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fed ex)

  1. 1. A presentation of PBMPresented by:-Shah Gunjan H. 09mba032
  2. 2. Questions??Q-1 Identify the product line and productcategory the brand belongs to?Q-2 Identify and elaborate the sources of itsbrand equity?Q-3 Assess its level of brand awareness ,branch strength and transferability anduniqueness of it associations?Q-4 Can this brand achieve resonance withthe customers why or why not?
  3. 3. About :- FedEx Corporation is a Delaware corporation, incorporated 1971 Founder of FedEx: Frederick W. Smith (chairman, president, & CEO) FedEx Corporation, originally known as FDX Corporation, is a logistics services company, based in the U.S with headquarters in Memphis The name "FedEx" is a abbreviation of the name of the companys original air division, Federal Express, which was used from 1973 until 2000.
  4. 4. Achievements Ranked 8th in world’s most admired co. in 2011 (source- company’s website)
  5. 5. Q- Identify the product line and productcategory the brand belongs to? Does not belong to any product category But surely has many product line under its brand name:  FedEx express  FedEx ground  FedEx office  FedEx Freight
  6. 6. Q- Identify and elaborate the sources of itsbrand equity?  Brand Name - FedEx Corporation  Moving on from better to best ad campaigns:  “When it Absolutely, Positively has to be there overnight” – 1978–1983  “Our Most Important Package is Yours” – 1991–1994  “Absolutely, Positively Anytime” – 1995  “Don’t worry, there’s a FedEx for that,” 2002–2003  “Relax, it’s FedEx,” 2004–2008  "We Understand," 2009–present  "The World On Time" 2009–present  The name change  changed its name from FDX Corp to FedEx Corp in 2001
  7. 7.  The logo Its core competency  Timely delivery  Quick delivery  Wide area coverage FedEx has earned a place in everyday vernacular. ‘FedEx it’ URL - www.fedex.com
  8. 8. Q- Assess its level of brand awareness, strength and uniqueness of it associations? Associations Strength  Effective and fast Customs clearance.  A fast and reliable International Express Shipping Service.  When it comes to express delivery services, FedEx is amongst the most recognized names throughout the globe
  9. 9.  Awareness  Corporation has created an excellent awareness of the brand  They started advertising on their vehicles  massive ad campaigns for premium sports like football, basketball, Racing, golf, tennis. They have been one of the main sponsors in this.  Has designed campaigns to show its key attributes in form of 1) humorous TV ADS 2) sketches(in next slide)
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  13. 13. Q- Can this brand achieve resonance withthe customers why or why not? Yes, the brand has achieved resonance with customer  Commitment to Delivery  Trust & Loyalty  Associations Resonance  Responsibilities Judgments Feelings Salience Imagery Salience