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Gopherscout Pitch Deck


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Gopherscout Pitch Deck

  1. 1. Pitch Deck
  2. 2. ProblemThe disparity between undiscovered musicians and signedartists on major record labels is huge. The one, single factorcausing this disparity is Exposure. Exposure = units sold.There are two ways to gain exposure:1. Signed with Record Label • One in a Million shot • A high level of exposure needed2. Gorilla Online Marketing • Book own shows • Manage online presence (Youtube, Twitter, FB, etc) • Record own albums (ex. Kickstarter artists)
  3. 3. SolutionThe solution is Gopherscout. Gopherscout is a music radio appthat showcases unsigned musicians and empowers itslisteners to vote, critique, and share their discoveries with theirsocial networks. It is “Pandora meets American Idol”.Gopherscout Features:• High quality unsigned music• User Voting (thumbs up and down)• Gopherscore - (crowd-curated score; similar to a Klout score)• Song attribute tagging• User leveling up• Social Integrated • Sharing • User Following
  4. 4. Business Model Freemium Model • Instagram route • User traction and community is priority • No charge to artists or usersPossible Revenue Streams (if needed/future) • Video/Audio ads between songs • Artist fees per upload
  5. 5. Business Model cont. Copyright Hack • Unlike signed artists, unsigned artists own their music copyrights• Upon registration, artists must agree to waive any royalty payments for plays on Gopherscout • Therefore, Gopherscout will not pay DMCA license fees • Result: a Lean Operation and higher Operating Margin • Artists join Gopherscout for Exposure, not sales
  6. 6. Market Music Streaming Market- Pandora and Spotify dominate the market- Difficult to enter and differentiate Competition1. Direct - Myspace, Reverbnation, and Youtube - These sites host unsigned music, yet are organized as libraries. They require users to actively search the catalogues for unsigned music.2. Indirect - Pandora and Spotify - These sites offer signed music, however still compete with Gopherscout over “User Listening Time”.
  7. 7. DifferentiationDelivery Model - Music consumption is a passive behavior. Users listen to music while driving, working, exercising, cooking, etc. - Therefore, Gopherscout will deliver music actively to user (streaming radio) making music discovery second nature.User Empowerment - Voting makes a difference. It creates the Gopherscore, which validates the song/artist’s quality. - User opinion. Users can express the “why” behind their votes by choosing musical attributes associated to the song. - Music appreciation is re-imagined with Gopherscout.Social Integration - Sharing - Users can expose their music discoveries to their social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc). - Following - Users can follow each other and listen to music other’s have “liked” (ex. Simon Cowell Gopherstation).
  8. 8. TeamFrancis Galvez - Founder / CEOGopherscout is Francis’ brainchild. He is a natural artistdriven by passion, spirit, and the undiscovered. Apragmatist who embraces the process of creativedestruction; iterate and rebuild. Francis is fueled, humbled,and inspired by music.Quentin Garcia - Co-founderQuentin drives the artist experience and vision forGopherscout. An analytical rocker that lived the unsignedlife and understands the modern musician. Quentin eats,breathes, and dreams music.
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  10. 10. Check out the live