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  1. 1. B GN ID NAR
  2. 2. BRAND –WHAT IS IT?“ A name, term, sign, symbol ,or design or acombination of them, intended to identify thegoods or services of one seller or group ofsellers and to differentiate them from those ofcompetitors.”
  3. 3. What is the Territory of the
  4. 4. BRANDINGBRANDING is a strategy used by marketers.Pickton and Broderick (2001) describe brandingas Strategy to differentiate products andcompanies, and to build economic value for boththe consumer and the brand owner.
  5. 5. Brand BuildingUnderstandingBranding
  6. 6. Understanding BrandingArchitectureManagementAttributesProducts tobrandsUnderstandingBrandingBrand Building
  7. 7. Understanding BrandingArchitectureManagementAttributesProductsto brandsUnderstandingBrandingBrand Building
  8. 8. From Products to BrandsProductstobrandsUnderstandingBrandingBrand Building
  9. 9. From Products to BrandsBrand v/s. Product• A brand is more distinctive than a product• It is first of all a name, a means of identification• Secondly it s a set of added values offering bothfunctional and psychological benefitsAbove all ‘a brand is a promise’ProductstobrandsUnderstandingBrandingBrand Building
  10. 10. From Products to BrandsA Brand Is A PromiseA seller’s promise to deliver consistently aspecific set of features, benefits and servicesto buyers.ProductstobrandsUnderstandingBrandingBrand Building
  11. 11. Brand as an Asset• “If Coca Cola lost everything except for ‘theformula’ and its brand name , it could walkinto any bank in the world and get $100 billionloan to start from the scratch”Fortune Magazine
  12. 12. Understanding BrandingArchitectureManagementAttributesProductsto brandsUnderstandingBrandingBrand Building
  13. 13. Understanding BrandingName LogoColours EssenceArchitectureManagementAttributesProductsto brandsUnderstandingBrandingBrand Building
  14. 14. AttributesName LogoColours EssenceBrand Name• Short Kodak, Fuji CNN an AOL Time Warner Company• Distinctive• Toyota’s Lexus is distinctive. Toyota’s Luxury commonplace• Orange was a striking name in a world of telecommunications• Not mean anything rude or silly in another language Big Macs( McDonald’s) is a slang for big breasts in CanadaAttributesUnderstandingBrandingBrand Building
  15. 15. AttributesName LogoColours EssenceBrand Logo1.Simple logo, designed to fit both eyes (Mercedes three star)2.Logo font has to be clear and legible3.Uniqueness4.Relevancy5.Appealing6.Consistency7.ContrastAttributesUnderstandingBrandingBrand Building
  16. 16. Attributes
  17. 17. AttributesName LogoColours EssenceBrand Colours• Colours have meanings• Purple means royalty• Red is energetic• Blue is peaceful• Opposite colours can differentiate• Coke is red, Pepsi is blue• Kodak is yellow, Fuji is green• Colours can help you stand out• FedEx’s orange and purple packet stands out in corporate blueAttributesUnderstandingBrandingBrand Building
  18. 18. AttributesName LogoColours EssenceBrand Essence• A brand must “leverage a compelling truth”• Linux stands for freedom as opposed to Microsoft’s monopoly• A brand should mean a single powerful thing: theessence• Essence of Volvo is Safety• Essence of Tata is trust• Essence of Fevicol is bondingAttributesUnderstandingBrandingBrand Building
  19. 19. AttributesName LogoColours EssenceBrand Essence• A brand should also be clear of what is not its essence• In India, STAR NEWS is not a channel of the masses unlike STAR PLUS• A brand should drive single mindedly its essence• Volvo has been selling safety for 35 years• Raymond has been selling the complete man for over 2 decades• Essence of Dettol is protection against germs• A brand loses its essence if it starts meaning a lot of things• What is Miller :A regular, light,draft,cheap, expensive beerAttributesUnderstandingBrandingBrand Building
  20. 20. Understanding BrandingArchitectureManagementAttributesProductsto brandsUnderstandingBrandingBrand Building
  21. 21. Understanding BrandingCo-Brand Stealth BrandFighting Brand Multi-BrandArchitectureManagementAttributesProductsto brandsUnderstandingBrandingBrand Building
  22. 22. ManagementCo-BrandStealthBrandFightingBrandMulti-BrandCo-BrandSame Company Co-BrandingJoint Venture Co-BrandingManagementUnderstandingBrandingBrandBuilding
  23. 23. ManagementCo-BrandStealthBrandFightingBrandMulti-BrandStealth Brand• Brand building that attracts customer attention but notof rivals• Home-to-home, word of mouth / PR, internet community building• Good option when unsure of a new medium/market• Little promotion for Maytag website as opposed to a sold 1000s of Neptune washers on webManagementUnderstandingBrandingBrandBuilding
  24. 24. ManagementCo-BrandStealthBrandFightingBrandMulti-BrandFighting Brand• Pricing led branding option. Works as a competitiveresponse.• Smirnov (Heublein) Case• Smirnov attacked by W’schmidt @ $1 less• Heublein raised the price of Smirnov• Heublein introduced Reiska(fighting brand) at the same price point as W’schmidt• Heublein added Popov lower than bothManagementUnderstandingBrandingBrandBuilding
  25. 25. ManagementCo-BrandStealthBrandFightingBrandMulti-BrandFighting Brand• Built as new, independent brand• Prevents dilution of the leading brand• HLL introduced Wheel to fight NirmaManagementUnderstandingBrandingBrandBuilding
  26. 26. ManagementThere is a time and place to launch a second brandImmutable Law of Siblings
  27. 27. Possibly even a third or a fourth brand..
