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Gone Mad - Digital Marketing Services


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Geek creative made a visual campaign and created
‘Avatars’ which go bonkers once they have the

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Gone Mad - Digital Marketing Services

  1. 1. Group 12- Special Awards: Art Direction Craft Digital Gone Mad Chocosticks
  2. 2. The Brief: • To create a clutter-breaking campaign targeted towards kids for the Gone Mad Chocostick’s kids chocolate brand.
  3. 3. Gone Mad is a kids chocolate brand that teleports you to a mad world where you can go bonkers, do bizarre things and have a lot of fun ☺ every time you have it!
  4. 4. Geek creative made a visual campaign and created ‘Avatars’ which go bonkers once they have the chocosticks. The creatives were made in the form of comic and film strips and were digitally illustrated for this campaign.
  5. 5. Comic / Film strip 1:
  6. 6. Student visits Baba. Student eats Chocostick. c Comic / Film strip 1:
  7. 7. Baba appears as a Hippie with an Afro wig and retro glasses to the student! Signoff
  8. 8. Kid goes to a zoo. Kid eats Chocostick! Comic / Film strip 21:
  9. 9. Suddenly the Hippo appears as to have super human powers and flies! Signoff
  10. 10. Kid throws a Chocostick and asks the Bulldog to ‘Fetch!’ The Bulldog eats the Chocostick! Comic / Film strip 3:
  11. 11. The Bulldog turns Into a bright, Multicoloured French poodle! Signoff
  12. 12. As part of the campaign set, a series of personality cards were created to bring out the personalities of the avatars.
  13. 13. Posters: A series of posters on the avatars were created to bring out the fun element of the characters.
  14. 14. A lot of creative posts were made to share on Social Media as part of the campaign so as to have a topical extention. s
  15. 15. The campaign included riddles for the kids using the Avatars.
  16. 16. Continued…
  17. 17. Visual Merchandise: Funky accessories like laptop skins, mobile covers, watches, headphones, with the popular characters could be used as give-aways for contests to promote Gone Mad as a brand.
  18. 18. Watch
  19. 19. Mobile cover
  20. 20. Coffee mug
  21. 21. Fridge Magnet
  22. 22. Set of circular playing cards
  23. 23. The Gone Mad avatar campaign appealed to the kids in terms of content and visual appearance. The kids were interacting with us on the Facebook page And were responding to the Avatar campaign.
  24. 24. Thanks!