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The Act Smart Fest Facebook Contest

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Act broadband - Geek Creative Agency

  1. 1. Act Broadband The Act Smart Fest Facebook Contest #ACTsmart Case Study
  2. 2. Overview Facebook was the main platform used for the contest. Conducted between 15th & 31st October 2013. Online engaging contest that tested your smart quotient. A new question was asked everyday, for 15 days. The winner of each question was announced at the end of the day on the facebook page.
  3. 3. Pre- Contest Posts
  4. 4. The Questions
  5. 5. The Most liked Questions
  6. 6. Responses
  7. 7. Maximum Shares
  8. 8. Some of the Winners
  9. 9. Facebook Stats Number of Overall People Interacting with the contest: 14707 Number of Impressions: 3083183 Total Number of Shares including from comments : 334