  28. 28. ManagementCo-BrandStealthBrandFightingBrandMulti-BrandMulti Brand• Key to a multi-brand approach is to give eachsibling a unique identity• Time, Fortune,Life, Money, PeopleManagementUnderstandingBrandingBrandBuilding
  29. 29. ManagementCo-BrandStealthBrandFightingBrandMulti-BrandMulti Brand..• Common product area focus– Shampoos: Clinic Plus, Ayush, Sunsilk• Single attribute segmentation– Price:Maruti 800, Zen, Esteem• Sibling creates a new category– Herbal Anti-Dandruff category by AyushManagementUnderstandingBrandingBrandBuilding
  30. 30. Understanding BrandingArchitectureManagementAttributesProductsto brandsUnderstandingBrandingBrand Building
  31. 31. Understanding BrandingHouse ofBrandsEndorsedBrandSub Brand Branded HouseArchitectureManagementAttributesProductsto brandsUnderstandingBrandingBrand Building
  32. 32. ArchitectureImmutable Law of ContractionA brand becomes stronger when you narrow its focus
  33. 33. ArchitectureHouse ofBrandsEndorsedBrandSub BrandBrandedHouseHouse of Brands• Often dictated by corporate strategy.• Gives an opportunity for the company to focuson each brand and contract its scope.ArchitectureUnderstandingBrandingBrandBuilding
  34. 34. ArchitectureHouse ofBrandsEndorsedBrandSub BrandBrandedHouseEndorsed Brand• Endorsement is used as a device to transferbrand assets from one brand(corporate) toanother• Titan from TATA, transferring trust• i-pod, mac from appleArchitectureUnderstandingBrandingBrandBuilding
  35. 35. ArchitectureHouse ofBrandsEndorsedBrandSub BrandBrandedHouseSub Brand• Inside out branding. Company pushes core brand indifferent directions• Sub-branding can destroy what branding builds• Donna Karan menswear, DKNY, DKNY menswear, DKNY kidsArchitectureUnderstandingBrandingBrandBuilding
  36. 36. ArchitectureImmutable Law of CompanyBrands are brands, companies are companies.There is a difference.
  37. 37. ArchitectureHouse ofBrandsEndorsedBrandSub BrandBrandedHouseBranded house• Consumers buy brands, not companiesArchitectureUnderstandingBrandingBrandBuilding
  38. 38. Brand BuildingBrand BuildingUnderstandingBranding
  39. 39. What Is Brand Building?Involves all the activities that arenecessary to nurture a brand into ahealthy cash flow stream for thecompany after launch
  40. 40. Advertising does a lot to help build brandsEvery ad contributes to make thebrand what it is in the minds of theconsumer – David Ogilvy
  41. 41. • Brand equity is the added valueendowed to products and services
  42. 42. How to measure equity?• The premium a brand can command in themarket• The difference between the intrinsic andperceived value of the product
  43. 43. Building Brand Equity• Distinguish product from others in the market– Value proposition• Align what it says about the brand inadvertising with what it actually delivers –Creating the brand
  44. 44. Power Brands• Generates enormous profits• Expands future strategic opportunities
  45. 45. • A distinctive product• Delivering brand promise• Personality and presenceWhat do power brands have that othersdon’t?
  46. 46. Creating the brand• Choosing brand name• Developing rich associations and promises• Manage customer brand contacts to meet andexceed customer expectations
  47. 47. Choosing a brand name• What does it mean?• What performance/ expectations/associations does it evoke?• What degree of preference does it create?
  48. 48. Brand names should denote• Product benefits• Product quality• Be easy to pronounce/remember/recognize• Be distinctive• Not have poor meanings in other countries orlanguages
  49. 49. Brand Association –All brand related thoughts , feelingsperceptions, images, experiences, beliefs, attitudesand so on that become linked to the brand node.The link to favourable images, celebrities, geographicregionsi.e. Red Strip - Jamaica, VW - Germany, Screech - NFLDBailey’s - Eire• Paul Hogan - Subaru• James Earl Jones (voice of CNN)• Chihuahua - Taco Bell• Jordan - Nike• Julia Louis Dry fuss - Nice and Easy• Candice Bergen - Sprint Canada
  50. 50. Brand Associations• ‘owned’ word• Slogans• Colours• Symbols and logos
  51. 51. Brand Awareness –consumers’ ability toidentify the brand under different conditions, as reflected by their brand recognition orrecall performance .e.g.. Snapple ice tea, jeans-Levi’s, walkman -SONY
  52. 52. Brand LoyaltyThe degree to whichcustomers arecommitted to furtherpurchases e.g.. I willalways buy Reebok
  53. 53. Brand Ambassadors• These are used to create the Brandpersonality, just like a human being.Therefore in some way the values andpersonality of the ambassador rubs off intothe brand. Therefore the brand and choiceof the ambassador must fit.
  54. 54. Brand StatusStep up advertising Cash cow. Need tosustain brandbuilding activitiesProduct should bephased outTroubled brand.Product upgradationrequiredEsteemFamiliarity