buck.

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Nudge Traffic Study Q1 2018

  1. 1. Gustaf Stenlund Digital Marketing Manager + Not all clicks are created equal. Q1 2018 Traffic Quality Study.
  2. 2. Agenda Intro of Nudge
 Key findings
  3. 3. Benchmarks Insights AttributionReal Time Analytics API Integrations Nudge Distribute CommonSenseBot Built by marketers to provide real-time measurement and reporting. Nudge, content marketing analytics for the 
 world’s best brands and publishers.
  4. 4. Nudge blocked 76 million bot impressions in Q1 76 Million
  5. 5. For this research, we looked at: Traffic over the first 3 months of 2018 We categorized 9.3 million, human based engagements (no bots) Content types: All formats All industries, but our top 5 are: technology, finance, food/drink, travel & tourism and health & fitness. Average attention minutes / Norm: 0.7 minutes Note: For this study, there were fewer bulk impressions for influencers, so we lowered the threshold (for that category) in order to extrapolate value from influencers too.
  6. 6. Traffic Sources vs Benchmark [Q1 2018] Quality Benchmark: 0.7 attention minutes Influencer Email Direct Search Publisher Social 75% 32% 26% 17% 13% 3% Recommendation Units Native Programmatic Display 6% 36% 46% 74% Above benchmark Below benchmark
  7. 7. YoY Changes Between Traffic Sources Traffic Sources that INCREASED quality YoY. 2017 2018 Diff. % Programmatic Social Direct Display Native 0.21 0.38 81% 0.48 0.72 50% 0.75 0.88 17% 0.16 0.18 12% 0.41 0.43 5% Traffic Sources that DECREASED quality YoY. 2017 2018 Diff. % Publisher Recommendation units Search Email newsletter Influencer 0.86 0.79 - 8% 0.83 0.66 - 20% 1.03 0.82 - 20% 1.26 0.92 - 27% 1.82 1.22 - 33%
  8. 8. Commentary Compared to last year’s traffic quality study: Overall quality has dropped YoY. While social is low, it has improved drastically from last year. Programmatic, Display and Native remain low on quality, but have all made progress YoY. Email, search and influencers remain high but have dropped in quality. Email, search and influencers remain underutilized, i.e. still low on scale from last year.
  9. 9. People vs Attention Direct Influencer Publisher Social Email Search Other Rec. units Native Programmatic Display Attention People
  10. 10. + Interesting stuff, right? We think so too. If you’d like to learn more about this research, or get a demo of Nudge, give us a shout!